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EVEN MORE FUN! February 8, 2011

Know what's even more fun than the short story (now up on the Nook as well as the Kindle)? Another EIGHT chances to win the galley copy (limited edition, different awesome cover) of HOW TO KNIT A HEART BACK HOME, which won't hit stores until March 1st.

Only eight left! You could have one! (I'm so excited I'm abusing exclamation points. Sorry about that!)

To be eligible to win: Be a member of my mailing list, and leave a comment on this post. So chances are good, since I'll be pulling the eight winners from the commenters here.

SQUEEE! I really like today. And later, I'm going to go drink European Sipping Chocolate, so it's going to get ever better.

(I'll draw the winners on Friday.) (Woot!)


yayayayayayayay! this is so exciting! I am also abusing exclamation points because I am so excited!

Really looking forward to this book. Can't wait to read the short story.

What an awesome day!

I have the short story on my kindle and am excited for another chance to win the book.


I just downloaded the short story to my Kindle! SO excited! :)

hurray hurray!
i cant wait to put you on my nookcolor. see you at sts west?

I just found your site last week and have added it to my favorites. I look forward to reading everything posted so far.

me me please please please!!!

Congratulations! How exciting!

Yippee, short story on my Kindle and I cannot wait for the book! :)

Oh, hurray! I downloaded the short story to my computer, since I'm not a cool e-reader kid!

Yay! Can't wait to read both.

pick me, pick me! I don't want to wait to March 1 and I'm so sadly book-less right now, until I can find time to make it to the library or bookstore.

I just got your story for my Kindle! Now I want to win your book. :)

Oooo so exciting! I can't wait to read this one. Pick me! ha

Cool! I already downloaded your freebie from Amazon...and I'm chomping at the bit for your second book!

ooo , pick me, pick me. I need a good book to take on vacation :-)


Words can't explain how excited I am for this book!!! I think I'm going to re-read the first one and try to finish right as the second one comes out! wahoooo

I'm on my way to download the short story to my computer (someday I'll have a Kindle or a Nook, I just know it) and it would be ever so fun to get to read the second book before other folks.

I love it when I can feel your happiness and excitement right over the internet... it doesn't lose a thing all the way from California to Wisconsin!!
; )

Wow, a free short story AND a chance to win the new book??? *I* really like today!!!

Once again a super-exciting post!! I would love to win it.

I just realized I'll be back in California when the new book hits stores...I think I need to buy a copy for my non-Kindled knitting buddies so I'll plan an excursion to the bookstore to photograph it in the wild!

I would love to win the new book! Can't wait to read it.


I'm such a fan of yours. I'd love to win the new book.

pick me pick me pick me pick me

p.s. seriously

Wait, what's the definition of exclamation point abuse?

(yep, this is all pretty exciting. Yay Rachael!!!!!)

Soooo looking forward to this book! Awesome!!!!

Another romance novel that doesn't suck! Yay!

Great news! You're really writing up a storm.

How fun is this? and yes, Honeymooning is already on my ipad's Kindle app. :)

love your writing, and so excited for you!

I can't wait to read "How to Knit a Heart Back Home"! Thinking about re-reading "How to Knit A Love Song" just to keep me busy until 3/1! Of course "Honeymooning" is already on my Kindle for when I get home for work tonight!

commenting so i can get a copy even though i advance ordered from amazon so i don't have to share with my teen. who doesn't share well.

Oooh maybe I'll get lucky. BTW this is blatant kissing up to you, but you look fantastic in the knitters calendar! Muah!

!!!!!! Oh Rachael, you're the cutest!!!!!!

Pick me pick me! I'm looking forward to eventually reviewing this for my podcast

Well, that would be perfect timing for me - just in time to go into the suitcase for my long awaited and much needed vacation in Honolulu.

Too cool! Even if I don't win, I can't wait for your book to come out!

Yeah! I've been waiting and waiting...would love to have a copy. A signed copy from your hands!!

I really deserve to win, as I never met you at the NY sheep and wool! No logic there, just want to win!

Greetings from chilly, frosty England, thanks for emailing the short story it was a great read your very kind. Here's hoping I'm in for a chance to win your new book to bring a bit of sunshine to cold Brittain xx

i really want to win! you and cade are old friends and after all, one of your characters is named after him :)

I am still offering How to Knit a Heart Back Home a very wonderful home with cushy post-reading living conditions tucked between skeins of cashmere and alpaca. I also promise to never dog ear its pages. Promise.

I enjoyed the first book, and am looking forward to the next, whether I win it now, or read it later!

European Sipping Chocolate!!! Can you send some of that?

Hooray for more fun!!! Can't wait til I can go home and read Honeymooning!

Yay! Bought the first one, but a free book would be great! Thanks for the opportunity

Very exciting!! And I'm happy to hear that Honeymooning can be read on a computer, since I don't have a Kindle.

So excited about your new book!!

That's very exciting! And I agree that the day will get better with European Sipping Chocolate. Sadly, I have none.

I downloaded your short story on my Kindle. Thanks for having this giveaway!

Oh I can't wait to read!! Pick me please!! :) I cant get enough!

I would love to win the new book!

Rachael, you've launched a Squeeapalooza today. I'd love to read the new book and see what else happens in Cypress Hollow. I've downloaded Kindle for Mac; once I figure out how to get Amazon to connect with me, I'm reading the short story. :-)

I'm going to buy it anyway, but let me read it NOW, please!!

Just got a Nook for my b-day, looking forward to the short story. Would love to read the book also

How exciting!!!

DUDE, sweet!

I so enjoyed the first book that I've been looking forward to this one!

Me again. Sorry for posting twice, but now I haz a sad. I know why Kindle and Amazon won't play well together.

Kindle for Mac expects me to have an Intel processor and Leopard OSX, which I do not. I'm still running Tiger OSX on either a PowerPC Mac G5 desktop (when it wants to run) or my G4 laptop. I can't read the short story until after I've claimed the lottery winnings I'm planning to win tonight and can afford to upgrade.

SAD. At least I can still read the physical books!

I'd love a chance to win! Thank you!

now to Google European Sipping Chocolate....

yay!!! so excited for the new book :) i really really loved the first one

Yay!! So excited for your book! Xoxo Cathy

Sqeeeee is absolutely right! Can't wait to read it.

Something new to read! Yay! Please pick me...

ME! I want this so bad! Off to double check that I'm in your mailing list.

Yeay for contests!

My birfday is next week so I wanna win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh I saw your book at Border's the other day and took a phone photo...was gonna tweet it to you but just didn't get a chance. Anywhoooo I love your blog and your twitterfeed so I'm pumped to maybe win a book :)

Yay for a giveaway....I really enjoyed your first book (have it on my iPad)...going to download the short story as soon as possible.


More details about European Sipping Chocolate, please!

What exactly is European Sipping Chocolate?

Just joined the mailing list and cant wait for the new book! Going to download the free story now.

Thanks for offering 8 more galley prints. I would love to receive a book!

Thanks for the giveaway. I'm looking forward to reading the short story!

Yipee-a new read-been in a bit if a draught as of late!!
It will be the first book I download to my new iPad-which is yet to be named-though I am leaning towards Amelia

Give a dispatcher some love :)

Squeee! If I don't win the draught, I will totally buy the book, full price!

Ill buy it anyway- but I would love to have it now!

Yay!!! I got so excited when I read there were more copies! And it seems I, too, am abusing the exclamations!! Wahoo!

European Sipping Chocolate? Sounds delightfully decadent!

8 more chances, hurray! I'm really looking forward to your new book and I hope I win!

Please please please!!!! Pretty please?!?! With sugar and cake and icing and donuts and ice cream?!?! I really hope I win!

I can't wait to read your new book! Congrats!

Wow a short story and a chance to win the book. Count me in!

Isn't this the best feeling? I'll bet Little Mama is so happy for you,as am I! Woot!

Really enjoyed your first book. Looking forward to the release of your second. Must look for short story mentioned in your post.

Just downloaded Honeymooning to my Kindle on Ipod Touch. Can't wait to read it.

Ooh, me, me!

(Heck, you KNOW I'd love to review it for you at KnittingScholar.com, right?)

ooh i can't wait! downloaded the short story as well. :)

yippee - what fun- if not I have a nook!

European Sipping Chocolate?!?!?!? Details, please.

And a book to read while sipping? Even better!

Would love to win a book, however, I plan to support my favorite author and buy not only a hard copy edition when it is released, but plan on buying it for kindle as well! How is that for sucking up!

I'd like to win the book so I can have it signed at the event in West Portal!!!!

European sipping chocolate? Where do I get it? It sounds like it would be perfect to sip while I read my fabulous pre-ordered Cypress Hollow romance on my Kindle! Seriously. Where do I get it? What kind do you recommend?

oooh, pick me, pick me! I had my first successful knitting while reading the kindle today - your download. New skills! xx

Can't wait to read your new book!

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