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This Sunday! October 6, 2011

You know what I love about Books, Inc. in Alameda?

1. It's in Alameda, a city I worked in/for a LOT of years.I know all the streets. I know many stories of many things that have happened there and can drive around and recite facts that are interesting to probably no one but me.

2. It's big and bright and carries really good books.

3. The very, very, very first time I ever saw my first book in a Real Live Bookstore, it was there. The PensFatales and I had gone out book hunting and I never actually thought there would be a copy there, but there it was! Really, truly on the shelf!


4. I'll be reading and signing there this Sunday! I promise to be funny. Or at least funny-looking. Please come if you can -- 6pm. (PSSST - I'll have one or two ARCs of the next book, Wishes & Stitches, which, if you won one, you could read two days early!)


have a suepr time, wish i was there.

Hope you have plans to make it to Seattle!

Oh my gosh! The third Cypress Hollow Yarn totally snuck up on me! Your are prolific, Lady! I have pre-ordered it and can't wait. Loved Life in Stitches.! Did I tell you that already?

Still hoping you can do a reading in SLO.

I just finished reading A Life in Stitches yesterday and was bummed when it ended. I wanted more. Being sorry it's over is the mark of an awesome book for me. I related so much (the relationship that caused me to start erasing myself, the smoking, etc.) I'm on the east coast so sadly can't make it to any of your CA book signings.
Hope to see you at Rhinebeck!

I will be there! Haven't had time to pick up either book, but can't wait to meet you in our sunny Alameda and get at least one autographed book while we are at Books Inc.

Had a great time! Loved your answer to the Favorite Sweater question. It was good to see you and Lala again.

On pins & needles for Wishes & Stitches! I pre-ordered it for Kindle and don't know what time the download will be available. Read your Life in Stitches last week and had only one complaint. It was too short!

why am I always a day late and an dollar short?

Totally missed that you were in Alameda this weekend for a meet and greet!!

Amazon shipped #3 today!!!

if there are still ARCS please put me in the pot!

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