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ARC Giveaway! February 1, 2011

I found one last advanced reader's copy of How to Knit a Heart Back Home (in the car, of all places), and I'm giving it away in celebration of the fact that one month from today, the book will be out.

Fun fact: This is a collector's edition -- it has the first prototype cover, not the new one.

In order to enter, just make sure you're on my mailing list. Click HERE (and if you don't remember you can enter your email again -- if it asks you if you'd like to update your profile or resubscribe, you're already on the list and entered).


PS - I barely EVER send email, just when something is coming out that I don't want you to miss. And I don't share my list, ever.


Oh I REALLY think I need it. The thought of it would keep me warm as the massive winter storm approaches and we get another foot of snow....on top of the 55-60 inches that we have already gotten this season. And now they are also saying ice accumulation as well. Man I LOVE living in the Frozen Northeast Ohio.

Crossing my fingers!!!

Oooo... I'm on the listing and I've got everything I own crossed... which, by the way, makes typing this out a bit of a challenge!

Awesome! I loved your first book so much (which reminds me that I want it in my ereader, so I don't have to bring the paperback everywhere).

I am on your list :) Yay for car hidden ARCs with original covers...how exciting!!!

Yay!!! Fingers and toes crossed over here for a lucky draw! :)

I already have this listed on my Kindle Wish List! Can't wait. If I am the random number selection, I do have a very good home for the book! Congrats on the publication!

Fingers crossed...fingers crossed!

Oy! Once again, they release your book a few days AFTER Stitches West ends?

I'm on the list. I really appreciate that your books are available for the Kindle.

Ooh - I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. I hope there's some ukelele in this one. I got mine for Christmas and now need to practice tuning. Even though I can sing, apparently I'm tone deaf when it comes to tuning this thing. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I can hardly wait to learn to play - and read - and knit - and...

And I can confirm that you WANT this book! I have read my ARC and can testify that this is a FABULOUS book--perhaps even better than the first Cypress Hollow!

I don't know how I haven't stumbled on your blog before, but I'm so glad I have! I'm not a knitting author, but I am a knitting librarian! :)

Ooh, yeah, sign me up!

Oh I need this new book!!!

I am glad I added myself to the mailing list. And I look forward to the book.

I really enjoyed your first book and the cover was so pretty I leave it on my desk along with two other favorites! I would love to have your newest book to add to the pile (after I read it, of course).

I am entered! Woot Woot!!

I'm on your list, and I've already pre-ordered the new book. However, if this is a collector's item, I'd be happy to have an ARC, too! ;-)

Fingers crossed! I would give it a very good home and after I read it it can live between a skein of alpaca and a skein of cashmere to keep it warm. In case future storage is a factor.

Oh! How exciting. I'm on your list :-)

So excited.

Hi Rachael, My name is Sis Herron, I'm your Dads cousin. Just got done talking to your Aunt Carol. In process of reading,How to Knit a Love Story. So proud of you. Tell your Dad hello for me.

I'm on your list! Thank you for this opportunity!

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