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HowdySeptember 19, 2011

It's been busy round Chez Hehu these days. I've been doing a bunch of interviews lately (my favorite of which so far is THIS ONE with Lisa Davis of It's Your Health. She is a doll, a total delight, her husband is a writer, and she's my new BFF. I swear I want to go to Boston just to hang out with her).

I've been working long shifts at the day job (which is great! yay new job!), so I'm concentrating on HAVING FUN when I get home. Yesterday I got home around 2pm, and I managed to fit in a nap,  a walk with the dogs at the cemetery, a nephew sighting, a little writing, a delicious dinner with La (she made Indian spiced salmon), and a viewing of Thor. Now that I think about it, maybe THAT'S why I didn't fall in love with the movie. I liked it, but I thought it was super-cheesy, and I can appreciate cheese on a normal day.

Gratuitous picture of Clementine's tongue:


HA! And a new pic of my party dress (Vivien of Holloway, in case you're curious -- I got the crinoline there, too, and it's amazing, floofy but not starched).


Please ignore the dusty mirror. It lives in the hallway and we actually never use it. I had to haul it out and prop it on a chair to get a full-length view of myself.

And now, back to plotting mischief! (Never fear, it's the fictional kind.)


You're so freaking beautiful!

Way cute party dress. I love Clementine's tongue. So cute! And that is great you like the new job. Yay! Today is my birthday so I concentrated on having FUN today and this past weekend. Though, I really ought to be studying for my class tomorrow.

LOVE the dress! You look so cute. Will you be at Lambtown?

So cute and 50's-ish. And of course, you look like such a tiny hothouse violet in real life--no wonder those crinoline dresses look so cute on you!

Great interview! (Isn't it funny that people's voices are never what we expect?) And love, love, LOVE the dress - rock those curves, baby! I definitely have curve-envy.

Love the dress. You look so cute.

You are doing a great job of having fun outside of your job (congrats, BTW). Love-love-love Clementine's tongue AND your superbly awesome dress!

I'm loving that dress - aren't you just a doll all dolled up?!?! Glad to hear that you've been having a happy moment in life - those are the best.

Love the dress, wish I could wear something like that without looking ridiculous ;)
A Life in Stitches made it all the way to Düsseldorf, Germany now and I can't wait to start reading!
Keep having Fun Time, those are the moments to remember!

Love the dress! Looks like Digit approves, too!

I am almost done with A Life in Stitches. I simply cannot tell you how your memoir has touched my heart! First of all, it's funny, entertaining and well-written. But the best part is how vulnerable it is--thank you for trusting your readers to appreciate and cherish your words and the feelings they inspire. I'm on page 122--just a little bit to go, but I'm saving it for this afternoon, when I can finish reading and crying without my husband sitting next to me in bed wondering what the heck is making me so emotional! I have made him listen to a few passages, too. Thank you, and I hope to meet you soon at your October reading!

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