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Cypress Hollow RedFebruary 23, 2011

Lynn from Boise (who I saw this week at Stitches! What a treat!) dyed fiber for me in the colorway of my books. Wasn't that the nicest, kindest thing ever?

I'd already spun it up into singles, and couldn't decide what to do next with it. Then I saw Rabbitch at Maia's house, and stole from her hands the Noro Kureyon sock yarn Pam had given her, and then I had it: a woven scarf.


Isn't it GORGEOUS? It's scratchy, since the Noro is just like that, but I've washed it now and it's softer, and I think I'll use some conditioner, too. It's the kind of scratchy I won't mind, because I love it so much. Thank you, Lynn, Janice, and Pam! :)


Pretty, pretty! And how awesome that your books get their own fiber...don't you just love fiber people?

Have you seriously woven two scarves in two days?? Holy Heddle, Batman, I am beyond impressed.

Nice! Cheerful! OMG you're weaving more!

Looking for the like button.

You're welcome! (And I'm glad to see that Rabbitch is home, even if she hasn't let me know).

I love the way that the color changes across the scarf, and across the fringe too!

It's addictive isn' it?! ;)

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