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Late Night RamblesAugust 19, 2011

It's late, and I'm moved to write of random things.

1. Christian Louboutin, if I ever liked your shoes (which I did, at a distance, on Oprah's feet), I do not now. I realize that neither you personally nor your company are responsible for the gajillion spam comments someone makes in your name, but it's been YEARS now, and they're still coming, no matter how I block or dodge.

2. Google +, I'm almost convinced for this reason alone: my chones circle. You know what chones are, right? They're underwear. My chones circle is comprised of people in front of whom I don't mind if my underwear shows, friends who would tell me I had toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe and then laugh with, not at, me. THOSE people. (Okay, they might laugh at me.) You have them in your life. They're ones you can wail to without worrying you won't look professional. See, Twitter used to be that for me, but then I got all writer-ly and now I have to make sure I spell things right and sit up straight and always wear my seat belt (not that I don't always wear it -- I do -- it's a compulsion, actually. But you know what I mean).

(Of course, last night I took an Ambien before bed and OH GOD, I ended up Ambien-tweeting! Don't look now, because I deleted the incriminating tweets WHEN THEY WERE POINTED OUT TO ME, but I was sending love sonnets to Armistead Maupin via tweet (which he deserves because he's awesome but OH GOD). I could not make this up. And I posted a picture of my nightstand because I thought it was GORGEOUS.  Please keep the phone away from me when I'm on Ambien. See? If I'd posted things like that to the chones circle, I wouldn't be dying of embarrassment now.)

(Still blushing.)

3. Facebook - Meh. I'm still there, on the author page (but without friends because I got rid of the personal page) and I find it cold there now. I thought I'd like it more, just being A Writer, but apparently as much as I kvetched about it, I did like seeing what my high-school acquaintances were doing with their Sunday afternoons. I didn't know that once that ability was gone I'd miss it. That's a surprise.

4. The lion shall lie down with the lamb.

I think it's funny Sir Digit and Clara both somehow know they're mine, and they get along, mostly ignoring each other. As Digit gets crankier by the day, he gets more irritated with everything that draws breath, and lives to chase poor Clementine into corners just to hulk over her, making her shake with terror. But Clara? They live and let live. And hang out in my office.


I love that i was able to see both your billets doux à M. Maupin and the nightstand still-life thanks to being in this European timezone. Oh, and we walked by a M. Louboutin store yesterday. I felt like a bad gay for barely knowing him.

I deleted my facebook account a while back and am now loving Google+ -- You are in my chones circle there, except I call that circle "Real Life Friends." :-)

I still keep my personal Facebook account along with my Page for my Etsy store. I still like the stalkerish qualities of it. I'm a Nosey Parker and I'm aware that I would miss it if I were to delete it, so I keep it. I also have a Google+ account, but I don't feel it's as stalkerish as facebook...yet.

I love the photo of Digit and Clara. We have a similar cold war in our home. Logan puppers really loves Emma and wants to be her friend in a desperate way. She does not reciprocate his feelings. However, they have come to a truce of sorts, and I often see them occupying the same space. Sometimes they are even touching! (Logan gets a happy-but-scared expression on his face whenever that happens - so cute!)

Poor Clementine! I guess next time you should pick a breed that's better at self-defense. (!!)

I am HEARTBROKEN that I missed your Ambien tweets. CRUSHED.

You always manage to make me smile, especially at the very idea of Ambian tweets.

Love the pic of Digit & Clara. It reminds me of my Akita Bongo and our cat Chmee. The 2st thing Chmee did when we brought him home (8 weeks old) was to walk right up to the Akita, slap her in the nose 3 times, lie down at her nose and peek out of one closed eyes as if to say "I dare you!". She immediatly fell head over heels in love with him. I have a great pic of them playing. He is wrapped around her muzzle, raking at her throat with his back feet. Her mouth is open with his whole head inside it, and she is grinning from ear to ear cuz her cat was playing with her. Miss them both!

I do love that about Google+...now I just have to use it more!

Hee Hee! I feel the same way about Twitter. You gotta be so professional ALL THE TIME. Charming, sophisticated, and have something profound to tweeter. No accidentally burping at the Tweetie table!

oh louboutin comments vex me too! (as do Air Jordan ones?? seriously who are these people!)

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