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HoneymooningFebruary 8, 2011


I'm so excited. Today, HONEYMOONING (a Cypress Hollow short story) is available for FREE on the Kindle, Nook, (or download Kindle for your PC or Mac and read it on your computer!).

It's the story of Janet and Tom (you met them in How to Knit a Love Song), and what happens when they have to keep their clothes ON for the honeymoon. And it cracks me up. I'm very fond of them, and I hope you like them, too.

It's free for two weeks (step right up!), and if you don't have a Kindle you can still read it on your computer.

Go get it! Yay! SO EXCITED! xoxo


I preordered it so when I woke up at 4am I saw the email from Amazon that it was in my kindle.

So much love! It's a cute story and I think the cowboys will always be my favorite. Then I went and reread How to Knit a Love Song. Still just as good as I remembered.

Why isn't the second one out yet?? I am eagerly waiting.

and now I'm sad because it's not available to people who live in the UK...

Looking forward to the new book, I've had it on preorder since right after I finished reading the first one!


Got it! So excited to give it a read. :)

Best news I've received since receiving my Kindle for Christmas! excited to read!!

My first download to my phone kindle

Thanks a bunch. Honeymooning is now on my Kindle.

I GOT IT!!!!!! :)

Yay! Thank you!

Squeeeeeee!!! Don't have my iPad yet, but totally going to read this on the computer!

Boo Hoo. Unavailalbe for free download in Canada. I'll order it and read the print copy.

Yay mine is downloading now!

Can't wait to download "Kindle for PC" at home. Thanks for this treat - I'm looking forward to reading "Honeymooning!"

Thank you! Can't wait to read it! xxx

Got the Kindle for PC but can't see Honeymooning...

Not so exciting for me - it turns out you can't download it in the UK...

Wow! I'm so glad you mentioned the "read on your computer" part. I thought I'd be left out! Hooray!

Got it! Yay!

I'm in Canada and I can download it, but it's $0.99 not free. Still a great deal!

OOOHHhhhhhh, love free!

I've got it and so far it is great, of course!

Just finished reading it. Damn girl, I do love your writing.

Read it with my breakfast this morning. Gotta love that adorable cowboy and his hat! Thanks so much, looking forward to the next one (and maybe another reading -- at the new Verb this time?)

whoa, why didn't my Nook tell me? Bad Nook!

All over it!!!! Downloaded...NOW! WooHoot!!! =)

Cannot figure out how to get a copy on my Kindle for Mac.....help please. :)

It's no longer available to buyers in the U.S. Should I move to Canada?

Forgot to tell you that I downloaded and loved the short story. My favorite bit was about the, um, hidden harmonica.

Wow, they sure didn't keep this up for long! I'd love to read it. Wonder if it will ever be available again.

I just read both of your books in the last few days. Fun!

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