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Bits of This and ThatSeptember 14, 2011

I did a reading at Copperfield's last night, and I had the best time! There was something kind of magic about the way that a knitting audience comes together, isn't there? I read a little bit and then we chatted, and a friend mentioned she had sheep, and did anyone want the wool? And the local spinning guild president handed over her card and we talked about quitting smoking by taking up needles, and...it was great.

And the two of you who brought me presents? Thank you. You seriously touched me. I would list you here, but I'm getting so paranoid about how bad I am about names that I'm scared to spell/remember everything wrong. But I love the gorgeous yarn bag so much and the knitted Digit? Seriously made me well up. (If you read this, please email me/comment so I can thank you properly -- I was overwhelmed last night.)


You can't see the tail in this pic but it is SO CUTE, too. I am so damn lucky.

I'm fighting a dang migraine (another neuro appt tomorrow) so no more for now but I will leave you writers with an amazing post by Chuck Wendig. You all know how much I struggle with plot, right? Characters? Emotions? I'm on it. Plot? WHO NEEDS IT? Oh, wait. I do. Chuck outlines all the ways to fight your way through, right here. Enjoy.

(Oh, and I got the funniest, nicest review in Publisher's Weekly this week. It made me laugh.)


Love the review!

Also, thanks for the link to Chuck. Rocking my world!

That's a wonderful review - written by someone who knows that knitters aren't all grandmas and some of like a cocktail with our yarn...

I heart that review. I heart you, too. Feel better in your noggin', Sweets. xo

I sent my parents to Copperfield's! (So if you saw a couple folks who really looked like fish out of water....) It was the next best thing to being there!

Great review! Hope the head feels better today.

Thank YOU for the great evening - so much fun!!

Nice write up in Romantic Times mag. Congrats!

That book review is fantastic. And to be honest, convinced me to read it. Not that I don't totally heart you, and use your Cypress Hollow books as a gateway drug into my fantasies of owning a sheep farm/yarn studio, but sometimes a girl needs a little push. Good luck with the migranes!

Nice review! You've spurred me to plan to do NaNoWriMo again this year, and to unearth and replot the msses hiding under the bed. Thanks a heap for the link to Chuck's site; I've already shared it with 2 writer friends.

Love the knitted kitty! (I knit too) Hope your head's better. My daughter's migraines respond to some blood pressure medicine. Good luck.

I hope you are feeling better. Leslie brought the bag and Sue brought Digit.

So happy to see your great review -- Congratulations!

I just bought the book and am looking forward to it keeping me company on a long train ride!

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