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Excerpt! January 28, 2011

It's that day! The day you get a leetle teaser of the next book! A good, yarny one, too: IT'S HERE. I really hope you enjoy it.

And oooh, I got a few great reviews, recently, too. *giddy chair dance*

"In her engaging sequel to How To Knit a Love Song, Herron revisits the community of Cypress Hollow and its familiar faces as well as new characters who are as entertaining as they are complicated...Herron’s second novel will earn her a well-deserved place in the ever-expanding knit-chick lit genre." - Library Journal

"Herron's sweet, comforting tale comes with a built-in surprise: the knitted pattern to Ruby's Bookstore Sweater included in the back."  - Publishers Weekly

"A heart-warming story of family, friendship and love in a town you'll never want to leave." - Barbara Freethy, USA Today Bestselling Author

"A seamless blend of romance, friendship, and laughter that will keep you turning the pages." - Barbara Bretton, USA Today Bestselling Author

"A sweet comfort read, with an edge of humor and irony that strikes just the right note." - Susan Wiggs, NYT Bestselling Author

4 Stars - Romantic Times


Oh, also, if you're in the Bay Area, can you come to the release party? I'd love it if you could. Really. PRIZES OF WOOL! March 3rd, 7pm, SF. Deets here.


See, one of the worst parts of being a book reviewer is that I have a burning NEED for the NEXT book. NEED NEED NEED. *taps vein* NEEEEEEEEED.

Oh my gosh! I can't wait to get my hands on your new book!!!! So exciting. Yay.
Great reviews, too. Congrats.
susan b anderson

Can't wait for the ext one.......!!!

oh boy! now that i've started i want to read it all now!

Whoo hoo! Excellent reviews!

I shall be in Florida in April and will buy it then if it hasn't already been released here in Blighty. tina

K2TOG - Solano Avenue slipping into the chick knit lit genre?

Can't wait for March 3! See ya' there!

Just read the excerpt! Looks GOOD! And holy crap, WE were just talking about getting Pygora goats this or next spring!!!

I was just checking Amazon yesterday to remind myself of the release date. It made me sad because I thought it was supposed to be early February, not March.

Also, they *will* be releasing it to Kindle as well, right???

Congratulations!!! I'm reading the first book and it is amazing and awesome and everything wonderful. Can't wait for the second. If only I could make it to the release party...darn for living on the east coast.

Wow, I would love to come to the Bay area. In March. I could totally use a break from the snow.


I am so glad to read your awesome reviews! I love it when others succeed!

Squee! I can't wait!

Bummer, I will be out of town on business on March 3...otherwise I would definitely be there!

Congrats! and Cheers! I may actually be in SF on 3/3. If I can coordinate the party without missing the flight home to Michigan, I'll be there.

Friend, I am so happy for you! The excerpt is excellent- I can't wait to read the whole thing! When will the Kindle version be available? Do you know yet?

Can't wait - can't wait! Just going to read the excerpt - wish I could come to the release party but I am diagonally opposite you in the faraway northeast. Congratulations again, Rachael! :)

So cool! Can't wait to read it. I'd come to the release party if I could.

Pre-ordered!!! :) :)

Turns out that on 3/3 I'll be basking in the Maui sunshine, but I will be at the party in my mind! Can't wait to read it.
Congratulations on all the great reviews.

Woo hoo! Can't wait to read it.

Hey, a friend of mine had severe migraines and had some blood testing done - they determined that she had a vitamin B12 deficiency and since she has been on the supplements she has been totally fine. I thought of you... thought it might be worth checking out.

I just put the party date on my calendar, and I'm going to nudge the adult fiction selector at the library where I work to order both of your books, if she hasn't already.

You have no idea how badly I want to be at the release party!

Well, that was just mean, ya big tease.

I. Can't. Wait.

And the offer's still open for a yarn crawl (and alpaca farms, too!) if you ever get to Colorado!

Fantastic! And when you come to LA on your next book tour, you can crash in my yarn heap.

I just went on a three second emotional roller coaster ride. When I read "if you're in the Bay Area, can you come to the release party?" I was uber jazzed... then I remembered you didn't mean Tampa Bay and was immediately bummed.

Oh well - still excited about some new fabulous literature! Congratulations on the accolades. You deserve them.

yay! I've been looking forward to your second book ever since I finished your first one and, from reading the excerpt, I can tell I won't be disappointed. :D

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