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ReadingsSeptember 23, 2011

I got some times wrong on the below post! (They are now fixed, but do make a note if you were planning on coming to Berkeley or Alameda. Please come?)

Also added:

Sunday October 16th, Keplers, Menlo Park, 1pm

And in MORE fun news: Have you read this yet?


I haven't read it yet, but I'm going to dig into it tonight. I know it's a special issue from Piece Work, but how many of these have there been? I think I've only seen one other one, but this says Fall 2011. Anyone know? Am I hopelessly out of the loop?

And Digit says he's not too old to hold paws in bed:

Polydactyl paw!



Love the paw-holding! My big-pawed guy likes to hold hands too, or sometimes just to pin me down so I'll stay where he wants me. (He has the worst time herding me into bed.)

If I was in range, I would totally come, but it's a little far from the Boston area, sadly. Have fun!

i just wanted to tell you that i had "a life in stitches" on my kindle wishlist and then i saw the cover in the bookstore and i had to buy it. i haven't started it yet (got a big pile to get through) but i love love that cover.

I was wondering if you were going to be at Rhineback signing books like last year.

I love when cats still let you hold their hand!

so excited you are coming to Alameda to do a reading!

What a big sweetie :-)

That is the third "Knitting Traditions" magazine. The first one came out around Jan 2010, and the second around Jan 2011. Looking forward to seeing you at West Portal!

If I tried to hold my cat's paw, she'd rip my face off. Of course, it could be b/c I cannot resist petting them - they are so soft!

Of course, her anti-paw touching stance doesn't deter her from sticking her paw on my face if she is sleeping on my head.

If you come up to Vancouver for a reading, I'm there!

Love KNITTING TRADITIONS!! Love the history, the patterns, even the ads. Have yet to make anything from them....but I will.

Hi Rachel,
I seem to have become a "lurker". I still read regularly but have not commented in a while. The Digit photo brought me out. I love him! What is his age now (total years of both lives :) )?

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