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PretentiousJune 10, 2011

I will label this pretentious, and I know it is such. But I can't help what my heart loves! Friends, let me keep just this one affectation!

You know I love Moleskines. That's been established.

Hello. All sizes!


Cue Transformers music -- more than meets the eye:


Look! It's a case for my new already beloved MacBook Air (I'd been due a new computer for years, and this one has exceeded all expectations -- it's the tiny 11inch with the biggest memory/ram/whatchoocallit).


It's so SMART -- now I can just throw it in my bag and go. And it is so cute I can't stand it. Got it HERE. (And for the curious, it really feels/looks just like a Moleskine. LOVE.) (Also for the curious, the computer does not come preloaded with words all lined up for writers. I've looked. Writing is still hard. Dang it.)


I think that is wonderful x

It's beautiful! Enjoy it without qualms!

You're so cute - you "moleskin'd" your computer. Just another reason I enjoy you!

I don't get the culture of moleskines, but if you love it then why the heck not? :D Soft, pretty, AND functional? YAY!

I have been looking for the perfect Father's day gift for DH! Thank you for reminding me about Moleskines!

ZOMG! I just got one! I had to order a 2011 and it only came yesterday morning! W00t!

I was going to roll my eyes a teeny, tiny bit-- with affection, I swear!-- but then I followed the link. That case is genius! I love how it protects the computer from all side during transit but allows you to use the laptop without taking it fully out of the case. The way it flips into a little stand is awesome. I really, really want one of these now and I'm not even a Moleskin lover.

I don't get Moleskins but that case is genius. When I get my iPad, I'll look into a case for it.

Oh! What a temptation! I love beautiful cases! Thanks for the link.

Ohhhhh moleskins....I love my moleskins....now if I could just bring myself to actually USE them it would be good. I buy them, I just cant bring myself to actually write in them.......Congrats on new writing device!

Dear Rachel,

Since this post I have purchased: The Storyboard pocket size moleskine, the Recipe Journal large size moleskine, the Petite Prince pocket size moleskine and another fun one for Knitmore Jasmin. Oh, and next year's 12-month pocket size. Amazon are the devil, and they deliver fast.

*gasp* speechless! (except, of course, for the question lingering in my mind: do I need to get a macbook air with that AMAZING case?)

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