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The ClaremontSeptember 21, 2011


I realize I'd almost forgotten to tell you that I have three more readings scheduled, and I'd love it if you could come. So far they're only in the SF Bay Area (sorry about that!) but I'll let you know if roam farther afield.

Sunday, Oct 2, Mrs. Dalloways, Berkeley, 4pm

Sunday Oct 9 Books Inc., Alameda, 6pm

Thursday Oct 20 Bookshop West Portal, San Francisco, 7pm

Oh, and Lambtown Oct 1st! 2-5 at Piedmont Yarn's booth.

More details here. I would LOVE it if you came. I give nice things away, randomly. You might get lucky!

Speaking of lucky, I'm going out for drinks tonight at the Claremont Hotel with my dad. Now, that whole sentence is so strange to me. Do you know the Claremont?


It's a fancy-schmancy place in the Berkeley Hills. Once I went to a police department party there, and I wouldn't let the guy valet my car. I parked across the street so no one would have to deal with my janky electric windows and locks that only go up/down/lock every second Tuesday at 11:37 am.

Growing up, we stayed at the Motel 6, yo. I remember parking in the far side of the lot. We'd hide with Mom in the car until Dad got the key and then we'd sneak into the room and stay there under his Single price. We camped, sleeping in the VW van. We stayed on friends' floors. I can't remember a single fancy hotel stay in my life.

So to have my dad call and say, "I'm going to be in town. Let's get a drink at the Claremont." Well, that's just weird. That's like saying, "Here, let me pour some Coors into that crystal goblet you're holding." And I am ALL about that. Contradictions. I like them. (Turns out he's at a conference, but I'm still looking forward to seeing how the other half live. Eavesdropping on the rich is a LURVELY thing to do.)

Before I go out there, I'm planning on doing a little shopping (gah, hate shopping) and some writing (yay, love writing). If I'm lucky? A nap. A good day. What are you doing?


Wasn't the Claremont featured on that old 1980's nighttime soap "Hotel" - I think it had James Brolin and Connie Selleca in it? Anyway, I'm a huge fan of fancy schmancy places to have a cocktail. Enjoy!!
A recommendation for a nice place for a cocktail is the Shadowbrook Inn in Capitola. Just sayin'. I know you actually get to that area once in a blue moon.

I have spent a trying afternoon at the vet with Ms. Ella, who has an out-of-control hot spot in a hidden crevice between her toes. Now I'm going to make some sushi rolls and perhaps a nice cold martini to take the edge off.

Also...I haz your memoir on Kindle now!!

see you at Lambtown!


Ooooh, cocktails with Dad at the Claremont sounds just absolutely perfect.You could order something fancy-schmancy, or just say, hey, whatever you have on tap. Either will be perfect.

And, not to harp, but have I mentioned how nice it would be to have you in Denver? Just in case you forgot the last 42 times I mentioned it. ;)

Just finished Life in Stitches last night and LOVED it!! Couldn't think of a better knitting book to recommend to someone!!!! Thanks for the enjoyment!

Kepler's is on your appearances page but you didn't mention it. I also don't see info on their site but if you are going to be there, I will show up! :)

I hope you'll be wearing the new dress!

Drinks at the Claremont does sound decadent! I am halfway through Life in Stitches and loving it. I picked up last week at Copperfields after your reading and I'm glad I did. Hope you'll do something with Knitterly in the future.

I just read your book "How to Knit a Love Song" and am halfway through "A Life in Stitches." I was so touched by your story about Digit. I am also a cat person and have three cats, a dog and a bird, all adopted. One of my cats was a feral cat and I am his mommy, he licks my face and hands and sleeps in the curve of my legs. My cat Thomas Henry had to have surgery to alter his urine route, and it was very expensive, but I love him dearly so what else could I do.

I also read your short story "Honeymooning." I love your writing and can't wait to read more. I only wish I had discovered you sooner.

I also suffer from migraine headaches, it has been a long journey of pain and seeking relief. I know what you go through. I have lost large chunks of my life to the misery, but I am trying to contain them now with Sumatriptan. It is probably not the best way, but It beats the alternative.

I love to knit, and am a yarn hoarder (shame on me). I am always looking for just the right thing to knit with my yarn.

Keep writing, you are wonderful!

I forgot to mention that when I finished "How to Knit a Love Story" I kept asking what happened to Clara, I even told my daughter that I needed to know, so I am happy to see you post telling us about her.

My mom used to go to dances at the ritzy country clubs in the oakland hills is h.s. She went to many at the Claremont, funnily enough still has the dance cards from them.(my mom was such a tease and loved to dance so they're all dull.)

Full, not dull. God I'm not that mean!

Rachael, I hope you know your fathers feet have not touched the ground yet!! Everytime he spends time with one of his girls he is flying....but OMG when he got to have dinner with all three of you......well he's a little impossible!!! lol I think each neighbor heard about that night one at a time!!! I just wanted to thank you for making such a special memory for him....I know you three know that you are his world but it is thoroughly wonderful to see the glow after he's been with you girls!!! It makes him a fullfilled father!!

I remember, during the Oakland Hills fire, the firefighters staged at the Claremont, determined to save that beautiful old place--and they did. The wind turned, too, just in time. I used to go by it on my way to Straw into Gold, back when it was still in Berkeley.

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