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ALSO: September 6, 2011

If you're local, will you consider coming to my reading at Copperfield's in Petaluma in one week? You know me, and I'm convinced that NO ONE WILL COME, and I'll be there all alone, and they, the store that has hosted the Yarn Harlot and all the attendant madness, will look me up and down and say, "Really? That all you got?" 

This is the stuff of nightmares.(Literally.)

So if you come, I promise to read a REALLY juicy section from the new memoir (but I haven't decided which section -- those of you who have read it, thoughts? The mama-sweater one? Can an audience take it?). And I will have prizes. And hugs. And we can go for wine afterward (yes! That!)

140 Kentucky St, Petaluma, CA
 Tuesday September 13th, 7pm

Also, if you can't make it there, I'm launching book three (!) in the Cypress Hollow Series, WISHES & STITCHES and promoting LIFE IN STITCHES in San Francisco next month.

Bookshop West Portal
80 West Portal Ave, San Francisco
 Thursday October 20th, 7pm

Same terror for that, natch. Please come?


I am all over October 20th. I would LOVE to make Copperfields next week.
Love you!

If you'd wander over here anywhere near Denver I'd come and bring a whole posse. Just sayin'.

I'll actually be in SF on 10/20. I will try and make the reading!

I only wish I lived nearby! But feel free to visit up in Canada and let me know. :)

There's a great knitting store a couple blocks south of Copperfield's. My inlaws live in Petaluma and I love it there. No trip is complete without a visit to both Knitterly and Copperfield's. Wish I could be there!!!

I love the Digit coming home story.

Not sure if I'll be able to hack the drive to Petaluma, but if I can get Mom to stunt drive, we'll come. :)

Don't worry! I am sure you will have a great turnout! I wish I lived somewhere near you, so I could come. But it just is not possible. Have a great reading!

If work cooperates, I'm there ;-)

Worry not!

Only partway through the book but posted a 5 star review at Amazon. I had just finished the essay about the pink Venice sweater and was compelled to recommend the book to someone, so why not on Amazon.

Won't be at the reading but hope you come back to Atlanta.

Sure wish I could attend. The mama sweater one will make them cry....maybe a happier one like Digit's return!

Damn. I've just flown home but I'll try to send my mom!

Just put the Bookshop West Portal date on my calendar - I'll be there!

Our (Novato) Tuesday night knitting group is making a field trip to Copperfield's next Tues - can't wait to see you and get the new book! Save us some seats - because you know the place will be packed. Just saying.

I cannot get there from NY, but I'm reading your book and thinking about you and sending good wishes. I am so thrilled that success is finding you - you so deserve this!

how to knit a love song just came in the mail today!! i'm so excited, (it's been sitting in my amazon cart for ages). i would have come to petaluma, i'm just not sure where it is. i think northern california?

Wish I could make it to your events. I'm in San Diego though, but if you ever do an event down here I will definitely show up!

Pulls up my KindleForPC to reread How to Knit a Heart Back Home, just so I can recognize any recurring characters when book THE THIRD gets released:-)

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