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Win a Galley! August 26, 2010

So much catch up to do: I ALMOST FORGOT TO SHOW YOU THIS. (Because you know, that's how I am, getting books everyday. OMG! SO NOT THAT WAY!)  I have galleys of How to Knit a Heart Back Home


Isn't it gorgeous? And you know what? Those sweaters up there? They're mine. I made them, with my own two hands. The needles she's using are mine, and the swatch she's "knitting" from his sweater is one I made. That's the original Cade sweater there, on the right (now given away as a prize, must make another one), and that yellow one is my favorite yellow sweater (the pattern comes with the book). I sent the sweaters off to New York, where they played around in a photo shoot and then came home to me. I love it.

(And do you see that line under my name? I'm an "author of." That's thrilling to me.)

Also, I seem to have lost that sweater now. I have no idea where it is, which makes me too sad to think about, so if you see it, send it home?


And to get myself to the post office (boy, I have a lot of things to mail), I'm going to give two of these away. Yep. I'll give one to a random commenter on this post, and I'll give one to someone randomly drawn from my mailing list (subscribe here). 

YAY! Like, super big, hollered from the rooftops, YAY! 


I had a great reading at Llama Llama Knit in Novato, and the women there were awesome. Hi ladies!


And LOOK at their store dog, Maebe. I just died over this gal.


It was a hot night, and you can see how red I get when I'm warm:


Aileen was a doll, and also brought champagne, always a lovely thing to bring. I heart champagne. 

Speaking of heat, we've had a mini heat wave in the Bay Area, and I couldn't stay in our hot house yesterday, so I drove to the coast. I went to Duartes and worked for a long time. I was definitely the only person who was working on a computer, so I felt a wee bit funny, but I had olallieberry pie after my oysters: 


I also managed to say hello to Lynn, my favorite waitress. I didn't know if she'd remember me from when I worked there in the winter, but she did. "You. You're a writer. You sat at table nine." We'd had a lovely chat then, and I wanted to give her the book, since my ranchers come straight out of conversations I've head in the old restaurant (Duartes = Tillie's!). 

Then I went tidepooling for a long while. My phone died, and it was really nice to be completely cut off (until my car started overheating. That was a little worrisome, but it worked out). 



It was glorious. This is what came in when I was out there:


And now, the heat wave is broken, and as I sit at my desk, my toes are cold, and I'm glad.

Also: Urban Fauna alerted me that their two year anniversary is this weekend, and they're having a sale! Goodie bags! (My book will be given away at some point, too, and that's cool.)

I feel like I'm going to be playing catch up all day. I stayed up late last night, so I slept till almost eleven this morning, and as soon as I fully woke up, I started running the mental lists of everything I have to do today. Lala's been working a temp job for about a month now, and while it was really difficult financially while she was out of work, it sure was nice to have her doing all the Life Errands. I've put off everything I could possibly put off until this week, and I can't put them off anymore. The animals need food! Lala needs her bass fixed! I HAVE TO GET A SMOG CHECK (also, someone stole my month tag off my car, so it looks like I'm trying to cover up the fact that my registration is overdue. I'm not, Officer, I swear!).

Also, I have a crap-ton of writing to get done. Where does that fit today? I don't know! But it will. I'll get it all done. But it was more important to say hello to you than start on it all, so hi. Leave a comment for a chance to win! Woot! I'll draw winners on Saturday.


(Oh, I also have a reading/spinning demo at Rabbit Ears in Kensington on Saturday at 2pm (7253 Fairmount). Would love to see you!


me me me pick me! Loved the first book cannot wait for number two!

Fabulous cover! Congrats and can't wait to read it!

Oh pick me! Pick me! I want to read it.

Can't wait for the new book to come out. It looks great!

Yay galley! And what an amazing "cover" story ;)

Love the cover!

I have some photos of you in the yellow sweater -- I'll try to remember to dig them out and see if there's one that shows the sweater better.

So excited for book #2. I can't wait to read it. (Maybe I'll be lucky enough to win the ARC!)

Great book cover! You are too cute...author of....! You make me smile!

Woot! Going on a knitting vacay tomorrow, bringing HTKALS to pass around! So proud of you ~ Mogs

We loved having you at LLK - come back again soon! (Great photo of Maebe!)

Congrats! The cover looks really cute.

Llama Llama Knit is such a cute little shop. One of the few I've been to with a male co-owner, or at least one who works in the shop and is a knitter.

Pick me! Pick me! I can't wait to read it. And the cover is just lovely. I think I might finally be inspired to knit a sweater.

Since How to Knit a Love Song was my favorite book this summer, I would love to win another book, of course! Thanks for sharing your talent with us all. Sounds like your day at the coast was fantastic!

A chance to win a galley? and not wait for the book to come out? how exciting! (and very generous of you!) I hope I win!

OMG I am so excited for book 2. I love the cover, so cute. The sweaters are great! Congratulations on the new book. Cant wait to read it!

I love that they used your real actual sweaters. :) I also finally found a copy of the first book at my B&N last week! (They showed it in stock forever, but I could never find it...odd, I know)

So looking forward to this next book...and the yellow sweater will be a lovely plus to a wonderful story.

I love both covers! Congratulations :) Also, that pie looks delicious.

Oooh, oooh, oooh! Me, me, me!!

And if you sign it, I'll turn as red as you with delight!

yay new book!

Fabulous cover, and wonderful hand-knit sweaters! Congratulations, and thanks for keeping us all so well-informed about the process - it's always a thrill to read the latest goings-on with you.

Can't wait to read the second book. Would love to win a galley copy. Keep writing and "we" will keep reading.

Love the cover of the new book and can't wait to read it! I love that the sweaters and knit work are your "originals" as well - makes it that much more special!

I just finished your book couldnt stop reading I LOVED IT!!!!! I cant wait to read the next one.

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