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Short Shill June 8, 2011

Hey, y'all, if anyone missed it when it was offered for free from my publisher, my short story "Honeymooning" is available again. It's a Cypress Hollow tale, about Janet and Tom, and I can't actually give it away on Amazon (there are Self-Publishing Rules) so I priced it as cheaply as they let me go at $0.99. It's HERE for the Kindle and HERE for the Nook (and Kindle in UK HERE), and I'll let you  know when it's available on other platforms.

And errrybody, thanks for your comments yesterday. I really did spend most of the afternoon in bed, which was awesome. Then the sisters came over to eat Lala's fantastic chili (her first  cast iron Dutch oven experiment) and my rather good cornbread, and it was extremely nice. What you all said was amazing, and anyone thinking about grief in any form might wanna go have a peek at those comments. xooxox


How wonderful the Sisters and Lala spent the evening together. I am sure there would have been no better way to celebrate your Mom and sweet stories were shared. Hugs to you.

Cool, just bought it for my new Kindle, my birthday present to myself :)

I love that little story! I'm glad to hear that it's available again. I will recommend it to my friends.

Not fair! Hubbs bought me a Kindle for my birthday (then used it himself so much I bought him one for Father's Day next week), but this isn't available on UK Kindle.

Tina, it is! I just bought it – but I'm using Kindle for Mac. Still, it's definitely there in amazon.co.uk's Kindle shop.

Thanks for a nearly free story, Rachael, I'm so glad us forriners can finally read this. I love Janet.

I *think* that if you manage to offer the story free on Smashwords (dunno if that's difficult, or if your publisher will let you, etc.), it will then eventually become free on Amazon. If you want it to be, that is. :) I picked it up before, and really enjoyed it.

I jsut have to tell you - my mom died in the early 90's.....and there are STILL times when I see something and think "Oh, that would be perfect for Mom" and then have to catch myself....but I no longer cry about it...in fact, it kinda makes me laugh at myself now....

Going through this situation right now, so missed yesterday's post until just now. Rachael, thank you so much for posting and sharing this. My dad is in end-stage kidney failure, exacerbated by colon cancer and a heart condition, and we got word yesterday that things are going downhill much more rapidly than we had hoped. My mom has dementia issues going on, so all in all it just sucks. After the last year of being all stoic, I found that yesterday the dam just broke and all I could do was sit at home and cry. Little better today, back on track as the caregiver since that's what there is to do, and I'm just trying to enjoy the time I have left with them. So, your post was rather perfect timing and really did help. Thank you. Hope you're a little better today, too.

I'm so glad you were around people who love you - especially with good food! Isn't it incredible that you can still feel hunger and enjoy eating? I find that weird, in fact I think I have put on 20 pounds since mum died because of it. It's comfort eating gone wild.
Reading all the comments on yesterday's post was cathartic. Thank you Rachael and other fellow orphans. Kisses to those of you about to head down this dark journey. You will be amazed at the love you receive from your friends and other family members, it's a balm. Cry and give yourself up to it. It feels like labour without the epidural - have whisky in the house.
Jude xxx

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