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Winners! April 4, 2011

Please forgive me that I'm a little late in doing my drawing for both the grand prize and Catherine's book -- I got a bad cold and I'm still kind of laid up by it. I get things like migraines and tonsils growing back. I do NOT get colds or flu, so this has been unpleasant. And I was going to do a little video blog of the drawing, but I'm so green and sneezy, no one needs to see me like this. I'm doing you a favor, I promise.


This was for the scarf, handwoven by yours truly, flaws and all, in the winner's choice of colors (for posting a review of How to Knit a Heart Back Home somewhere, anywhere):

Nancy L.

(I have this thing I like to do with winners: I go back and search through my past emails (god bless gmail) and see what kind of correspondence I've had with them. Nancy emailed me something FUNNY after the first book came out, and I'm tickled she won.)


Lee Ann!

Now this: I'm a fanatic when it comes to fairness. If I draw a number, that's the winner. Period. As I stated above, I search my email if I'm not quite sure who a winner is, but even if they've never emailed me, they win. I don't redraw numbers with Random.org to get the "right" result. Even though you all would never know, *I* would know. Besides, I want too many people to win things.

But I'm thrilled that Lee Ann won -- it's OUR Lee Ann! Remember Fuzzy Logic? The brain surgery? The running? The charm/wit/beauty/personality/talent? Old skool knitters on the block represent, yo. She's BACK with a new blog, and I'm glad she won the book, and I'm glad she's my friend.

(And hey, I try to send out a little surprise treat every month or so to a random subscriber on my mailing list, just so's you know.)


I didn't get a review written in time, but I LOVED THE BOOK! Read it in 2 evenings. It was chewy and delicious - didn't want it to end. Great job! (And thanks for the heads-up that Lee Ann is back.)

Congratulations to the winners! I'll definitely be watching for Sheepish to come out, can't wait to read it. Thanks for the tip!

Yippee!!! Nancy L. here - I'm so very excited to be the Grand Prize Winner. Loved both books as well as the short story and am looking forward to book 3 coming in October. Thank you, thank you!

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