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Winners!October 5, 2010

Whoops, I forgot to draw winners last night. I'm a little out of it, fighting off the cold that's being going around. I don't feel awful -- I've just felt kind of crappy for days now. Low-grade malaise. The kind that requires sitting on the couch with cats, which I haven't done enough of, but hope to get some of that in tonight.

All righty, using the magic of Random.org and showing only the first part of the winners' email addresses:

YARN: Remembering the Way Home goes to alisiadragoon.

BRAVE NEW KNITS goes to tddurand.

VAMPIRE KNITS goes to d_hage.

Woot!(I've emailed y'all who won.)

And now I have a pretty full day planned, lingering crappiness notwithstanding. Writing and doing laundry this morning, lunch in the city, then I'm gettin' my hair done, because it needs it. (Trying to grow out this silver hair ain't for sissies. I mentioned I was doing it at work, and a friend said, "Really? I thought you were just kidding with that." So I want to get it done so that it looks really intentional. A little bit punk. While maintaining my own look. GOOD LUCK, CAROL. God bless Carol. She does good hair, and she's nice, too.)

Digit helping with a manuscript.

A Digit update: He's been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, which explains why he's been so vocal and has been terrorizing the dogs and eating twice his weight in cat food and still losing weight. I got him on meds two weeks ago, and suddenly he's gaining weight again and his fur is smooth, and he's less tense. He's still a jerk, but he's OUR jerk.


I will always have a soft spot for Digit. Will never forget that time when he disappeared...and came back.

We've had our cat, Winnie, since she was a kitten (she's about 7 now). For whatever reason, she's always been a bit of a cranky pants -- esp. with people other than me. She is definitely "my cat" but even so, it's on her terms (I have the scratch marks to prove it). I wish she were friendlier, but at the same time, I also love her prickly personality.

Thyroid meds gave us our little Scrat Monster back. It works wonders.

You'll probably notice Digit's coat changing more as the meds do their job.

Hugs and scritches to him.

Hi Rachael!

I have had two hyper-thyroid kitties. The first one was still young when diagnosed and difficult to pill so I had the surgery done on him. The other one was already over twenty when she was diagnosed so she got pills for her last several years.
It's aggravating but fairly easy to treat and the difference in attitude and physical health after getting them back on balance is amazing!
Give him a kiss from me with his next pill!


ps: I always give my kitties a little squirt of water from a medication syringe after the pill to help it go down.

Also, Carol does a really good midwestern accent, mostly while delivering quotes from Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Who is Carol, and how do I find her? I have become a slave to haircolor and want to throw in the towel but this is sooooo hard. The skunk stripe is not fun and I am running out of headwraps! Lovely natural grey hair is the goal, but yikes on the interum....

So glad Digit is feeling better. He has a large and world-wide fan club to support, after all. Nice supervisory photo!

Good luck with the silver hair thing. I keep trying to grow mine out, but then I give up and go back to coloring it when people keep offering me seats on the bus.

My Trajan kitty went hyperthyroid about five years ago, and we had the radiation treatment done on him. No further problems. Now, sadly, we are probably in the last days of kidney disease. I keep hoping he will perk up a bit and stay with us a while longer, but I don't know if it'll happen.

Riley had a thyroid condition in his last years. But also high blood pressure, which wasn't so easy to treat. Even the measuring of the bp was traumatic (not a little cuff on the arm like for humans - much more invasive.) I love reading about Digit; such a survivor.

My biggest, Zander, was 23 lbs at his peak. He's probably half that now. But he's big-boned, so anything less than 16 lbs is on the skinny side.

The vet diagnosed him as possibly having a thyroid issue. I gave him pills for six months--no change! I stopped the pills--no change! Maybe he likes being model-thin.

No other visible symptoms... eats like a horse, bright eyes, lots of energy. I've taken to feeding him IAMS crunchies because they have in them what the vet said is "an unhealthy amount of fat and protein". He wolfs it down. We'll see! I wish Digit all the best.

yay to the winners.

I am sorry your little kitty feels yucky! However, I sure am glad he was up for working on your manuscript, your fan club is anxiously waiting your next book.

I grew my grey out almost 10 years ago at age 50. First, I got my long locks cut short, short. Then I had all the red dye stripped from my hair, and got a two step process that was close to a dark ash blonde with silver foiled through it. My hair is very curly and I wore in natural in what would have seemed like a white girl's 1970's Afro except for the use of some putty to spike a bit in places. My hair grows very rapidly and I got it cut every 3-4 weeks during the grow-out process. In six months time my natural hair color had grown in completely. I was surprised to discover that while the front was a mix of white and grey, the back was (and still is) quite dark. Rachel, you CAN do this but you are so young. Are you sure you want to?

I'm with Mary -- are you sure you want to do this? The top of my hair is silver/grey, but the back is still dark - I can't imagine growing it out yet. But I guess if yours is all silver....

And yay for Digit feeling better! Give him kisses - or at least scritches - for me...

Hurray for Fingers! Long may he reign.

You've inspired me to grow out my gray - if I don't like it, I can always color it again, but for now, what a savings of time and money!

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