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Lucky Bath BombDecember 27, 2010

In this post of two years ago, I wrote about traveling with my mother in Italy, followed by a violet scent so strong it sometimes made our eyes water. I loved violet before that trip, but I love it even more now.

And I found a violet bath bomb at Lush a while ago and I'm using it tonight (I can't find it now on the site, but I see a violet shampoo that I must get). I feel a bit off, rundown, as if I'm fighting something off. I've been very good at battling away the crud that everyone else has, and I got my flu shot a few weeks ago, and I'll be fine tomorrow, but tonight I'm just not feeling as well as I'd like. So I just ran a bath and held the bomb under the running water (feeling it fizz apart in your hands is one of the best parts about a Lush bath -- I got a bag'o'products from Lala for Christmas, so tonight instead of chopping the bomb in half as my cheap ass usually does, I used the whole violet wonderful thing). I'm going to take my new Kindle (also from Lala, and I LOVE IT -- so fast! so light!) with me in its fancy bath-cover (also known as a gallon zip-lock bag) and soak away this cruddy feeling.

We're heading for 2011, and it's going to be good, as most things involving anything with eleven are. It's my favorite number, and I can't wait for an amazing year. But tonight I'm going to sink into bubbles and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist.

(And this post, as so many do, reminds me how lucky I am: I am able to relax, to run hot water, to rest, in a place where I am at home. That is incredibly lucky, really.)

Suddenly, I feel just fine.


So many kinds of lovely. Feel good, you.


hope you feel better!!

I look forward to 2011 to read your non-fiction book. Wheee!

Hope you're feeling better soon! ♥

I like your 'tude, and I like your style ;)

Is my best number too. Go 11!

I think it's the Bathos bubble bar you're looking for. I used Daddy-o shampoo this morning, which has the violet scent and color. Their new Tuca Tuca fragrance has violet notes, though the scents comes through differently on everyone. Scent memories are very special, aren't they?

I hope u feel better. I also received a kindle this year as a birthday present & I love it. Hope u have a Happy New Year!

Counting our blessings will always lift one's spirits. I hope that you are right as rain today and if not, I've got some homemade Turkey Corn Soup on the stove so you're more than welcome to toddle over.

Have a great new year, girl!

Mmmm, violet, it was the scent of my youth and I sure could use a little of that right now! Thanks for the link.

Happy New Year to you and yours! I also got a Kindle for Christmas, and I love it! Thanks for the tip about the fancy bath cover.

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