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Reading and RecapApril 13, 2011

You guys! I'm going to be reading in the East Bay next week! Can you come?

I'm going to be at the awesome Verb For Keeping Warm, and if you haven't been to their store, you have to come. It's GORGEOUS, full of delicious yarn that you won't find anywhere else (I'm blocking a shawl right now that I made in their fiber -- it's perfect).

When: Friday, April 22 - 6pm

Verb For Keeping Warm,
6328 San Pablo Avenue at Alcatraz Avenue

I think I *might* read from the book of essays coming out in September, so this would be a fun time for a sneak peek.

And in other updates, I'm back from the Romantic Times conference! It was everything a conference should be, and it started like this:


Check out that AWESOME bar set Lala found at the Alameda Antiques Fair -- still has the original 60s tag on it. It's zebra print.


Crazy Aunt Purl Laurie Perry and I gave a workshop on memoir writing! It was so fun! To continue the theme of the convention, she brought wine in juice boxes, which is probably why my face is so red in this picture. It was a really fun panel, ackshally. Talked a lot about truth and being brave, and what I learned from it was this: We are never brave on purpose. Usually bravery comes as an OH SHIT I HATE THIS moment, and only later, when someone says, "How brave you were!" do you realize you actually had been. Kind of deep, no? (Also, I am not on her lap. I know it looks like I am.)


Spent good, quality time with awesome Nicole Peeler, and I did her hair this night, which I think looks fabulous like this. Also, I just realized SHE is the reason I dreamed I cut my hair into a short bob and went dark red. I want to copy her. (Oh, I've been growing out the silver for so long! So bored! Feel so old-looking! Nicole is pretty!)


And look how cute this is: My dad and his girlfriend Lola showed up for my signing. They waited in a hella long line (after taking me out to a yummy breakfast) just to pick up a book. That's adorable.

I'd love to tell you about the plotting Sophie Littlefield and Juliet Blackwell and I did in the car there and back, but then I'd have to kill you. Let me just say this: I think we came up with a few bestselling ideas, a couple for each of us. At least. And then some. AND we ate McDonald's.

Came home and did the bed bug dance (Martha Flynn chronicles it better HERE) -- our room did not have them, but another room did, so I ran into the house, stripped at the washer, threw all the contents of my suitcase into hot water and then bagged the suitcase.

And (are you ready?), I forgot to take my two precious shawls out:


I can't talk about it. Especially that green cashmere Swallowtail. I was so mad at myself I could not even CRY, that's how mad I was.

But it's good to be home again, with flying fingers, and happy to be working (back to the day job tomorrow, too -- it's been nice to have this time off).

And if you're local, I'd love to see you on the 22nd!




I am so sorry about your shawls! But at least you are not infested! Have a great day!

don't you dare dye. get a short bobby cut like Nicole and watch the non-silver go away and all of a sudden, you will love the hair you have! then you can go long again but it'll all be silver and it won't feel so messy.

she who stopped dyeing last year and has finally made it through the "just looking like you're overdue for a touch up" stage. and you have way more pretty silver than i do!

I'd love to the signing . . . Maybe if I hitch hike part of the way, and then go white water rafting the other part . . . I may need to ride on the back of a horse for part of the way . . .

Your hair makes you look sophisticated, wear it proudly.

Please tell me that the shawls are fine. If not you can put them in the dyer (but not when they're wet for the love of God) and that should kill any bed bugs.

ooh, painful shawl felting! ACK!

Oh your shawls--I would be ripshit--you poor dear.

Re:hair You are hot, and you should do whatever makes you feel the hottest. Go for henna if you do dye--then you're not absorbing a bunch of crap, you'll just be a bit odoriferous for a couple days.

I spent 5 years growing out the silver in my waist length hair, and a year after the dye was finally gone, I cut it short and dyed it again, a lighter shade. With my pale skin coloring I looked like wallpaper with the silver hair. As in, you could walk right past me and not notice I was there because I faded into the woodwork or sheet rock or whatever. I really wanted to like the silver, but it just wasn't doing it for me. If you dye it again, we won't abandon you!

I think you should leave a silver streak, but dye the rest dark red. That's what I'm planning to do, anyway...part of my lifelong ambition to look like Miss Rhumphius when I'm old.

I love the silver, I think it is so beautiful. My grandmother's hair turned pure white when she was in her twenties, and I have my fingers crossed that it'll happen to me as well.

As for the shawls, it is a shame..you could still wear them though! From the picture they still look pretty interesting, sort of felted on the edges and lacy in the middle. You could wear them more like scarves, perhaps. They are something new now.

ALSO, I just finished your book, and I adored it. Can Cyprus Hollow please be real? I want to live there.

Never never never cut the hairs! I love the silver! I will have short hair for both of us, and you will have silver hair for both of us. ;-) I miss you three!

Looking forward to the reading on Friday . . . although the thought of braving the crowd has me a little spooked (oh, well, I could try to grow up!)

I have roughly the same amount of silver, so I felt all encouraged seeing yours. Funny how many others commented on just that.....

I think the hair looks great - as is!

Been a big fan of the blog for a while - first time posting. Keep up the great work… I love your writing.

It was such fun to meet you at the reading last Friday. Can't wait for the third book to come out!

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