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A Fool in LoveJuly 22, 2011

You know me -- I never mind making a fool of myself on my blog. Maybe it's because I control the foolishness, but it's just fun. It's not like I really want y'all to see me trip over my own feet and bring down a whole tray of glasses on my way to the ground, but I don't mind letting you see this kind of thing: me messing around on my accordion.

Lately I've been loving coming home after work, sitting at my desk, and picking up the accordion. I noodle around and then I look up and three hours have gone by. That happened tonight, and I'm sleepy, but I thought I'd post this before I went to bed.


For those of you interested in seeing what the song can REALLY sound like played by a pro, I love this version. And the whole soundtrack (anything by Yann Tiersen, really) is amazing. (And if you're wondering, no, I don't have the score -- that vacant stare I get as I look to the left is me reading the inside of my head as I try to remember what comes next. I've been learning by ear. I should take some lessons sometime, I know I should.)

Dude. It is so fun.


Call me biased, but you look way cuter than that professional chick. Happy you're having fun with your new instrument! Wasn't it ucalali last time? What's next?

OMG you sound so great! Learning to play the accordion has been on the List for several years now. I will need to talk accordion when next we meet. So, so cool!

You sound pretty good, and you smile a lot more than she does!

That was so cool! I have always wanted to learn how to do it but the side with the buttons intimidates the stuffing out of me. I can play a keyboard but that other side of the instruments mocks me shamelessly... lol.

You are beyond adorable.

Accordion 4EVA!

sts west next year, you should hang out in my booth with the accordian :0)

Darlin', that hardly counts as making a fool of yourself. You are learning something which means you aren't proficient yet. I think it is fun to see people at different stages of learning something.

I don't know why adults become so embarressed about not being good at new things. We should all be unabashed about trying something out and not being that great at it. That is a part of learning something new.

Everyone should always be learning something new.

You are brave and even better -bold - beyond my wildest dreams. And you have a great smile.

Totally cool! I don't think I have ever once in my life thought about playing the accordion....that's changed. It looks fun!

that was awesome- I threw your video up on the television and let EJ dance away!! he was inpressed!


Hi Rachael,

I just finished How to Knit a Heart Back Home. I loved it. In the past ten years I have read about 100 books per year- from chick lit to YA to JF, some NF and poetry, but mostly women's fiction/romance. You are one of my new favorites. I scrolled through your blog and saw your pics from NYC. I have been to a few writer's conferences, workshops and have attempted to be a writer. I know how hard it is. I couldn't be happier for you. I was in the San Diego/LaJolla area last summer and picked up How to Knit a Love Song shortly after. I thought the setting's proximity to SanDiego was a "sign." The quotes from E.C. (fictional right?) are helping me as I try to do the finishing part of a sweater that I have been working of for a year. So, again, congratulations on your success. Can't wait until October.

oops- that's working ON for a year.

Sounds awesome! I love all his work.

That sounds good! I want my uke-playing daughter (she's 15) to take up the accordion but she scoffs. I will share your video to show her that cool girls play accordion.

You sound pretty darn good...and you smile! I took both piano and accordion lessons for about 20 years. I PAWNED my accordion for tuition money and regret that foolish move every day of my life.

But hark! I bet I can go to a pawn shop and find one!

Here's to you, doll!

I just received your book--I am trying to read it slowly. I want it to last until your next one is out. Some of the essays really hit home with me. I know the feeling of knowing something is wrong, but not knowin what until I pick up yarn and needles. A friend and I have talked about knitting and us as a person. It is not a "hobby" it is part of who we are. All that to say I am loving the newest book.

Have you ever seen the movie "Bread and Tulips'? It's a lovely Italian film, and there is accordion playing.

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