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Read ThisAugust 25, 2011


I just read the best book I've read in a lonnnnnggggggggg time, and that's saying a lot because I read a lot, and I only read good books (I have no patience for books that are not great -- I have a theory, and I think it's a valid one, that there are too many great books out there, and I will not have time to read them all.* Why waste my time with something I'm not adoring? I spend a lot of time screening books -- reading first chapters on my Kindle and then not purchasing unless I'm in love. And even if I love the first half, if the second half doesn't keep me, I don't need to finish it. It's kind of like dropped stitches in lace -- NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW).


This book was nothing short of amazing.



I'd heard of it a year or more ago, from my agent, who also represents Jenny. And I have to admit this to you (because I'm a compulsive confessor), while I normally don't feel much jealousy, even in the writing world which can be thick with it, I felt a twinge when Susanna  waxed rhapsodic about this book. I've never seen her talk like ANY book the way she talked about this one. She just knew this was going to be something, really something.

Come on. Was it that good?

Yes. It's better.

I read it in a day, and I'm not one of those people. I don't read a book in four hours--I can't. I have to figure out how writers do things, and that sometimes takes a while. I'm a book-a-week, usually. But this one I carted around the house with me, took a three hour bath with it, and then crawled into bed with it and stayed there till I was done. I had my own blasted writing to do, and this was more important (plus it fed the soul, which I also needed, so that was fine).

Now, personally, I don't read back-cover copy, and I hate watching trailers. I want to know that something is good, and then go in cold, so I won't tell you much. I'll tell you this, though: the characters she draws are full, complete, and I know them. The villain is the MOST VILLAINOUS villain I've come across in a long time. I felt hatred in my heart like I don't carry for real-life evil people. Swan, the young protagonist -- oh, oh. Not since Scout have I wanted to be a character like I wanted to be her.

Get it. Buy it. Tell everyone you know. Tell ME, too, what you think. And enjoy.


* I'm a HUGE Milton fan, did you know that? And did you know that it's postulated that he was the last man to ever read everything that was available to read? (Of course, a lot of that was read to him by his poor daughter after his eyes failed, so I always consider her second on the list.)


Thx for the recommendation! I just downloaded the sample chapter and am excited to start reading!

So, um, you kinda liked it then? ;-)

Thanks for the tip ~ just ordered it :-)

Totally convinced me. :) Off to Amazon!

Thanks so much for the recommendation! I am a sucker for a book that makes you set the rest of life aside until you finish it.

I told you I was happy to "find" you again. I have been drifting around the past few days after finishing Elegance of the Hedgehog which I liked, looking for another good book/author and you have obliged. Just downloaded it. Isn't that the coolest thing ever? I'll check in after I finish which might be soon as we're on vacay at the beach.

and I sooooo needed a good read suggestion, thank you! Finishing up the last Tana French..........

thanks for the recommendation! I'm with you I don't read the back cover just go in cold. I'm glad I recently found your blog!

Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out. And I just got back from vacation and your memoir came in the mail while I was gone. Yay! :)

With a review like that, how could one resist? I'll put this at the top of my TBR pile.

Got it on Kindle on your recommendation....loved it!! Powerful writing. Evoked lots of memories - my dad was a pastor in my formative years. I guess 'nuff said on that. ")

Hey, just wanted to tell you that after reading this I immediately signed on to my public library account and reserved this book. I've been reading and ENJOYING it very, very much! I'll likely finish this (long-for-me) weekend with some airport/airplane time, etc. Love love love Swan Lake!

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