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Finally! November 8, 2010

I knitted lace, and I liked it! I've knitted a few lace stoles, just simple repeats in rectangular form. But the triangular shawl had always defeated me.

After Cassie told me that real lace knitters use stitch markers (I totally thought it wasn't something anyone else had to do -- I thought you all were counting every pattern repeat in your head, and I HATED knitting lace because it made me feel so stupid), I was on fire.

Now, a real shawl! And it's an exciting shawl, because it's a prototype for Book Three in the Cypress Hollow Yarns series. (I commissioned the uber-talented Romi to design it for me since I don't (didn't) do lace, and I'm adding my own flair! Like dropped stitches!)

And now, I finally get to show you that magic that I've ALWAYS loved seeing on blogs: the before and after blocking shots.

Before blocking:


After blocking:


A closer shot:


Isn't that GORGEOUS? I'm totally in love with it. (It's Spirit Trail Fiberworks laceweight, and it took all but a few yards of one skein.

Then, of course, the challenge is to wear a triangular shawl fashionably. (It's not easy. But I've seen it done. I will attempt it.)

I apologize for the green and brown on a green shirt -- I don't think I own a white shirt. Odd, that. Lots and LOTS of black ones, but no white.

The over-the-shoulder traditional:




And the way I've seen the kids wearing their shawls (HA! that's just a funny phrase!):


Or more styled:


It's actually this big:


Lots of room for movin' in.(Bonus Digit view!)

Huzzah! Of course, I want to immediately cast on for another one!


Ooh it's gorgeous!! I've been wearing my triangular shawls all kerchiefy lately and I think it's super cute. But I think it looks super cute on you any old way. Cuz you're super cute. :)

It's gorgeous! But be warned -- one lace triangle is almost never enough! Especially when there are so many lovely shawl patterns out there.

Know what else real lace knitters use? Lifelines. This is why I keep dental floss in my knitting bag. Makes great lifelines.

Congrats on your shawl! It looks fantastic :-)

I sometimes wear mine asymetrically, with the point draped over one shoulder, and the ends crossed over the other, secured with a shawl pin.

Another way is to have the point down the back, but drape and cross the ends at the front, and tuck them back over the shoulder. (If that makes sense!)

And Theresa's definitely right - one lace triangle shawl is absolutely not enough!

Way to go! It's gorgeous! I haven't knit a lace triangle (still working on the rectangular), but I have quite a few garter shawls and wear them every which way -- there's no right or wrong!

So beautiful! (You AND the shawl ;) I think I like option #3 the best.

That's lovely. I predict you'll make a few more. I wear mine in the manner you've called 'more styled', but I was a bit flummoxed by a young woman at work referring to it as my 'nanna bandanna'. Hmph!

Hurray! Another knitting milestone. Don't you feel accomplished?

The look on your face when you tried the stitch markers can still make me giggle, remembering it.

I usually go the "more styled" route, but it depends on the shawl. I like the softest ones worn like that.

Gorgeous shawl! More Digit, pls. kthxbai.

Lovely! I'm looking forward to book 3, I'm absolutely going to knit that shawl! With stitch markers! :-)

I really like this, Rachael!

Nice! I'm determined to tackle a Real Lace Shawl some day soon!

Totally freakin' awesome! :D

I call the way the kids wear it "the backwards hipster style". The shawl looks lovely!

I'm so glad you like knitting lace! I absolutely love it, and the magic of blocking never gets old. I can't wait for the 3rd book so I can get my hands on the pattern.

Welcome to the Lacy side. It's like the dark side, but without the ventilator-assisted breathing. Or light sabers. So really, it's nothing at all like the dark side, but it sure is fun.

I like this video on how to wear shawls, though you've already got my favorite way covered (point in front).

Beautiful Shawl!!!!
I get owning no white, I own some but rarely wear it for fear of spilling on it :-)


Hi, Digit! Whatcha been up to?

Oh, that's beautiful! Isn't blocking lace fun? I'm new to it myself, and it was so neat to see the piece make itself anew that way.


Welcome to the lace-shawl-knitting fold! They are addictive, and this one is lovely!

(Hi, sweet Digit!)

Knitting lace is so fun, but I never wear lace and have stopped knitting lace. Maybe I will start something new - you've inspired me. Blocking is so magical


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That's beautiful! One of these days I'm going to knit a lace shawl, but for now I'm still too intimidated.

Hi Rachel -- Just wanted to pop in to say that you always have such a great smile in your photos. Congratulations on the shawl -- any way that you wear it is cute.

Love the shawl so pretty, and your color choices for the walls in your home-very nice and cheerful!

The girls I work with (19 and 22) call that "ghetto style". Yes, I plan to wear my hand knit lace shawl ghetto style! (that is, as soon as I make one. Thanks for the stitch marker hint.

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