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Winners and Sabine! July 15, 2011

As I promised, the names of the winners of the 3 WISHES & STITCHES galleys are:

Yvonne Going to Maui

Kristan Higgins (Um, now I'm gonna have to die. I didn't know she was signed up for my email list, plus her books are AWESOME. Thank you, Random Generator, for freaking me out!)


Winners have been emailed (even Kristan - gulp). If you didn't win, there will be more chances, promise! And thank you for the AWESOME book recommendations! Woot!



I realized I never got around to showing you a picture of a sweater I wear a LOT, Cocoknit's Sabine. I think I've decided I'm actually going to make it again, something I rarely do with sweaters. But this is just so damn wearable, and wear it I do.


Like the pin? Got it at the Oakland Fiber Festival (my new favorite festival out there -- so perfectly OAKLAND) last weekend, and I'm so sorry, I don't know who I bought it from. He said he only sells at festivals, so there's that.


It's exactly what I've been looking for.

Project details at Ravelry, link HERE.

Now I'm off to PLAY! Day off! Friend on her way over! Food and fun planned. Yay.

* ADDED: My friend Thea's Knitting on the Coast retreat in August isn't quite filled up yet, in case you wanted to think about it. I'd be there, but I'm working, but I WANT to go. And I'm digging her two free patterns that are up, esp. the mitts.



LOVE the sweater! Might have to knit that one up for me it looks so fab. Thanks for the pics.

You look beautiful!

Kristan Higgins is one of your fans? Well, of course she is, 'cause you rock, chica!

Sabine looks fabulous! I think Kristan Higgins is thinking "Rachael reads my books? Wow! Cool!" because you are a rockstar!

I LOVE what appears (in your recent pictures) to be your natural hair color growing out!! Just beautiful. (Natural highlights!) :D

love your new blond streaks!! so purdy. sweater looks great too, off to rav to check out the pattern ... guess I'll have to wait till october to download the new book like the rest of the hoards :-(

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