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EVEN MORE FUN! February 8, 2011

Know what's even more fun than the short story (now up on the Nook as well as the Kindle)? Another EIGHT chances to win the galley copy (limited edition, different awesome cover) of HOW TO KNIT A HEART BACK HOME, which won't hit stores until March 1st.

Only eight left! You could have one! (I'm so excited I'm abusing exclamation points. Sorry about that!)

To be eligible to win: Be a member of my mailing list, and leave a comment on this post. So chances are good, since I'll be pulling the eight winners from the commenters here.

SQUEEE! I really like today. And later, I'm going to go drink European Sipping Chocolate, so it's going to get ever better.

(I'll draw the winners on Friday.) (Woot!)


I was so disappointed when I looked at B&N and found out that your book wasn't available until March. I want it NOW!!! And I really want to try the European sipping chocolate. Wherever do you get it??

Ooh! Can't wait to read it!

Woo! Pick me, pick me!

Pick me! I can't wait to ready it!

I would LOVE to win your new book. I SO enjoyed the first one and have downloaded the short story. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Comment, comment, comment. :) I'm so looking forward to your next book! XO

So excited to see the new book. Downloaded the short to my iPhone...looking forward to a lovely read tonight

Actually getting to read a book before publication would be a fantastic early birthday present! (Just saying...) European sipping chocolate also sounds like something amazing - where can this be found? Thanks!

No need to send me a free copy, Carol and I plan to be at West Portal and will buy one there (support independent bookstores). Just wanted to say I completely support your liberal use of exclamation points. Yay!!!!!!!!!

Hello. I love you. I love your booky books. I heart winning. I heart you.

Oh, yay! A preview to tide us over until the new book AND it will be available on the Nook, my new favorite format for reading :)

Looking forward to the new book next month.
Take care

I'd love to win a copy! I just finished the short story and it was adorable! :)

Congrats on the new book! So exciting!

Yay! I read one book last year, yours. Thanks for writing another book. I'll get to read another book this year! Darn kids.

Yay new book!

Awesome prize! I want one even though I've already preordered a copy.
Fingers crossed (:

Yeah!! My Nook and I are very happy at the moment.

Like all the other commenters, I can't wait to read what happens next!

Ohh I can't wait to read it I hope I win..

I'd love a chance to win

oh man, I love getting new things!

woot! I have the new book pre-ordered for my Kindle already, and just downloaded the short... is it lunchtime yet?

Ok, here's my comment ;)

Looking forward to reading the book - either from a free copy (hint hint) or the one that I'll purchase. Either way I'm getting one!

OOO Count me in!! I loved the first one and can't wait for the second.

I can't wait for the book!

Can't wait to read the new book. So happy to see that the tales from Cypress Hollow are continuing!

so, do these books come with autographs? :)

I'd love to see the new book -- and recommend it to my friends!

hooray! I can't wait to read more of your books!! They just make the heart smile

I am looking forward to reading your second book!

I'm so glad it's on the Nook, too. I went to preorder it for the Nook last week and it wasn't available. It is now! :-)

I'm glad it's almost March 1st!

Really enjoyed the 1st book so can't wait for the new one.

just finished a Helix scarf (free pattern from Spin-Off mag) in Douceur et Soie yarn - every stitch was a pleasure - that, and Kidsilk Haze must be my new favorite yarns. What's your favorite yarn?

Thanks for the free download! Counting down the days till the new book is out!!

Very exciting! I imagine the thrill of finishing a knitting project is nothing compared to the thrill of finishing and seeing your very own book in print!

Need a good book to read.

Look at all these comments! LOL! Do I even stand a chance??

Can't wait to finally read (and knit my way through) How to Knit a Heart Back Home! You are simply awesome!

I just downloaded "Honeymooning" to my Kindle. Fairly sure I'll be wanting the next one, too.

Can't wait for the newest one! In the meantime, I made my husband download Kindle for Mac so I could read Honeymooning. He promised to get 'Airport' (wireless) running so I could read it on my laptop (instead of using HIS computer!). If that happens I'll owe you a thousand thanks -- I've been waiting for over a month...

Pick me! But I'll but it anyway if I don't get it.

Oh, I'd love a galley - I heard the Knitmore Girls rave about this new book and can't wait to read it.

Yay! New book! Yay!

Pick me! (If I can't knit right now, I might as well read about it, right?)

I can't wait to read your latest. I enjoyed your first book so much.

I really enjoyed your first book so I've been looking forward to reading the second one. Keep up the good work!

I am really looking forward to the new book!

I can't wait for the new book. Enjoyed the first so much. You have a real knack for story telling and it is so nice to read a book that involves sheep that is correct!!! Happy knitting and up with sheep!! Sharry B.

Kindle app on my iPhone. I'll see if I can get the short story there. And the book? Can't believe it's coming out so soon. Maybe I can get The Girlie to come with me to the Launch.

OMG I cannot wait to read it. I loved the first book and cannot wait till second comes out. So this is prefect timing to read this short story till the second book comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to go download Honeymooning RIGHT NOW!! Can't wait for the book.

Chocolate and books - two of my favorite things! I hope I'm lucky enough to have my number picked.

I would love to win a copy. Love your books!

Loved the first book---going to get the short story for my Kindle right now!

It would be great to win a galley copy of How to Knit a Heart Back Home.

Can't wait, can't wait!! Hope you are already busy working on another one that will be soon to follow!

I love the short story and am soooo excited about the new book, YAHOO!
- I actually love the heart shaped knitting ball on the cover!!

Loved your first book and just downloaded the free short story. Can't wait for this one to come out (it's already in my Amazon cart, but would love to win this one and take that one out of my cart).

Congratulations on the story! That is so exciting.

I'm so excited for you !!! Can't wait to read the new book !!!

How Generous of your. Thank you

Just downloaded the short story on to my Nook! Can't wait to read it and your new novel...galley copy or not!

Thanks for this lovely chance. your a sweetie.

This made my day. I downloaded the short story to my Kindle right away and look forward to reading it at lunchtime. Can't wait for the next book to come out.

Good news indeed! So keep abusing exclamation points! Especially with the sipping chocolate, that sounds amazing!

*fingers crossed* I cannot wait till the next book comes out. I just downloaded the kindle short story! I cannot wait to read it!!! :D

I would love to read your new book.

Me me me! Oh wait, that's impolite. :) well, the new story is safe on my Android phone, and i'd love to have a galley copy with you sweaters on the cover! Buying it either way, though -- it's terrific to have a non-sucky, *yarny* romance!

OK--already read Honeymooning and the excerpt from new book. Great, great, great! Don't know if I'll be able to survive another few weeks! You are the greatest!

thanks for the kindle download! so excited for the new book! exclamation points are cool!!!
* crosses fingers for the drawing*

Congratulations. Would enjoy this new book. Best wishes.

thank you for the free short story, i'm anxiously awaiting more of your books !!!

i LOVE my NookColor!
best give i ever gave myself, whehee

Just got the short story for my Kindle... can't wait for March!

Can't wait for the book!!!!

ooh, sipping chocolate. i'll have to drink some when i read your next book! can't wait. xo

Happy dancing - got the story on my Nook and now another chance to win... Happy dancing for sure!!

You sure do know how to keep your readers in a state of high anticipation - just like you do in the plots of your books!

I'm so excited you're coming out with a new book so soon! I've been reading your blog for a while and always enjoy it!

WINNAR! Or at least, I hope so. :)

I love love love your books! I've already pre-ordered the new book and downloaded Honeymooning today! I'm so excited!

Hi Rachael, I am hoping that I will be lucky and win a special copy of How to Knit a Heart Back Home. I can't wait to read the short story so hope that I will be able to access it. Your books are just Too Good! Congratulations again!

Loved the first book, just downloaded Honeymooning, and I hope I win the next one!!!

Hooray! I loved your first book and am eagerly awaiting the second!! (I, too, am abusing the exclamation points :) ) I hope you are well and that this second novel is a HUGE success!

I'm so excited about your new short story and upcoming book!

@Juno - Congrats! I'm still not great at it - trying it today with blog reading.

Looking forward to the new book.

Downloaded the freebie...will read it later tonight..after everyone is in bed and it is nice and quite...*sigh*

I am looking forward to your new release!

Thank you for the free book.

I loved, loved, loved your first book and have already pre-ordered the next one. :)

LOVED your first book! Couldn't put it down, even to knit! Can't wait for the second, and just downloaded your short story!

The story is on my PC and ready to be read :)

I loved your first book and just can't wait for the second. It would be more precious to win it!! That would be so very exciting!!

Thank you for the wonderful short story, which I picked up for my Kindle and promptly read. Having also read the excerpt from the new book I can't wait for it to come out, so please enter me in the contest.

Pick me!! Pick me!! I'm so glad that you are offering these books on Kindle...thanks again for writing such wonderful stories...

Squee is right! So excited to download the excerpt to my (new!!!) Nook - thank you!

I'd love one! Excited for the new book.

I can't wait for the new book to come out. I hope I win a galley if not I will pick it up when it comes out.

I want to win! Pick me, pick me! Looking forward to the new book! I just downloaded the short story to my Nook. Thanks!

A galley print. Ohhh, that sounds nice.

European sipping chocolate Yummy.
I would love to win thanks for the chance.

I LOVED the first book and would be thrilled not to have to wait another month to read the second!

Pick me! Pick me! (I think exclamation point abuse must be contagious!) I've already got your book on hold at the library (I'm #8 and it's still in the ON ORDER category) but I'm sure I'll just buy it like I did the first one so I won't have to wait.

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