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Breaking News August 27, 2010

My reading tomorrow at Rabbit Ears has been postponed! It will now be on November 7th. Sorry for any hassle that creates!

And also this, just in -- the cover of Book Two in the Cypress Hollow series in Australia, known there as Lucy's Kiss. I LOVE this cover. It goes so well with the first one, Eliza's Gift, and it's just so damn CUTE.


Isn't it funny how different it is from the American version, How to Knit a Heart Back Home? (Shown yesterday, don't forget to enter that post's comments for a chance to win a galley!) I love both covers. I'm so lucky!


This might be a silly question, but why are the titles and covers different in Australia?

Not silly at all! They are from two different publishers (HarperCollins in US and Random House in Australia). And Australia brands their romances a little differently-- people love the photo covers, with faces, like this one. :)

Pink Cowboy hat!! Super cute.

Woo hoo! I'll be looking out for this very soon. Can't wait for the sequel to book 1.

I just loved the first book!! Loved every word. I think its still my most favorite scene ever in a romance novel...when Abigail sees Cade for the first time...Wowee..Be still my heart....I am so anxious for the sequal..I am busting~

Love the cover, Rachael!

There was much discussion at the recent RWAustralia conference about rural lit or 'farm lit' being a popular genre here - the focus being on the woman on the land. So your cover definitely fits in with that branding. And I have heard of a number of readers who, having read current farm-lit bestsellers Fleur Mcdonald, Fiona Plamer & Rachel Treasure, have bought and enjoyed your books, too.

'Knit Lit', while big in the US, isn't as successful here, hence I assume your publisher's choice of going the 'farm lit' way.

What I particularly like is that your name is the first thing you see!!!!

Just finished Eliza's Gift last night and loved it! can't wait for book # 2 how exciting!

Great cover on the Australian version, the hat must be a cowgirl equivilent, cause they know that sells.

Love ya,


Rachael I'm so excited to read about your progress on your most cherished project(child)! Looking forward to reading it! hugs

Now I really can't wait to read it, because I want to know if I agree with the choice of a pink cowboy hat. Interesting...

Please enlighten me. I just finished the first book. Is this a sequel or a completely different story??? Wither way I am in. Cade is a dream. Honestly I was hooked on Edward Cullen till he came along.

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