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A Little Mad World with AmyNovember 2, 2010

Amy Singer (Knitty.com) was in town from Toronto and came over for dinner tonight!.Nathania Apple brought her, and we had a GREAT time. I realized as they were almost at the house that I could have used the dinner as an excuse to invite all the local knittas to hang at Chez Hehu, but I didn't think of it in time, so I got Amy and her uke-magic all to myself. (Selfish and lucky at the same time.)

After dinner, we broke out the ukes for a little music. My fingers hurt now, but this is what we got (with a couple of outtakes -- I like the one at the end the best -- it cracks me up HARD every time):

Mad World.


So you wanna play the uke? Dude, it's easy. Really. It's so EASY and super cheap to try out.

1. Get a ukulele. It's fun to start with a Mahalo -- buy one HERE for $21, fun colors. It's an inexpensive little uke, and you can beat it up and it still holds it tuning really well. Great starter uke.

2. When you get it, tune it. How? OH SO EASY: Go here for an online tuner. Don't be scared of all that stuff on the page, just hit the buttons under each string (where it says G C E A) and just turn the pegs until each string makes the same sound.

3. Learn some basic chords -- good, simple video HERE. With C, G, A, and F you can play about a million songs, and with some more simple chords, you can play EVERYTHING.

4. Or don't learn the basics, just start learning songs! Sit with your uke and search around on Youtube, watching tutorials, playing along. I like this one to start out with.

It's Tuesday now -- you could be playing by Friday night! Or today, if you live in a place with a store that sells ukes! (Guitar Center often carries the Mahalo, too.)



I had the best time tonight! Thank you so much for all the laughs and songs. <3

Ditto that, y'all! And also, my god, that's a lot of boob.

That looked like such fun! See, this is why people like me with no musical talent play games like Rock Band. We want what I saw in that video: the fun of singing and playing familiar songs together.

BTW, I didn't recognize you, Rachael, until you started singing. I had forgotten that you aren't a redhead any more!

I think you guys should be touring. The "Chicks with Sticks and Ukes" tour. It would be a sell out I am sure.

Yay, when's the uke tour? Very nicely done!

That just made my morning!

Awesome. Also, you should form a band, Once in a Blue Moon (you know, because it's not all that often that you find the 4 of you together, with instruments, time and a recording device).

Beautiful - song, people. Props to the unseen bass player :)

That was awesome. I agree with the tour.

Oh WOW Rachael!!! How wonderful you all were and Lala needs a sit down instrument so we get more than a glimpse (hehe)....and I cannot wait till your Dad comes home and finds this!! His face lights up like a neon sign when one of you girls are on the screen!! Pictures or words makes no difference. I saw him last night just beaming and I knew it was one of you......he had run into Beths article and then yours! Two times in a week, will I be able to stand him??? HAHAHAHA

That is absolutely fab!!

When I read this title on Google Reader my first thought was "Did she bring her ukelele?" and when I clicked through to your actual post I was delighted on so many levels a) she did bring her ukelele; b) you posted a video!; c) somehow I did not know you also played the ukelele; and d) you invited us over to your wonderful evening as if we were part of the A list.

Thanks so much. It looks like a fan-tab-u-lous time.

Now...Where do I sign up for ukelele lessons?

OMG - I LOVE the edit. I'm so putting this on my Christmas wish list. : D Thanks for the tips.

what a well-matched bunch of alto-types. it's so lovely to catch a glimpse of you in action. xo

This video made me go out and buy a Ukulele. Now its time to learn. My fingers are already sore.

Aw, this is lovely. Looks like you had a great time.

You all sound beautiful!!

Take that act on the road!

Thanks for the update. My husband still insists I learn the guitar first (to be fair, I've been trying for 10 years), but hey, now I have something to work towards! Merci!

OMG - you guys sounded awesome!

That was awesome! And thanks for the uke sources. My sister moved from Hawaii to Germany 2 summers ago and really misses HI (tho she loves Germany, except on gray, drizzly days that seem to last forever...). I've been wanting to send her a uke (we lived in HI when we were in elementary school and Santa brought us ukes once- long gone now) but I knew she wouldn't want a $$ one and the less $$ ones I found were cheap and hollow sounding. This Christmas it will be ukes for everyone in a rainbow of colors!! Hmmm- perhaps with matching felted protective cases?

Great song, great performance!

Dude, this made my day.

Hello lovely published writer! Ase you doing nanowrimo this year? If so, what's your username? I'm crobinator. It'd be fun to buddy. I hope you're doing it. i want to feel a nano energy all around the world, a million minds thinking, creating, writing. So fun!

Great version of Mad World -I love that Tears for Fears album! Who would have guessed that their synth-centric music would sound good with ukes!

FUN! That was lovely. I'm really diggin' that EleUke...I want one!
"If everyone played ukulele, the world would be a better place."
-Jake Shimabukuro

Rachael, those are the best learn-to-uke directions I've seen. And You guys sounded AWESOME! I esp like the addition of the stand up bass. Do they make bass ukes? Soprano ukes? Now you have me itchy. I'm going to go grab the one we got in Hawaii (when the Hub was working there. Good times...) and strum a bit to congratulate myself for all my writing today.
Travel together soon?

Ack! Ear worm! I had to go buy it, but I like your version better. :)

What fun -- thank you for sharing! I went to one of our local music shops and checked out their ukes. They carry the Kala brand, a bit more $$ than the one you linked but I want to buy local. 'Twill be a giftie for our daughter. whee!

they only cost £15 over here! I have put one on Santa's list.
I would have bought one tonight, especially as I have just saved a tenner on my Knitting subscription by leaving it to th elast minute, but hubbs correctly pointed out that currently I don't even have time to knit...

Awesome job ladies! Love it!

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