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Don't Forget! March 25, 2011

If you've read How to Knit a Heart Back Home, leave a review (any kind of review) somewhere (your blog, Amazon, B&N, etc) and let me know, and I'll add you to the drawing for the handwoven scarf, made in colors you choose! I'm drawing a random winner in ONE WEEK, on April 1st (the day Lucy's Kiss--same book, different title--goes on sale in Australia and New Zealand).

Of course, I'm not that great a weaver yet, so it might be a little wonky, but I'll put a lot of love into it, I promise.

While I thank you profusely, Willie sends you chilled vibes. This is NOT a stressed out cat (he literally hangs out like this, cracks me up no end):  


Love Willie's pose! He looks just like my Archie (as in Goodwin from Nero Wolfe)!

I'm in the middle of it now. I should have a review by Wednesday. P.s. I am loving every page!

I have read both books and loved them both - this in NOT the genre I normally read at all!

Review posted...and now off to get some sleep

Review and harrowing story of how I got my book signed posted on my blog: Mermaidkitten.com. Loved the book!!!

Hi Rachael,
I just finished the Heart book. I loved it. Please More! I posted a comment on Amazon under my email name caragon6. I wrote you after your first book and you wrote me back it was so wonderful of you. I hope I win the scarf what a prize! Take care and keep writing. Jeri

Just put a review up on B&N (since I have the Nook edition, after all!)

Just finished it. LOVED IT. Posted a review to Amazon.

I wrote you after the first book, waited patiently for the second. I tried to read slowly and make it last--didn't work. I am hoping the third book is in the works:) I realllly have enjoyed your books and blog.

We have two kitties, Astoria and Commissioner Gordon. Astoria's nickname is "The Dangler," (yes, announced like a Batman villain) because her favorite way to bide her time is by dangling one or both front paws off of raised surface. She's rather...erhm...back-heavy, so we guess she's just cantilevered nicely for this kind of behavior. It never fails to crack up our guests, though.

even being sick didn't stop my review at The Book Depository but can't focus to post URL link, will email it...

I love the cat's "whatever" attitude. What a pose!

Rachel - I LOVE your book! (actually I love them both but I'm currently talking about How to Knit A Heart Back Home...) And I unabashedly shared my love for it on Ravelry - in the Fiber Fiction group posts! Can't wait for #3...quick please????

any chance of seeing pictures of the Ruby Sweater? the link www.yarnagogo.com/rubysweater doesn't work

Sorry! I've been meaning to fix that. In the meantime, there's this: http://www.yarnagogo.com/knitting/2009/07/book-two-sweater.html

Posted review on Amazon under Pauline titled "Real People Characters". You DO plan on coming East with your book tour, right?? Please? Pretty please?

Hi Rachel, just finished How to Knit a Heart Back Home and absolutely loved it and professed that love via a review on Barnes & Noble under CJDVA. What made the book even better was remembering where you wrote some of those steamy scenes and you posted it on facebook and I managed to read those same scenes with Owen and Lucy on the train. I had a grin from ear-to-ear so I think I was mistaken for a tourist. Keep writing Rachel since I will keep buying your books for a lifetime! Can't wait until the release of your latest book!

I just thought it was cool...I work at a library, and we just last week got Overdrive, a digital library service. The second book I checked out from Overdrive was yours! It's so cool to see books by people I "know" in my library!


Why do your books have different titles in New Zealand and Australia?

I just read "Home". I requested it from the library because they have the first(read it, too) and they have a terrible habit of having Book One and Five and forgetting what is in between. Interlibrary loan and I are BFFs forever!! Love both books; write faster, Please?

Just had to say how much I loved the book, as much if not more than the first one.
Have just lent my copy to a friend on Friday. she just FB me to say she is on page 295 and CANNOT PUT IT DOWN (her emphasis not mine) congratulations :-) you have another winner on your hands, Now, when is the next one going to be ready? ( just kidding - no pressure) ;-)xx

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