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Woo! August 28, 2010

I have ten minutes to do the drawing! I said I'd do it on Saturday, and so I will, but I have to hurry!

Quick drumroll.... 


The winner from mailing list (I'll be giving more galleys away, make sure you're on it!) is.... E.Amber! Woot!

And the winner from the comments is.... Jody Knitnthings! Yay!

I'll be emailing you (now) and thanks all, for commenting and huzzah!

Now I'm off to bed. Yep. Mwah.


:o( not me.

but lucky to you peeps that did win!!!! so excited for you!!!
no spoilers kay?

Congratulations winners!!

I really enjoy the 'mwah'!

Congrats to the winners, but I am horribly jealous!

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