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Big News!August 4, 2011

BIG! Two big things!

New Book

First, and you may already know this if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, but A LIFE IN STITCHES, my memoir, is shipping now.

Let's pause while I freak out and jump up and down and trip over lawn furniture in my excitement.


Isn't it GERJESS? I'm so in love with this cover I could just swoon (and sometimes I do). You can find it now in your local indie (although it's early, you may have to order it), or at Amazon, Powells, or Barnes & Noble. Sadly, it's NOT available just yet digitally, but it WILL be, in just a few weeks. I'll let you know the minute it is (sign up for my email list to make sure you get the word).

I love this little book. I worked really, really hard on it, and I swear to you, there's a piece of my soul on every page. It's a collection of twenty short essays, my life as seen through the sweaters I was making at the time (what I was knitting when I turned into a teenager, what was on the needles when Mom died...). I tried to be as honest as possible, and every time I hit what I thought was too honest, my editor (memoirist Jennifer Traig, I LOVE her work) would push me harder to go even further.

I'm proud of it. I hope you like it. (And the forward is by our own Clara Parkes! I'm honored by it.) (Oh, and also, an essay from it is in the September issue of Ladies' Home Journal! HOW COOL IS THAT?) (Also, the little mama sweater is on the top of that pile of sweaters up there. I love that.)


It's here! You asked for it, you got it. How to Knit a Love Song, available from Blackstone Audio, carried by Audible.com.


I have to tell you this: I was SO SCARED to listen to this. I've read this book more times than anyone on the planet ever will. I could quote whole sections to you, and if you buy me an ice cream cone, I will. I did NOT want to hear it again, and I was terrified by the thought of someone else translating my words into a voice that wasn't my own.

But yesterday, I downloaded it from Audible and put it on my iPod. On my way to work, I screwed up my courage and hit play.

Oh. My. God. Read by Carrington MacDuffie, she made my own book new to me. I was actually interested in what would happen next. He said what? She's going to do that?

The next two books will also be coming out on audio, too, and I'm so pleased. Knitters and audiobooks go together like silk and merino, don't they?

So yes. Big things, all over the place. Now I'm going to go sit in a corner and happily gibber to myself.


Congratulations on the new book! Its already on its way to me :-) Can't wait to read it!


I can wait. Really. I can wait. And then I will read it all at once at 1 am when it finally arrives :)

Woohoo! I'm so happy for you! I just ordered my very own copy.

And YES - I LOVE the cover. It is quite possibly the happiest book cover ever.

I am sooooo excited for you!!!! As you continue to make your dreams a reality, you continue to keep hope for my dreams alive. My writing has been back-burnered by two of my other dreams, but I know that when the toddler and infant are a little bit older I'll be back to writing again. Thank you Rachael.

ZOMG! I went to see and my library has your audiobook! Downloading it NOW!

I started the book with the idea that I would read a little each day to make it last. I couldn't do it. It made me laugh and made me cry. I was so sorry to have it end. As so many probably do, I totally feel like I know you. As I said before, knitting isn't a hobby--it's a part of who I am.

I think I've said this before but it bears repeating, It's like getting a baby, only better smelling.

I was at the bookstore last night too. Curses, I'll have to wait a week.

I love the cover, is that all your knitting on it? Either way it looks like something you could find laying around my house, and probably yours too.

Congrats on both exciting announcements! So cool.

Congratulations! A copy of A Life In Stitches landed on my night table last week already. I may have been the first to order it... or the second. Can't wait. XO

Congrats on it all!

Congratulations! How freaking exciting! Can't wait for the new memoir.

Huge congratulations to you Rachael! I am so excited to read the new memoir. Yes, the cover is great! And also congrats on the audio of How to Knit a Love Song. I'm so happy that you were happy with the reading of your story. Way cool!

AND an excerpt in a magazine! Wow, that is SO awesome! Congratulations, you should have cake!

Yes, it IS gerjess! And because it is so gerjess and because it's not on Kindle yet, I just might need to order the real,live book. (And definitely one for my mother-in-law). Congrats! All fantastic.

I just downloaded the audible version. Cant wait to listen to it.

Hurray, hurrah and hallelujah! I bet you're about to BURST with happiness! Congratulations times three - the new memoir, the audio book AND getting into LHJ. That is MAINSTREAM, kiddo! Let's hear it for Rachael! Yaaaaaay! (I just realized that almost every sentence ended with "!." Well, if this doesn't warrant "!!" I don't know what does!)

Recieved my copy of your new book yesterday via Amazon.ca Soooooo excited to read it and yes, the cover is drool and ooooo worthy!
I'm sure the innards will be even more so!

Had been wondering when this was out. Going straight to Amazon to order my copy now. Fab news! :)

I wondered if that was one of your sweaters on top. :-)
Ima go find that book!

So exciting! Can't wait to read your memoir. Congratulations!! I am going to order it right now. Both your books so far sit on my bedside shelf--I just love them too much to not have something to pick up and page through over and over. Ordinary reading comes through my IPad--yours are extraordinary! Thanks.


soooo excited for you friend!!!!

So can't wait for it to hit the Kindle! So many congratulations!

You are amazing. Truly amazing. I hope you bask in this to your heart's content!

...and then get your butt out here for the Tucson Festival of Books, darn it!

Congrats! Just downloaded How to Knit a Love Song for my trip to the Bay area tomorrow!! YAY!!

Congrats on the new book! I just ordered it from amazon.com and can't wait to get it.

So. proud. of. you. So happy for you, too! I remember you struggling with the great american novel a coupla feet from George, the century plant, rejoicing that you could take your laptop outside to write. Twas long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Hugs and a thousand congrats, Rachael!

Yay, You!!! I'm ordering my copy of the memoir right now, can't wait to read it! (I'm apparently also joining the "!" crowd, but all of this great news is "!" worthy!

This post made me smile so much. I can't wait to read the new book of essays, and will be finding it ASAP. And I think it's great that your books are coming out in audio - more new readers to hook! Congrats on the success!

Congratulations!! Are you going to have a book reading anywhere in the Bay for it?

Yay! Got mine ordered just now. :)

Oh, how pretty! I've just recently found you and your books, got the first 2 from the library last week. I'll be plunging in later today.

Sounds terrific!! I have just ordered it from Chapters here in Ontario!! Can't wait to read it!

Just read "A Life in Stitches" in two days! Loved it!!! Keep it up Rachel.

Congratulations! I can't wait to read it and the next and the next and the next....! Way to go, Rachael!

Fantastic effort - Rachel aka "RachelSpeedWriter". I can't wait to read your memoir. I suspect the email version will arrive quicker than the print, so I'll wait for that.

Dear Rachael,

Read your wonderful, touching "Life's A Stitch" in the Sept. issue of the "Ladies Home Journal." Rarely buy this magazine but something compelled me----I was supposed to read your excerpt............Will now look for your books! I have been knitting scarves (only scarves) for several years; started about four years ago when my husband was living; he died in 2008, and knitting scarves at my local Starbucks saved my life. I knit scarves and gift them to friends and family. I love all my yarn and needles but probably won't outlive all the skeins I have purchased. Looking forward to all your books. You helped me through another day.... Harriet

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