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GiveawayAugust 12, 2011

I love giving away books that aren't my own. And I really love giving away my friends' books. Wendy and I go waaaaaaayyyyyy back. Back to the stone ages, when we were blogging on papyrus and RSS readers were done by smoke signals.

I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of her new book, Essential Techniques and Patterns for Irresistable Everyday Lace, and it's GORGEOUS.


Basically, I want to make everything in it, and Wendy makes the lace approachable enough that I think I could (which is really something -- I am no lace master). I especially love the True Love stole....

I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to ask her a couple of questions that I've been DYING to know:

1. I love to watch Project Runway and ANTM while knitting -- it's my guilty pleasure. What is your favorite TV show to watch while knitting and why?

Okay, I had to google "ANTM" to figure out what it was. ;-) Clearly I am not among the trendy. I do watch tv -- I love 1940s movies, and also Doctor Who (because I'm a big ol' geek). But my all time favorite show to knit to is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have the series on DVD and on Sunday afternoons I will pop in a disk and watch 4 episodes in a row while knitting. I know all the shows so well that it provides a nice background. I don't have to pay too close attention if I'm knitting something complex. But it's sort of comforting to have an old favorite on the tv. I'm all about the familiar and comfortable.

2. My grump Digit and your gorgeous Lucy have been having a not-so-secret long-distance affair for many years now. What keeps the spark alive, do you think?

I think it's the old "absence makes the hear grow fonder" thing. Long distance relationships are so romantic. You have all the yearning and passion with none of the reality of a relationship. ;-)
Thanks, Wendy! Digit sends purrs!
I'll send a copy of this book (but not my copy -- I'm keeping that!) to one lucky random commenter on this post. I'll draw the winner on Monday. Good luck!
*COMMENTS CLOSED, thanks for commenting, all! The winner has been notified.*


Oh I think I started following you and Wendy around the same time, when you were still Glass Houses! So nice to see how much success has come out of (both of) your devotion to your crafts :)

Oh I'd LOVE that! I wanna win! I wanna! And congrats on a great new tattoo too by the way!

AWWW - didn't know Digit has a girlfriend! POIDH?

We haven't seen pictures of him in SUCH a long time.

I would really love to win!

Ooh, I hope I win ! I follow Wendy's blog too and knew o would love this book!

I've been on such a lace kick lately. Thanks for a chance to win.

I would love this book! I'll even tell you a dirty secret for it - I like watching the terrible shows on ID while knitting (like Deadly Women, Wicked Attraction, and Who the Bleep did I Marry) because they are narrated and I don't have to 'watch' them.

I need a good lace book! Love your blog and books.

Yeay! I keep trying to win a copy of this book so I don't have to wait until it comes out. I puffy heart you both. Yeay for contests!

I'd love a copy of this book! Wendy's lace rocks! :-)

Love to have Wendy's new book! Already have both sockbooks. They are so good! So, this one will be no exception, I am sure.

I LOVE that her favorite show is Buffy. It's mine too! I really liked Wendy before, I REALLY REALLY like her now. :)

WendyKnits was my first knitting blog! Thanks for the contest!

Enjoying you on Twitter & Facebook, as well as on your blog. Found you by way of reading your first novel...also love Wendy's blog and have knit several of her patterns.

I love Wendy--I love Lucy--I love lace--I'd love to win the book.

Oh, how I love Wendy's books. Thanks for offering this.

I would love a copy of this book!

I've been watching Lost while I knit. It's so creepy--I love it! Wendy's patterns are so unique. I would love this book!

Pick me!!!
jpeled on ravelry

Sign me up for the draw please. The book looks lovely.

Long distance kitty love? That is soooo romantic!

Would love, love, love to win this book!

I'd love to win a copy of Wendy's book! thanks!

Heck ya, I'd love a copy of Wendy's book.

I like to watch TV series on Netflix - Merlin, Robinhood, Buffy - pretty much anything that I can get a few entire seasons and keep clicking onto the next episode when the first is finished.

Haha! I had to google ANTM, too. Lace is a little scary -- I've been dipping my toe in with varied success. I'll have to check out Wendy's book. Thanks!
; )

Oh! Comment...comment... thanks for the chance! :)


I hope I win!

I usually don't knit to shows but music or audiobooks. I guess we all have different pleasures. No matter how many times I see a show I want to watch it again.


What is it about knitting and cats and good flicks and TV shows that makes them go so well together? I suspect it's the secret of happiness.

I would love to have Wendy's new lace book. Her patterns are so east to follow and the end result is beautiful.

Hooray a giveaway!

Me, me, me? Maybe?

Thanks for the chance, ladies!

That book looks gorgeous. I would love to see men compete on ANTM. Why only women?

Looks like a lovely book!

lol, have to admit though I'm a Project Runway Junkie, I had to look up ANTM too!

Yep. I'm a dork because I also had to look up ANTM. And I love Doctor Who and Buffy is my favorite show ever. But even without all that I would still love Wendy's patterns and follow her blog religiously.

This books looks like a winner....I am so into lace and socks.....

I too love knitting to Buffy, or Angel, or any episode of Dogtown. I didn't have TV through the 90's or most of 2000's. Now that you can stream anything you want, I'm catching up on all of the fun shows!

The book looks beautiful!

would love to have it!

Pick me! Pick me! :) Katy

You would just make another boring Monday for me if you would just pull my name out of your hat! I love kniting lace and have done a few KAL's with Wendy. I've been droolong over this book since she announced it on her blog!
Andi W
KnitAweigh- (Ravelry)

wendy is an amazing designer i would love to win her book


I have lusted after lace knits from afar for so long now...and they're approachable??? I'd LOVE to own a book like that!

This looks like a great book. I love knitting lace!

I love both your and Wendy's blog. I would love to win!

My guilty knitting tv pleasure is Jerseylicious and Real House Wives of *fill in blank*.
Distance help, video chats! ;)

I had to google ANTM also. Does that make me old?

I'd love to win the book, and I promise to give it away to a deserving knitter because I plan to *buy* a copy! Winning things is delightful though, and yes, I too had to google ANTM :) And yes, I am old and do not watch TV, mostly just Netflix and old DVDs.

Thanks for a great give-away. If it's an easy pattern I can watch TV but if I have to concentrate then it's a noise-free zone for me!

Me! Me! Me! I didn't get the one Wendy gave away, so I'll give it another shot...

Oh goodie...a contest for a lace book...my day just keeps getting better & better! (Thank you for the fun!)

Wendy is a kindred spirit! I love to knit to Buffy as well. The scarf on the cover of her book is absolutely gorgeous. I covet!

I've got her sock book, definitely want to check out the lace knitting!

I had to goog ANTM also. So another geek, though right now it's ST: Voyager for TV Knitting. I'm trying to kick the TV habit and listen to Audiobooks instead. I'd love to win Wendy's Lace book because I'm sure it will be as awesome as her Sock books.

I love your books! And I can't wait to do the projects in Wendy' book

How to knit me a win and bring a love song home? If Wendy can knit lace, so can I!

That book goes straight into my wish list! And I'd knit to Dr. Who any day, although the Daleks might cause serious damage to the more complicated lace patterns...

I'd love to win Wendy's book!

I love lace and I love Wendy. MUST.HAVE.THIS.BOOK.

I love knitting to Miss Marple! The book would encourage me to actually do some lace knitting instead of keeping in on my "to do" list.

I'm finding the more and more I get to know about people in the knitting community, the more kindred spirits I find. I LOVE Buffy too. hehe
Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this awesome book. I can't wait to see it.

The only TV I watch is Raven's football, jeopardy and the news. But I do love knitting lace, so I'd love to win that book. ; )

I saw a picture of your tattoo on twitter last night and I think it is lovely!

I would love to win this book! I just got engaged and have been thinking about what/what kind of lacey wrap to make for the wedding and I bet this would help me figure it out! I'm going to pop over to twitter to see the new tatoo work.

it's time to learn how to knit lace. Dishrags aren't going to cut it any more.

I so have to agree about Buffy and Doctor Who - perfect for knitting!! Looks like a fabulous addition to a knit-library :)

I agree with the Buffy, but not the Doctor Who, but its not because I don't like the show, I love it. I just haven't seen all the episodes, so I end up watching it and not getting any knitting done. I also watch SG-1 and Weeds while knitting and spinning.

Thank you for offering up a WendyKnits book. Such an amazing designer!

I love watching ANTM while knitting! Star trek, too. Thanks so much for offering a copy of the WendyKnits Lace book, it looks beautiful!

I LOVE wendy. When I first started knitting about 17 years ago there was nothing on the internet. Her blog was one of the first I remember seeing AND one of the most informative. So great to see her published. she is a wealth of knowledge.

Wow, that book looks lovely! I've only gotten into lace knitting within the last year and I am hooked!

Love you, love Wendy, and am re-discovering my love of knitting (we were "on a break" for about a year). Thanks for the chance to win! My finishing (have to finish all those UFOs before I can start on the new stuff!) show of choice has been "Parks & Recreation" and "So You Think You Can Dance?".

I've become such a lace junkie, this book would be wonderful! (And if I don't win, I'm buying it anyway, but really hoping I win!)

It looks like a lovely book!

That book looks amazing. I would love to win it.

I am halfway thru my first lace shawl. A surprise for my daughter for her wedding reception. I put off knitting lace for a long time now I AM SERIOUSLY ADDICTED :-)

I watch Criminal Minds re-runs while I am knitting, I have seen them all so I don't really have to "watch".

I'm a political junkie and I knit through the MSNBC line-up every evening and then flip over to Current TV to knit through Countdown. My Gran got me started on both knitting and Democratic politics. She bought the first family TV to watch the '56 Democratic convention. She also found me a child-size boater and took me with her to work the Democratic booth at the Puyallup Fair that year.

I follow Wendy's blog, too, and I'd love her book.

This looks great. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy. I've been doing a lot of knitting to Buffy as well this summer.

me! pick me!

Thank you for offering up a copy! I think you and Wendy were among the first bloggers I started reading when I got into knitting.

I use my knitting time to catch up on all my DVRd showes-I'm a sucker for the crime dramas. Put 'Law and Order' in front of it and I'll watch it!

WendyKnits rocks! Thanks for the chance to win this book. Lace scares me, so I love the idea of approachable lace patterns...

Mmmmm, lace. Come on, random number!

I am so looking forward to that book. Wendy writes SUCH fabulous lace patterns!

I would love to win a copy. It is on my birthday wish list but it would be great to get a copy earlier

I love knitting lace - while watching tv :)

Oh! A new knitting blog to follow. And a chance to win Wendy's book. Seems like a win/win for me!

Would love a copy of Wendy's book. Glad you have an extra to share.

I don't know what ANTM is either, but I also knit to Buffy, streamed on my roku after my son is in bed. A sign that I'm meant for this book? I think so.

looks like a lovely book! :-)

oooh, i love her patterns, and her blog!

I think Digit loves Lucy because she is so very pretty!

Heloo! I am digging lace lately! Also the cover picture = gorgeous! Thanks Rachael!


Comment to Win! The book looks gorgeous.

This books amazing and I love that Wendy is such a Buffy fan! Thanks for the giveaway and the mini-interview, Rachael.

If I don't win, I'm definitely going to have to buy this one. (But... I'd rather win it! ;)

That looks like such a wonderful book--judging from the cover!

Gorgeous! Enter me twice!

Laaaaaccccce...I'm wiping the drool off of my chin right now!

I would love nothing more than to be your lucky random winner... so please, feel free to randomly pick me... it would make my week!

Looks like a terrific book!!!

The book looks great! Thanks for the chance to win.

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