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New CoverDecember 22, 2010

Well, hello! Do you want to see the new cover of my next book? I briefly showed you the first prototype, the one with my sweaters on the cover. Well, as happens in publishing, that one didn't fly -- store buyers were looking for something a little bit different, so they redid the cover, and while I was nervous, I can honestly say I love this one. I think it's lovely and just right. This will be out in three months! March 1st! I can't WAIT. 


(If you want to, it's available for preorder now at Amazon, Indiebound, and in Canada, Indigo. The book is blurbed here, if you want a sneak peek at the plot.)

In other news, I went to my dad's house for Christmas (wait, you don't celebrate on the 19th?) with the sisters, and we had a marvellous time. It's really good to see my dad happy again, and his girlfriend Lola is a peach. We arrived Sunday night to find the house filled with friends who are like family, and we had a rip-roaring good time (although I was fighting a migraine, so I was chock-full of meds that made me rather tongue-tied. I stared at my knitting a lot).

I brought Clara so Lala would have one less furry thing to worry about (which was a good thing, since as soon as I left, she came down with a bad cold), and Clara had a great time too:


Yesterday before we got on the road, we took Clara and Bethany's dog Boonie to a local park to run, and I forgot how it is in the country: Leash laws? They do not apply if the park in question is completely, utterly empty. Oh, yeah.



Bethany, shooting away while Dad smokes his pipe.


And last night, when we got home, Clara was so tired that she fell asleep with her mouth open, something I've never seen her do before:


Now Christmas is mostly done since I go back to work tomorrow. I'll still get to see the sisters to do presents with them on Friday, and then I'll give Lala her gift WHICH IS SO COOL. Hee.

I have always enjoyed finishing things early: tests, house-cleaning, manuscripts. That enjoyment also applies to the holidays, apparently. Merry/Happy Whatever You Celebrate, to YOU. MWAH.


The new cover is awesome. No offense to your sweaters. Joy of the season to you and yours!

The cover looks great. Pre-ordered a copy for my kindle. Looking forward to reading it.
Happy holidays!

now I really really have to win one of the pre-books... are there anymore to raffle off?

I love that cover with the sweaters!!!

already pre-ordered the new one on amazon!! Merry Christmas friend!

Great new cover!

The cover is lovely! Will this book come with a knitting pattern too? I love the way the sweater in the first book was an integral part of the plot -- and as a bonus we get to see it -- or knit it :-)

Oh I love the new look. I can't wait to read it. I'll keep an eye out for it on Amazon.

Pre-ordered. Woo yay! Love the cover. :)

And here's some good news: March 1st is really only about TWO months away - yay!

Pins n needles. I wait on them ;-)

oooh look! Clara has tuxie toes - with flooofs! so kewt

I. Can't. Wait.
(And love the cover! This will be my birthday gift to myself!)

Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

glad to hear so much happy going on. you should receive some mail from me shortly.

Cool cover! How neat.

Marry Christmas, whenever you celebrate it.

I also love the new cover. But even more, I love the sight of sacked-out Clara! I didn't even know it was possible to tire out a working dog!

Reading your book now & enjoying it.

I love this cover, too! Can't wait for it to come out!

Merry Christmas to you, Lala, Digit, and all the other furry ones!

Love the red on the cover-can't wait to read the book.

The cover is super cute - but not too cute :-)

Merry Christmas to you and yours1

The new cover is sweet and eye catching...not the yarn porn that your first one is, but I'd buy it. Heck, my kids would buy it for me!

Next time you have time, when you are on the 5 on the way to SLO, come by. We are in the hotel now.

congrats, Rachael. Picking a book cover seems so mysterious to me. Mary in Cincinnati

'New Cover' reminds me that I want to knit a dog sweater for my Jack Russell pup. I'll probably just cobble something together--she's deaf, her name is Boo (very white, her sire is Casper), a freebie since they didn't want to use her for breeding (the dog industry makes me sick when I think about it). Anywho, do you have a past blog on dog-ware?

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