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Why Knitty RULEZMarch 7, 2011

You guys! Amy and Jillian at Knitty.com have a whole week of surprises up their very fashionable sleeves.

Every day this week at the blog, there will be a contest, with a free copy of How to Knit a Heart Back Home being given away.

AND: I wrote up a sekrit little pattern, which you will at some point see. And then, hopefully, covet (it's Knitty, so it will be FREE!). 

AND: The grand prize is teh awesome.

I just wrote them a short note, but this kind of thing is why I LOVE KNITLAND. Isn't it just something when the people you work with end up being people you'd want in your life as your friend anyway? (I'm thinking of Susanna, my agent, specifically.) And Knitty Amy and I share the love of the uke (although she kicks ass at it, and I merely still plink -- but I plink with happiness and great gusto!) And when she's in town, I want her at my house, makin' music.

It just couldn't get any better, I don't think. I've had a wonderful release week (they're nerve-wracking things, these weeks), and the book launch party was FABULOUS. People came. I did not think it would happen. I really didn't. Next time: this is my goal. To treat it as just another day, without worrying, without begging those nearest and dearest to me to show up just to make numbers, and THEN see who shows.

And of course, it was AWESOME. Bookshop West Portal, you rock.


I stood under my poster in my new vintage late-60s dress that fit me perfectly and made me feel like an upholstered sofa. I said that, and I think people thought I was slagging on the dress, but I wasn't. I have a thing about vintage sofas, too. (Shawl is Swallowtail, in cashmere -- mmmm.)


Blurry but what a happy picture! I love this.

And what else? I have some work to do this fine day, and I'm not getting it done here, so I'm tempted to drive the coast to find a more conducive cafe. Perhaps one that has pie.

(And check the KnittyBlog this week for lots more fun!)


Had a great time at the launch party. Also, that dress looked amazing!

I am so sorry I missed your launch party! Congratulations on the new book, you are such an inspiration to those of us who dream.

You must keep having launch parties because you need to celebrte every single one. Girl, you are publishing books! This is no mean feat. Celebrate your little ass off!

Rachael - I loved the book. The Knitty promotion is absolutely fantastic. I won't enter, since I already purchased and read the book - so someone else can win. You had me laughing at myself in the book because somewhere you referred to the books Owen brought as 70s romances. I think that's what I'm still used to as I felt so old-fashioned and out of touch when I read the exciting details. You are a hoot! Thanks for bringing romance into the 21st century. Have fun with the launch party(ies).

Congrats, Rachael! The book was wonderful, I really enjoyed it. The sweater is cute, too.

just read the knitty interview. more cypress hollow stories!!! squeee!!!!! and i totally loved the new book btw-i finished it in one day because i just could not put it down.

Everything is better with pie - go for it.

Finished the book yesterday, love, love, looooooved it!!! You absolutely rock (at writing, knitting AND the uke!)

new to your blog!! congrats on the book!! i must get myself a copy :-)

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