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Great ReviewJanuary 15, 2011

From the Library Journal! Woot!

Herron, Rachael. How To Knit a Heart Back Home: A Cypress Hollow Yarn.
In her engaging sequel to How To Knit a Love Song, Herron revisits the community of Cypress Hollow and its familiar faces as well as new characters who are as entertaining as they are complicated. When Owen Bancroft, a man with an unhappy childhood, a tarnished police career, and a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s, returns to town, he isn’t expecting to be captivated by bookstore owner and compulsive knitter Lucy Harrison. Quite unexpectedly, the two find themselves working frantically to rescue a car accident victim. It isn’t a surprise that the pair quickly discover they are physically attracted to each other, and they rather timidly begin a sweet romantic relationship with more than its share of difficulties. Knitting love and lore play a major part here; each chapter opens with a knitting quote, and the author’s love of the craft shines through with an intensity that only adds to the plot. Even nonknitters might be intrigued enough to pick up a pair of needles as they turn pages. VERDICT Herron’s second novel will earn her a well-deserved place in the ever-expanding knit-chick lit genre. Patrons who in the past have clamored for the novels of Debbie Macomber, Kate Jacobs, or Gil McNeil will definitely find this a good read.—Margaret Hanes, Civic Ctr. Lib., Warren, MI

I'm so excited! It's so close now! Six weeks! (And I adore that this reviewer picked up on my love of the craft. It is a big, big love. Yep.)



Oh, what a great review! Now I'm even more excited to read the book.

Wow! This is so exciting!!!

Knit-chic-lit! Who knew.


Wonderful review...and who knew there was a genre called knit-chick-lit...and, you're going to be a big part of it! Congratulations!

Woooohoo! That's fantastic. I can't wait to read it.

that is a great review! Good for you!!

Good review and great for you. I can't wait to read it.

Congrats on a great review. I'm sure we'll ready many more in the coming weeks!

Wonderful!! I can't wait to read it. On my Kindle.

I am so excited for you, and can't wait to read the new book!! :)

That is so cool! I have to get crackin' on the first one and get my hands on this one. No doubt there will be many more to come (good reviews and great novels)!

Very nice!!! Looking forward to a fun day of reading. One day is all it took for me to read your last book-it was awesome:)

Great review! And very well-deserved. Congratulations!

Just pre-ordered mine from Amazon! Loved the first one cannot wait to read no 2

Yay Rachael! So exciting - congratulations! I can't wait to get mine.


That's such a great review! I will definitely check your books out. Congratulations!

Congrats! I can't wait to read it.

I am starting to see a pattern here - your books come out, I manage a vacation. Book # 1 Made it to Las Vegas, I sure hope Book #2 gets to Canada before I leave for Hawaii in March! And congrats on the review - we all knew your talent would be recognized. After all, we're all still hooked on your blog!

Awesome review! I'm so looking forward to it!

Great review!! Yay!

Totally awesome! I couldn't put your first book down - absolutely loved it - and can't wait for this new one. Keep us up on readings, especially for the east bay locals.

Woot! Very nice, indeed. Congratulations!!

I got all excited and rushed to Amazon.com to preorder the book. Instead I got a message that said, "Our records show you pre-ordered this book [several months ago]." I'm on the ball and didn't even know it!! I can't wait until it comes out!

Yay! What a great review! I also look forward to reading it on my Kindle, just like your first novel! :)

so proud that I "knew" you back when!

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