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Well...August 11, 2010

I just wrote a very boring blog, which I've erased so that you don't have to bear reading it. You're welcome. I'm not even censoring myself or acting in a self-preserving manner--it was neither inflammatory nor racy. It was just boring.

So instead, I'll tell you this:

The Sharpie Liquid Pencil(erasable, turning to permanent in 36 hours) is not the life-changer that I thought it might be. But it IS a surprisingly satisfying implement with which to edit. I hate scribbling changes and then instantly changing my mind. Adding a sentence, and then hating half of it. This is PERFECT for that, because it's dark like a pen (I wish it came in colors) but erases cleanly. I was slightly let down by it, but then I realized that was because it is, in fact, as smooth-flowing as a pen, and I hadn't expected that. I'd expected the normal pencil scritch, which wasn't there. But I'm still pretty stoked about it.

Ha! And this isn't the boring blog I erased (erased as if it were PENCIL, people). Imagine what I saved you from!

(I haven't forgotten about the drawing -- I'll do that tonight! Leave a comment in the previous post or sign up for my email list (to the right) to enter.)


Here's what I want to know: How in the world did you get one of these? Because now I want to try one and it seems you are totally on the cutting edge. Cutting edge!

Frankly, you had me at "Sharpie"!

Does it smell like a sharpie? Why do they call it a pencil and not an erasable pen. a temporarily erasable permanent pen.

I think I just figured out why they don't call it any of those thats.

Thank you. That was boring.

I was showing the sharpie pencil blog thing to the hubstar, and he said "Everyone who uses those things is going to give birth to babies with flippers" or something snarky like that...but then he admitted that it was pretty awesome and he wanted one.

I get missing the scritch of pencil on paper - I'm a major pencil freak - only use ink when filling out forms or signing checks. But now I'm gonna have to try one!

I'm wondering how this is an improvement on a pencil. They're both permanent and temporary FOREVER. None of that 36 hours malarky. In the world of the archivist the pencil is king. Ink often fades or eats the paper over time. Of course, that is over about 100 years...

Have you tried the Pilot Frixion for an erasable pen? I haven't yet, but it looks very cool and comes in a variety of colours and a highlighter option. The difference seems to be that the Frixion's ink stays erasable instead of becoming permanent. Here's a link to a YouTube video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8RgGHwxjPE

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