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EVEN MORE FUN! February 8, 2011

Know what's even more fun than the short story (now up on the Nook as well as the Kindle)? Another EIGHT chances to win the galley copy (limited edition, different awesome cover) of HOW TO KNIT A HEART BACK HOME, which won't hit stores until March 1st.

Only eight left! You could have one! (I'm so excited I'm abusing exclamation points. Sorry about that!)

To be eligible to win: Be a member of my mailing list, and leave a comment on this post. So chances are good, since I'll be pulling the eight winners from the commenters here.

SQUEEE! I really like today. And later, I'm going to go drink European Sipping Chocolate, so it's going to get ever better.

(I'll draw the winners on Friday.) (Woot!)


While I cannot open the link to add myself to the mailing list (darn work computer and their firewalls) I can leave a comment! I just downloaded the Honeymoon free book from Amazon (yes it works) and I am soo happy that you let your sense of humor show! I won't give it away, but I love where they ended up. (as you can tell I have not really made it past the first chapter) Keep being yourself!

Would love to win your book!

loved the first book, can't wait for the next. Hope you come to the East coast for a book signing, would love to meet you.


I just downloaded Honeymooning to my Nook Color! Can't wait to read it, thank you so much!! I would love to win the book, too!

At last..I've been searching for the release date of next chapter of life in the Hollow.. Can't wait to see what's happening..

Woo, its on the Nook!!

So glad I have my nook. Now waiting for the newest book.
Hope I win.

I loved your first book; can't wait to read your second and many more after that!

Wow! A free story and an excerpt! You've just made my day! :)

Me me me!!! Just read your fabulous book last week and was so excited to get your email about the short story (downloaded on my Kindle and to be started tonight- thank you!!!). I would be thrilled to receive a galley copy!! Woot!

ME! Pick me Rachael! I really enjoyed your first one. Going to get the short story on my nook now!

Ooh, a galley with the original cover? That would be SO COOL!

Can't wait to read the new book, Rachael! Thanks for the contest, too. :)

Need to go get my Nook and get you downloaded :)

So looking forward to the new book! I want to save it for my March vacation read, but I know I won't be able to resist it that long!

I really hope I win, but good luck to all my fellow commenters :)

Leaving comment then downloading story! Thanks so much!

I downloaded and read it last night. Funny and sweet, but I don't think she could have persuaded a stubborn he-man to give in about her money so fast. But Tom is clearly exceptional.

And you are really smoking out the lurkers!

Oh I would love to win a copy please!!

I loved "Eliza's Gift" and have pre-ordered "Lucy's Kiss".

I would love a copy of "How to knit a Heart Back Home".I know it is the same as "Lucy's Kiss" but
I don't know why the publishers thought Australians needed a different picture on the cover of our version. I would SO love a knitty cover ;-)

The short story was great... but I wouldn't expect anything less from you! So happy for you Rach :-)

Can't wait for the new book! Thanx for the short story for my Nook! I'm abusing exclamation points, too! Somebody STOP me! LOL

Honeymooning was adorable! Can't wait for the one!

Greetings from even chillier & frostier Finland! Why haven't I ever heard of European Sipping Chocolate, even though I live in Europe??? Loved How to Knit a Love Song, can't wait for How to Knit a Heart Back Home!!!!

hope i win!

I got your kindle download today. Now to decide if I want the book or the Kindle download!

I downloaded "Honeymooning" onto my Kindle and am saving it for my weekend reading. Can't wait to read it! And I'd love to read your newest book too!

I adore the way you weave a plot around my favorite things: romance, knitting, and animals. I'm recently retired, and I'd love to read your new book as soon as possible. Thank you!!)

So so exciting! Woo!!

Me again - I read Honeymooning last night. What a fun story! And I read the first chapter of Novel #2 -- whew, way to go, Rachael! Left me gripping the edge of my seat... only 3 more weeks to wait!

I hope I can download the story to my I Pad ....

i DOWNLOADED THE FREE SHORT STORY THIS MORNING - PROOF iM ALREADY ON YOUR EMAIL LIST :) - sorry for the accidental caps, but one handed typing means I have to lookit the keys rather than the screen while typing, as I used to do pre-stroke.

What's Digit the secksai up to these days? Um, besides waiting on tenterhooks for March?


Would love to ready your book!

Loved the short story and am VERY much looking forward to reading your new book!

Hah! So many comments on this post that I don't think my chances are much better this way -- excited anyway! And excited for you, too!

Hi, hi, ho -- Tally ho, Rachael! I'm still trying to work out getting to your book launch...we have some "relative commitments" that are still being sorted out as to who-what-when. Here's to your well-deserved success & prosperity...& to exclamation points!!!!! I do not think e p abuse is possible in informal communication!!!!!
As always, love, love, love!!!!!

P.S. ~ Your blog, & blog comments, exude so much love, admiration, respect, good feelings...what a privilege to visit this way! I am reminded of the tea, Constant Comment (which, alas, did not taste nearly so good as the name sounded)! Gaynelle

ooooooh, I loved the first one and can't wait for the second! Come on, random number generator!

Just downloaded the story on my kindle! Looking forward to reading it!

LOVED Honeymooning .... had a good chuckle! Am looking forward to your new book.

Can't wait to read your new book. Just downloaded your free short story Honeymooning to my PC. Looking forward to reading it.

I love your excitement! This IS very cool.

I have never been so excited in my life waiting for a book's release! In fact, I have right next to me, "How to Knit a Love Story," which I have been reading for the second time. I had hoped that I will finish just in time for the new book!

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So excited about the next book.

Thanks so much for the free release of Honeymooning (& to canada nonetheless!) It was lots of fun :) I can't wait to read Book 2!

I am so excited for you, many many congrats!!!!

Loved your first book! Love your blog! Can't wait to love your second book!

Just finished How to Knit a Love Story and can't wait to read your next book.

I'd love to read your new book. I hope I win!

I am so happy I am ready to feel young and in love, like HOW TO KNIT A LOVE SONG made me feel.
Keep on writing books.

Yippee for more fun -I'm off to work out how to download Honeymooning in the meantime!

I hav bn waiting for this moment. I have just had a horse break my leg yesterday.So laid up for 6weeks. Being a Aussie when Can I get the short story. I look forward to it Racheal. Thank you

Sorry Racheal, I'm so looking forward to the book I can't spell. I meant in my last commemnt "have been".
Cheers Tracey-Lee again. :-}

Galley copies = exciting.
European style drinking chocolate = chocogasm. Hope you enjoyed!!

I can't wait for March 1st

Joined the mailing list! How exciting to have found your blog!

Pick me! Pick me! Or don't :) I'll love you anyhow.

pick me, pick me. thanks

I'll play!

I can't wait to snuggle up with this book!

My fingers are so crossed I can hardly type! Pick me!! :-D

Part of me wants the galley so I don't have to wait (seriously, the teasers just drive me crazy that I can't have the book - can you tell patience is not my strong suit?), and part of me wants to buy the book so I can contribute to your sales and savor the delicious anticipation for a bit longer.

Yay, new book!

Suppose it is too late to enter the drawing ?? but I do to tell you how
much I'm looking forward to your new
book: very much. And that I got off track from your Love Song Sweater but want to get back to it soon -- did the sleeves first!
Going to read Honeymooning tonight.

Wow@ I would love to win your new book for my boyfriend's mom. I picked the first book up for her and she read it three times, then proceeded to make the sweater vest you had in the back of the book. She kept thanking me for such a fantastic story. BTW, she is an avid reader, 83 years young and loves to knit. I will send a pic soon. Thanks...

wasn't able to download book yet... would love to win!!

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