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Winners! February 11, 2011

Drumroll please (well, Random.org doesn't really do a drum-roll. OMG, that's what they should put on their site! Every time you hit the "Generate" button, it should make a drum-roll noise! I would love that):

The winners of the eight galley copies (sent directly from HarperCollins/Morrow):


(formerly no-blog) Rachel

Oakland Jodi

Mary (bpod)



Lily (LoopyL)

Lynne (Lypaulli)

All winners, I'm in the process of emailing you now to confirm and get your mailing addresses. I swear, swear, double-dog swear I am RANDOM about these. I do know that three people (more? hard to tell from handles) are on this list that I like to hug as often as possible (as I want to hug all you darling commenters, of course!).

And now, you've downloaded the FREE short story HONEYMOONING on your Nook or Kindle, right? And have you reviewed it? Yay! (And you know you don't have to have one of fancy devices, right? Just download the Nook or Kindle app for your computer or your smartphone -- and sadly this only applies to Canada and US at this moment; we are still working on taking over the world. Maybe Tuesday we'll get to that?)

Me, I'm off for work for the next five days. At some point I'm going to do this: I'm going to load the third Cypress Hollow novel onto my Kindle from my Word document draft. I'm going to get into bed with it, and then I'll read it like I read all my other books. When I do this at the final draft of a revision, all sorts of awkward things jump out at me, just because it's been formatted to Look Like a Book. I keep my laptop next to me, and as I find problems, I will roll over and fix them, and then I'll keep reading.

This is my favorite part of revising (and I pretty much love all the parts of editing), because it comes with built in naps. I can't wait. Enjoy your weekend, all.


So EXCITING!! I love that Random generator :). Thank you, I can't wait to read your new book!

Yay!! You (and the Random Generator Even Without The Drum Roll) totally made my day. Can't wait to read the book. See you at Stitches (I'll be there all weekend, much of the time helping out in Maia's and Janice's booth). Mua!

Oh. Big. Big. Yay. Hugs, Darlin'. Thanks. I LOVE that you format your book to be a book, and read it in bed for final fixies. That just seems so... right.


You are amazing

Happy Valentine's Day, Rachael! Can't wait to read to read the latest on my kindle.

Is it wrong to download your short story on someone else's Kindle and not tell them? (My Mom will never know!) Can you bring Miss Idaho to the book signing in West Portal?! Please please please!!!!

Just wanted to say I've just finished reading 'How to knit a love song' and I LOVED it. Never read a book so quickly. I'd love a sequel. Looking forward to your next book.

Can't wait for Aussie release. It's hard being down under sometimes, eg no Honeymoon download at this stage. Looking forward to next book. Loved the first (though I do thing US title much better than ours). Congratulations. Judith@Notknittingsox

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