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HAHAHAHA.October 21, 2010

My friend Janine just gave me this from her Vogue magazine. I am putting it on our fridge. I can't help it.


Oiled up and ready to go. What makes this even more funny is that he has a Sponge Bob tattoo. And one that says shameless. And EVEN BETTER? It's actually Marc Jacobs. And I believe it's a serious ad. From HuffPo.

I, for one, will remember this fragrance when I see it in the store.


oh it IS a serious ad, I have seen it in several mags now. :)

Is... is he lying on tin foil? Like a baked potato?

Nothing about this makes sense to me.

Hmmm. I'd say it straddles the line between cheesy and hawt (no pun intended).

::giggles:: I don't know what they were attempting to convey there but...I don't think they quite made it.

(Then again, all the tin foil makes me think of conspiracy theorists and that just leads nowhere good.)

He is a baked potato. Is there no limit. See my blog to see who I am in love with (pardon my dangling participle, hey, are you doing Nano?)

Oh definitely this is an ad: I was in Brighton in the UK a few weeks ago, and it was Everywhere. On bus stops, being Huge and Shiny. Made me *very* uncomfortable. In a happy giggly OMG you crazy guy Marc way.
Baked potato, hahaha!

Wow! I really don't get this...the oil, the foil....I'm thinking Jiffy Pop???

Oh - it's for cologne? I was trying to figure out what it was selling (other than sex). I figured it was an underwear ad... Very funny.

It`s also all over vienna to. It makes me think of christmas in some way.

Now I need to find the ad somewhere so that I can really see the details - can't quite make out the SpongeBob tattoo on this screen :-) Like other commenters, I can't quite decide what's going on here, but it does make me laugh - always a good thing!

fragrance ads NEVER make sense . . . just enjoy

Whew! I'm not even looking at the foil. Make sense? Who cares!? This hasn't hit the Algarve yet but I've no doubt that it's all over Lisbon if it's in the other European capitals.

Yes, who cares if it makes sense...? :-) Anyone interested look at the site "marcjacobsbang.com" - I will now watch the videos "Marc as never seen before" and "behind the scenes of the photo shoot". This makes my day, seriously (yeah, that sad ..;-))

Who's Marc Jacobs (besides sexy)? I'll have to go look. I'm so up on current culture.

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