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Guess What I Got? July 9, 2011

It's the pre-pub ARC for my October release, WISHES & STITCHES, the third novel in the Cypress Hollow Yarns series. Squee! Isn't it gerjess? (I love that there's an ampersand in the title. Dunno why, but I do.)



I'll give three of these away to one random commenter on this post, and to two random people signed up on my email list (do both! Double your chances! If you're already on the list, you're automatically entered).

And you definitely don't have to do this, but as you leave a comment, why don't you leave the name/author of the last best book you read? I'd love to expand my to-be-read list....

I'll pick the winners on Friday the 15th.

Saturday July 10th

I'll be signing from 12-2pm at the Oakland Fiber Festival in Splashpad Park -- you should come by and say hello! I'd love to see you.

Whew. Business is done. And now, I'm trying to decide what to do tonight. I could read, watch TV (what? I don't even know what to watch anymore! It's like when cable and the TiVo moved out of our house two months ago, my brain went with it. We have our pick of everything Hulu+, Netflix, Amazon and iTunes has to offer, which is, like, everything, and therefore, I don't watch TV anymore. Too many choices!), clean the house, purge my closet (I'm feeling the urge), knit, or spin. Look at this merino/bamboo that I bought from Creature Comforts (who is also a writer I met at RWA).


It's called "Shiver Me Timbers" but I like to call it "Accordion Blues."

Well. That does it. I'll spin.


Wonderful new cover! Can't wait to read it. Had my RWA chapter meeting today and NY sounded fabulous.

I'd love to win this book, to become a NEW fan.
The best book I've read lately is the Contemp/Romance by Inez Kelley (Turn It Up) but it was an ARC. I don't believe it is out yet, but it's a 5 star winner.
Keep it on your TBR list.
Thanks for the contest.
Sherri A. Dub

Nice cover! No more Cypress Hollow Red? Is that a little heart made of the loop of yarn?

Wish I could make it to the signing. So glad for you, though. & I have to admit, I also like the & in the title & that you are doing a fun giveaway. With work & baby & all, I wish I was better about reading!

I just finished reading 'How to Knit a Love story' for the second time and tweeted the fact on Avon's tweet. Would love to read another! You were so nice to me at the last 2 RWA conferences. sorry I missed this year's.

I would love to win this book, I love your books!
I'm reading Gabrielle Donnelly, Little Women Letters! I love the books by Louisa May Alcott and this is based on that! I'm really enjoying it!

Just finished The Neon Graveyard by Vicki Pettersson and loved it. It is the last of six books in her Zodiac series. I also really love Robyn Carr's Virgin River series and just finished book 9 on audio.

Well it's a very pretty ampersand, isn't it.

I haven't been reading enough lately but one of my favorite authors is Christopher Moore (Lamb, Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove, Island of the Sequined Love Nun, etc.). And an older one that I loved is Ahab's Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund. Interesting, engrossing, heartbreaking all at once.

Sadly I won't make the fiber festival. Have fun!


I'd love to win. And you love the ampersand because you are just that kinda girl!

I'm re-reading Caribbean by James Mitchener. Love his depth of research.

And I'm glad you opted for the spinning. It's great for relaxing the brain.

I have been loving my new Kindle and reading up a storm, something I haven't done in years. I would so love to read Wishes & Stitches. before it hits the shelves.:)
The last book I read was 'Hexes and Hemlines' by Juliet Blackwell. I am loving that series and your short story 'Honeymooning'. Currently reading 'Origins' by Randolph Lalonde.
Hoping all your titles will be available on Kindle one day!

Wow, that was fast! Hot on the heels of "How to Knit a Heart Back Home", which I read a couple months ago (loved it--for some reason it felt "tighter" than the first, in a good way). Would love to win the ARC!

I just finished Heather Newton's "Under the Mercy Trees", like mere seconds ago, and it has left me bereft yet beautifully touched. HIGHLY recommend it.

I'm currently reading "The Land of the Painted Caves" by Jean Auel, the latest (last?) in the Earth's Children Series. It's like a 1000 pages and is feeling like a major commitment. :)

The last book I read that I loved was "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness. It's a great read, though sometimes I was a little ticked at the heroine. The worst thing is that it's the first in a series and the next one won't come out till next year.. but if you can handle it go for it! I read it all in one day. :)

I just love the curly ampersand. I can hardly wait for the next instalment.

Besides Sheepish, which I just finally got a hold of and devoured, I just finished up The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. It's a great story with a tie-in of the Secret Garden (one of my favourite books when I was a child).

Also, yay for spinning! I just taught my sweetie how to spin on a spindle and she's spinning like crazy now. She did really well with her first bit.

So excited to read the new book! I just finished reading Bossypants by Tina Fey - has some wonderfully funny parts, nice easy summer reading! Enjoy your spinning!

Love the cover and I am really looking forward to reading it!

After reading the "Year with Eleanor" book I read Shania Twain's autobiography. It was good too. And one thing I liked, is that she actually wrote the book herself...not like a lot of celebrities who have someone "assist" them. Her life growing up was actually a lot like the life my mother had, even though my mom is way older than Shania. So, it has been interesting discussing it with mom.

Would love to read your new book... and I highly recommend "Game of Thrones" - in fact, the entire series - by George R. R. Martin.

Can't wait to read it! To be fair, I did win a galley copy of _How to Knit a Heart Back Home_, so if that disqualifies me, I certainly understand. :-)
Congrats and hugs...


just preordered it on amazon!
I would love to win a ARC to add to my collection of all things AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

I am currently reading Monica McCarty's The Chief, and Karen Kingsbury's Learning!

-really need to get my tail back to RWA local mtgs-


I would love the win this book to go along with your other two! I need the whole set! Great books!

How exciting- - I can't wait

Looking forward to my next visit in Cypress Hollow!

So exciting!!! I can't wait to meet my new friends!

I've been reading the Anne of green gables series and enjoying it. The discriptions of such a beautiful quiet place is really nice. No technology, no terrorism. Just beauty.

Would love to win this book... I just finished reading the stockman by Rachel treasure...

Can't wait to read it!

Best thing I've read recently was Left Neglected by Lisa Genova. Fascinating read!

And spin that gorgeous fiber! why would you do anything else???

I too can't wait to catch up with my Cypress Hollow family - yes i feel like i would fit right in:-) Rachael, I can never get enough of your wondrous words! had pre ordered love story on amazon you have me hooked in there:-) ha ha. but the last book i just finished was Black Ops by WEB Griffin i'm addicted to all of his series.. i know it must seem strange for a woman to enjoy them but they have so much history that i never was able to understand before and added to that just enough romance/smut to keep a simple girl happy.. hah.. hugs chat soon!

I am a big fan of Barbara Delinsky. I just got done reading A Woman's Place. I read your 1st 2 books. Lola let me borrow them. She is the best.

I've been caught up in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series and I'm trying to decide how I feel about it.

LOVE the cover, cant wait to read ur new book !

I am just finishing ' The Devil in Disquise' Stefanie Sloane's debut book and it is really good :)


Lovely! Congratulations! I just tore through everything I could get my hands on by Craig Johnson, murder mysteries set in Absaroka County, Wyoming. Wonderful and funny and amazing characters. I CARE about them, go figure? Anyway, the first one is Cold Dish (as in revenge is a dish best served...) wonderfully written, too. Later, O mighty author!

That is a nice ampersand! My dad was an artist and I am into fonts. Kind of weird, I know. . . The last book that I read was, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. It's a very good book!

I found a Canadian author that I love, Louise Penny. The best one was Bury Your Dead: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel but you should read the one she wrote just before this one to get the full effect.

OMG BEAUTIFUL! Both or all the things. Really!

Everything I've read in the past three weeks has been some variant of Harry Potter fanfiction. Amazing, but perhaps not your thing? I'm happy to send a link via email though, if you're curious.

Congrats!! You must be so excited. I know I am... I can't wait to read the next installment!!

You may have already read it, because I was one of the last to, but I LOVED "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. I can't wait to see the movie next month!

No way!!! A Third Book!!! How exciting and FANTASTIC~ for us readers! :D I am so thrilled~

Yay for your third book!

I just got done reading "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin. I also read "The Help" recently, loved it.

It's like a little tiny child. And I'm sure it's a lot more well behaved too.

I am currently reading Under the Tuscan Sun. Lots of rambling prose about walls and houses, but her words richly describe, and add magic too, simple things like grapes, and walls.

Hopefully I will be reading a book that has an ampersand in the title soon. The cover makes me want to cuddle up with a new sweater project.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cover!!! I can't wait to read this book. I work full time and also go to college full time. Reading is my favorite escape to get away from it all. Thank you for your hard work you're a brilliant writer!!!

It's a very nice ampersand indeed!

The last book I read and loved was a re-read of a book I read 17 years ago, then lent to a friend. He didn't give it back before I moved away. So I just bought it again, and it was almost like reading it for the first time; such a good book. "The Doomsday Book,' by Connie Willis.

Hi Rachel - the best book I read recently was "Beyond the Pale" by Elana Dykewomon (scary name, super-nice lady and excellent book)! I wanna go to Fiber Fest but I have to work (stupid job), and also, since I just caught up with the blog, don't worry about 40. It's momentous and meaningless all at the same time. :) And then you relax.

Really looking forward to your next book and seeing you tomorrow at the Oakland Fiber Fest.

I'd love to win the book!

And the last book I read was The Help. Loved it.

The last book I couldn't stop talking about was The Mustache by Emmanuel Carrere. He's like the French Stephen King or something. It's a really great, short book! Four of my friends have read it, too. We just keep passing it around. Just don't read the ending anywhere near a bathtub. Seriously.

I want in!

And I really loved Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford, as well as my go-to novel, The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk, which is now being fundraised for to adapt it for the big screen!

I love those curly ampersands and always wish I could make them myself. Congrats on the book. I'm in a phase of reading trashy novels so my last book was Up in Smoke by Katie McAllister.

I'm so excited for this to come out! I've loved the first two.

I was riveted by Elizabeth Street by Laurie Fabiano. I also loved Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.

Love the new cover. Love the last two so I'll love the content too. I'd LOVE to win it. So... since I started my PhD my fiction reading has been all jumbled. I'm so good at scanning pges for important info now that I sometimes skip without realising. VERY annoying. But revisiting Couplands Life After God was a welcome start to my vacation this year.

I am reading WITCHES OF EAST END by Melissa de la Cruz right now and it is really good! I can't read as much as I usually do right now, but this book is so hard to put down!!! But I'd love to win your newest book also, sounds like something I'd really love. Thanks for the chances (I signed up for your newsletter also) to win!

Would love a copy of your new book, I always gobble them up once I have one in my hands. Almost finished with the Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern, of P.S. I Love You fame and it's about a girl who discovers a book in her own handwriting with what is going to happen the next day in her life and what she tries to do to change what is written. Really good read! Hope Digit is doing well!

I was so delighted see a third book in the series. I'm currently reading How to read a lovesong.. :) I bought a nook and purchased How to knit a heart back home and decided I wanted to re-read the first yup because I enjoyed it that much...so I forever have both your books to re-read whenever I want. I would love to have Wishes & Stitches too. Best Wishes for your continued literary success. Oh and the last good book I read is actually yours..the others were well not as well written.

Thanks for the opportunity to win your newest book.

Cannot wait for the new book! More yarn and steamy reading. Love it!

I love the cover and the ampersand! Gorgeous indeed. My latest read was Kate Mortons's The Distant Hours.

Congrats, Rachael! And thanks for the giveaway.

Also, thanks to Carol@3:21 for the heads-up that Cecelia Ahern has a new book out. I love all her books and recommend them without exception.

I'm so excited for you Rachel! The cover looks gorgeous :) I'm usually a mystery reader, and the best thing I've read lately is the new Mary Russell short story, Beekeeping for Beginners, by Laurie R. King. The entire series of books is awesome, especially if you like Sherlock Holmes!

Exciting! I'm currently reading Larry McMurtry and have finished Dead Man's Walk and Lonesome Dove. Next up: Streets of Laredo. Have a beautiful day at the fiber festival.

Yay! It's beautiful. Enter me!

My favorite recent read is Lake Shore Limited by Sue Miller. I love all her books. This one was about a woman playwright and the personal impact of her play on viewers and actors. It has several points of view, but they interlace nicely.

Someone needs to chart that ampersand, stat! Not sure it's in the best book category, but for ultimate summer reading I just finished reading Cussler's _Raise the Titanic _. Loves me some Dirk Pitt adventures during the summer!

Been waiting for this new book! Just read "Clara and Mr. Tiffany. It is based on the letter and diaries of Clara Driscoll who designed the tiffany lamps. Really nice insight into the lives of women in the late 1800's and early 1900.

I know why - because ampersands are sexy looking... yep, that's it... trust me. The last book I read was by Curtis Sittenfeld entitled "The American Wife" - well, I'm almost finished and by tomorrow I am sure this statement will now be true... lol.

Oh, oh, oh!! Pick me, pick me!

Last best book I read. . . hmmm. Probably Julia Spencer-Fleming's most recent one, One Was a Soldier. But you have to read all the others first, in order.

The cover of your new books makes me want to curl up on the sofa and read. Very good quality in a book cover, I think.

The last fiction book I read was A Short History of Women by Kate Walbert.

Can't wait to read the new book. Yay!

I've loved the first two books and am anxiously awaiting the third and your memoir as well. The best books I've read lately are How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal, Friendship Bread by Darien Gee and Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe.

Wow! That is definitely Squee-worthy! I can't wait to read it when it comes out. I really enjoyed your first two books and I plan to follow along for the whole series.

The "last great book I read" is the one I'm currently reading, I'm about 3/4 of the way through. It is The Wood Wife by Terri Windling.

Congrats! Can't wait to read it.

I recently caught up on the Cypress Hollow novels, then Barbara Bretton's and then The Hunger Games (1 & 2) all of which I l-o-v-e-d. Now I'm listening to Blood Oath which is the best vampire series I've read in forever!

If it was possible I would only read your books. While waiting for the new one I'm reading "a wedding shawl....". It's more of a murder mystery set among a group of women knitting on a shawl. Pretty good. Hope to see you later today at the festival.

Thanks to the Kindle. I always have a ton of books in progress, but I've also been re-reading classics, most recently the Anne of Green Gables books, which I still adore.

Ooh, pretty cover! Can't wait to read it.

I just read and enjoyed Heartless, by Gail Carriger. It's the fourth book in the Parasol Protectorate series, and now I'm counting the days to number five!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows - Rowling...prepping for the movie.

Congratulations on the new book! The last good book I read was The Wives of Henry Oades. It's a very interesting read and a different kind of book.

Congratulations!! My favorite book, at this point and time, is "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao," by Junot Diaz followed closely by, "In the Time of Butterflies," by Julia Alvarez. Check 'em out.

Woohoo! I just finished reading "A Dog's Purpose" by W. Bruce Cameron for book club. Not great literature, but an entertaining light summertime read from a different perspective -- especially for dog people and doubly for dog people who have lost dogs.

I can't wait to read your third novel! I thought your second was even better than the first, so I guess I'll have to set a timer so I don't miss my BART stop. I totally spaced and forgot about the Oakland Fiber Festival -- all of 10 minutes from my house and it slipped into oblivion when I changed calendars.

pick me. Thanks for the contest

The Bone People by Kerri Hulme

I loved the other two books in the series. Would love to get a copy of the third in the series.
Keep up the good work. Thanks.

The authors I most recently discovered is Laura Childs and Amanda Lee. Laura has written a series of Tea Shoppe mysteries and also a scrapbooking series. Amanda Lee sets her books in an embroidery shop.

Love your books and can't wait to read this one! I've just finished Unbroken - a WWII book about a POW in the South Pacific. Very intense, but great.

I just finished the paperback version of Skein of the Crime by Maggie Sefton.

It was nice to meet you today at the Fiber Festival. I was the one who bought both of your books to read on the beach in Maui in September (If I can wait that long to read them). The books I have read this summer:
The Help (can't wait for the movie)
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt
A Truth for A Truth
Florabama Ladies Auxiliary and Sewing Circle
I also read a Debbie Macomber book but forgot which address it was!
Would love to win the 3rd book!

Rachael, I was so excited to see you on Google+! Now it's even BETTER.

Best book lately--A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. Lots of gorgeous imagery, sex and swordplay and really intriguing characters. Finish it, then watch the TV show for some pretty damn good eye candy.

So excited to see the new book! I just finished both of Catherine Friend's books, "Hit By a Farm" and "Sheepish" - now I totally want to raise sheep!

Congratulations on the third book!

I would love to win! I love your books. Keep it up! My recent fav book is Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
Author: Vicki Myron. I loved this book- it even made me cry! Debbie H
gussek at hotmail dot com

I finished the new Charlaine Harris novel the day after it came out. I love me some Sookie Stackhouse!

And waiting on pins and needles for your next book! Love the name!

How exciting! Can't wait to see the book in person.

I recently finished The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley. A wonderful book that takes place in Scotland.

Yay for the new book!

It looks gorgeous (and ampersands are just purty). I'd love to win this. :)

I'm currently reading Nick Harkaway's The Gone-Away World - not sure you normally dip into the speculative fiction pond but this is unbelievable, gut-wrenching, mind-blowing, heart-stopping storytelling. The writing is spectacular (witty, stylish, playful), the ideas astonishing, and the plot! Oh my. Completely riveting. Also, it has ninjas AND pirates AND romance. Someone lent it to me but I've already ordered my own copy. That's how good it is.

Would love to win your latest book. I loved How to Knit a Love Song. I'm reading "Clash of Kings" right now, just finished reading Game of Thrones. Not watching the show as I don't have HBO.But the books are probably better anyway!

Love the new cover (and yes, am also smitten by the ampersand). Having read and loved your last two, I can't wait for the third to come out!

Usually I have a couple of books going, but right now the only one is The Intentional Spinner by Judith MacKenzie.

I would love to win the book-although I will buy it if not. Last book, one of the ones by Linda Farstein I think. I am going to knitting camp this week so I am NOT going to read--I have too much to do as it is. Maybe

Yay, book 3! How exciting! I can't wait to read it :)

I'm on a big urban fantasy jag right now, kicked off with the amazing shared-world series revitalizer "Welcome to Bordertown". It's got some of the genre's greats (De Lint, Gaiman, Kushner, etc) and some new authors too, all playing together in a really cool setting. Love it!

I would love to win this book. Even if I don't, I will certainly be on the lookout for it at the bookstore! The last great book I am still in the process of reading is Palace Walk by Naguib Mahfouz.

OH I'd love to win! I loved your first book, my SIL ordered me the 2nd from Amazon for my b-day but strangely I won't ship till sept. so I'm waiting to read that once it arrives!

I'm currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo...unfortunately not a new book...

Can't wait for this new book to come out. I have loved the first two. I love to read about my crafts that I do. I love quilting books especially Emilie Richards series, Jennifer Chiaverini Elm Creek series; Kathy Jacobs Friday night knitters club, knitting series by Rachel Herron; Debbie Macombers
Blossom Street knitting series. I just finished Creed Legacy by Linda Lael Miller, yneLewis Thompsons Should have been a cowboy and now reading her latest Cowboy Up. I also have started Dorothea Benton Frank Folly Beach. I love all of her books about the Low Country of the Carolinas. I also just finished Blackberry Summer by Raeanne Thayne. As you can see I love to read and that is all I have been doing this summer because of arm problems. THanks for the chance to win Witches & Stitches.

I just discovered you! Read Love Song this weekend and ordered Heart Back Home this morning - can't wait for it to get here!! I am in LOVE with "Accordian Blues" ~ beautiful!

Would love your new book, as the last book I read was How to Knit a Heart Back Home while I was on vacation and then came home to add your blog to my blogroll. :)

Congrats on your THIRD BOOK!! I read and really enjoyed the first two, and can't wait for this one to come out.

Book I read this weekend:
Firestorm by Iris Johansen

I'm not sure I should admit this, but I'm a wee bit of a sucker for the Sookie Stackhouse novels (you know, the ones that have been adapted into the True Blood TV show?). But then, I REALLY love knitting novels, like Barbara Bretton's books. And yours, of course. ;)

Just finished "Sweater Quest" by Adrienne Martini while reading "Lark Rise to Candleford" and have "The Journal Keeper" by Phyllis Theroux on my to-re-next list.

I love the colorway of that fiber. I've never spun a merino/bamboo blend before but it sounds like it would have drape plus memory and softness.

cool cover, btw.

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