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The Final Reading! October 18, 2011

And the first!

This is the final stop on my little book tour, but it's the actual official first reading for Wishes & Stitches. I love Bookshop West Portal, and they've been so kind to me, and I'd love you to come on Thursday night at 7pm if you're local. I'll bring wine and a gift or two to give away.

Bookshop West Portal
80 West Portal, San Francisco, CA
October 20th, 7pm

Then I'll be done telling you how nervous I get about these things and how I have dreams that I will show up with various important parts of my clothing missing and/or in disarray. (I've dreamed I've showed up in an ACRYLIC STOREBOUGHT SWEATER. Can you imagine? I'll give every person who attends ten dollars if that ever happens. I swear.)


Have fun at the reading. It will be great. If I didn't live at the southern end of the state I would join in on the fun!

I just finished the book. Wow! I always mean to take my time reading them, and then I can't. How long until the next one??

I wish that I was close enough to come, unfortunately I am across the country. Good Luck!

I just heard the Knitmore Girls' review, and I'm eager to read it. And, West Portal is near my 'hood, so I will be there!

Just started your latest book and am savoring every tasty morsel of a word this time and absolutely loving it! Any chance of your coming to the East Coast for a reading? Would love to meet you in person! As for showing up in an acrylic sweater, I couldn't imagine you ever doing that not with all the beautiful things you've knitted. Have a fabulous day!

I have your new book loaded on my Kindle and will read it on my flight to Italy next week. Can't wait!

Coming. With the Girlie. And Mom. xoxoxoxoxox

I'm pretty sure you won't accidentally wear an acrylic storebought sweater. (But I'll probably never have to take a calculus final again, and I dream about that sometimes!)

I *finally* get to come to one of your readings/signings! I am thrilled to pieces. Try to convince the audience to do NaNoWriMo, and see if you get any of us. I'm thinking I might just need a shove over the cliff. :)

Rats!! I got trapped working on a Seriously Awesome Job Application (doooood I want this) and couldn't get out. I may have to mail you my books (I think I'll get these in paper instead of Kindle)!

Wishes and Stitches showed up at the Babbling Book in Haines Ak...as soon as I received it in to the inventory I bought it. Then I ordered your other books for the store, yippeee! I love Naomi's comment when she learns Rig's name: "Seriously?" Perfect.

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