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Pin-Up JasminAugust 31, 2010

Ahem. They released the promo pictures for Off The Needles, the knitting pin-up calendar! And I was thrilled silly to see that Jasmin of the Knitmore Girls is not only my fellow month, but she's my birth month, Miss July! And since it's much easier to blog a picture of someone else, here's Jasmin, looking sexy as hell:

Jasmin 7 copy

Look how cute she is! Ooops! Did I drop my yarn? Can you help me with that?  

For those of you not in the know (all seven of you), Jasmin and her mother Gigi run the extremely popular podcast, the Knitmore Girls. I absolutely love this podcast, and here's why: They're real knitters and lovely, lovely women. The knitting is part of their lives, it's in their blood, and they just sit and chat. Mother and daughter together, they shoot the breeze about what's gone on with each of them recently, what has and hasn't worked in their knitting (or in their lives).

Jasmin is a fellow Mills alum, something we had immediately in common. Mills women often feel an immediate kinship with each other, and when you marry knitting with Mills? Back off, everyone else in the room. When those connections are uncovered, instant BFFs are created. She's smart as a whip, has an amazing radio/podcast voice, and I could listen to her talk about burnt toast.

And mom Gigi? I'm not sure if you know this, but she's as gorgeous as Jasmin. Amazing hair, and oh, the STRUCTURE of her cheekbones. One of my favorite features of the podcast is the segment called "Mother Knows Best." Because, you know, she does.

You know what I love most about the podcast? I love hearing two women take so much pleasure in talking to each other -- Mom and daughter obviously love each other, and more than that, respect each other. The way they talk speaks volumes about their relationship. I would adore their show even if I didn't miss my mother like I do, and I love it more because of it.

Plus, Jasmin is just plain COOL. You know? You see her coming, and you think, DAMN, she's awesome, and then she smiles at you and talks to you and you think: YAY! I try to pick up any cool points she drops when I'm around her.

Jasmin 6 copy

She's blogging my picture over at her blog, because we should both  promote the calendar, but it's HARD to put up pics like these, for some reason. I can know that you read my book with its spicy bits, and I blog pictures of myself like there's no tomorrow, but I'm shy about this for some reason. (And if you'd like to pre-order one of the calendars, more pics are up HERE and by purchasing one HERE, you can help assure that they make their fund raising goal.)


she is adorable! these pics are fantastic, and so are yours, cutiepants. you're both rocking the sexay!

Holy Guacamole!!!! You and Jasmin are two sexy, hot knitters!!!!

I need her shoes. NOW.

Rachael your pictures are done with so much class!!! You're adorable sweetie! Dad has not seen them yet, he was trying to last night.....now I'm thinking tonight he will be able to because you have the hookups in your blog!! I saw them on my Facebook last night........I'm so proud to know a beautiful and talented woman!! This calendar will raise lots of money.

Love those shoes. Love them.

I haven't yet checked out the Knitmore Girls, but now I think I may have to.

I am definitely signing up for that calendar. The pictures are cute. And the Knitmore Girls are a blast.

You are all SO sweet! As it happens, the shoes I'm wearing are on sale:


OMG - you guys look - WOW. Hot Hot HOT! Rachel... your my new hero cuz... DAM that took some cojones!

She DOES look like she's enjoying herself, doesn't she?

Wow! You gotta warn a person . . .

You're both awesome and sexy.

You were both so much fun to have! And incredibly adorable, to boot.

I'm so glad you could take part in the project. I'm so lucky to know so many awesome, hot knitters!

I wonder what the impact on book sales would be if you used that as your author photo? :0

Awesome shot!

Good to read interesting posts on your blog. Thanks.

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