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Eliza's Wedding ShawlApril 27, 2011

I finally get to show you this, for reals! In Book Three (Wishes and Stitches: A Cypress Hollow Yarn , out in October), the pattern is a lace shawl. Specifically, it's Eliza Carpenter's Wedding Shawl pattern. (Only, as I'm new at lace, I hired the uber-talented Romi to design what I  wanted, because I didn't want to lead you down the muddled path I'd have taken you on.)

I needed to make a cream prototype for the photo for the book, so I cast on in some gorgeous Verb yarn. That very day, I heard that my agent and friend Susanna was engaged. It immediately became HER shawl, and I loved knitting it, putting good wishes for her marriage into the fiber as I worked it. And it turned out gorgeous, I think.


She gets married on Saturday, and I know it's the beginning of a wonderful married life (I adore the man she's marrying, as well).

And I've been spinning, too! This is from Lisa Souza, and I wanted to throw it on the blog to show HOW DIFFERENTLY colors show up when they're spun together.


Isn't that wild? Can you imagine that the soft colors in the skein came from that roving? (Also, merino and silk, YUM. So soft, and I spun it softly, too. Seemed to want that.)

I want to do more, more, more, but it seems there are so many things grabbing for my attention lately. If I'm lucky, I will get back to spinning the rest of this tonight, though. That would be nice. A little more Veronica Mars (halfway into the first season, LOVING IT), and some spinning before bed. Yep.


oh I LOVE IT! and I love that it's Susanna's, too. that is awesome. and I also have big love for Veronica Mars. LOVE ALL AROUND.

I love that you're a lace knitter now.

The shawl is beautiful!

I just had to say that I just finished reading your second book - that in itself is an accomplishment because I do more listening to audiobooks these days (so I can multi-task and either spin or knit while "reading"). Anyway, I loved it. Thank you for giving me a very enjoyable several hours.

Spectacular shawl! I just got my first wheel and am now learning to spin, so big love on the handspun!

Both the shawl and the yarn are gorgeous.

I've been working on a wedding shawl too! Daughter of a friend asked me to knit a semi-circular shawl (that was her only requirement, I was given free rein on the design. I've been incorporating lace designs that will have meaning for her. On the beaded edging now).

Keep up the good work!!

I love the shawl. That will be in Book 3, Correct? And perfect for a wedding too.

I love the way that fibers change once they're spun up. Or, I usually do, every once in a while will it come back to bite you.

Talk about perfect timing! The shawl is gorgeous, Rachael, and I have no doubt that Susanna will/does LOVE it!

It's a beautiful lace! What a wonderful gift for your agent, kismet is what that turned into.

Beautiful shawl with an even more beautiful story. And that yarn? Shut up! It's gorgeous!

I luv's me some Veronica Mars! Good spinning t.v.!

You do realize, dear, that you only have 24 hours in the day like us mere mortals?? It all looks lovely.
When I go to a book store and see your books I am so proud and in awe of you.

It's absolutely beautiful. I'll enjoy thinking of this story when I read book 3. Best wishes to the happy couple.

gorgeous shawl. Already looking forward to the next book. Loving How to knit a heart back home as much as I loved how to knit a love song. Had planned an early night last night but read for 1.5 hours so my early night was not so early in the end. Couldn't put it down. Keep the good work coming.

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