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Welcome to the New Digs! October 3, 2011

Hiya! What do you think? I'm just settling in, unpacking the furniture and hanging the pictures. Darling Carrieoke did this on top of my old, kludged [Technical Term] site. I'm really pleased with the Books page.

What's doing over here: I've been sitting at the dining room table for hours, working on entering line edits (taking a first draft from embarrassing to readable). The first rain of the season has started, and I've been so happy, eating my seaweed snacks (addicted!), listening to it come down outside. An hour ago, I poured myself a glass of wine.

I've just realized that I'm exhausted (perhaps the wine helped me realize this?). I'm going to go lie on the couch with a book and do nothing but read. Oh, and I'll see how many animals I can get on the couch with me*. A coup is six. Almost unheard of is seven (since Clara takes her jobs very seriously, and sitting with us on the couch is NOT one of them). I made her get up once, and all nine of us were on the couch for just one brief second, long enough to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Aside - did you know that a group of cats is a clowder? I love that. It's right up there with a murder of crows and Lala's new term, a shame of exes.

*Sometimes we really do look around and wonder out loud, "How did this happen to us?" Today I was talking with a coworker who has four kids under the age of five and he says he and his wife say the same thing.


The new site has a very clean and bright look, which is good for my old weak eyes :-).

BTW, isn't there something missing from your Books page, or are you waiting to put "Wishes and Stitches" up there after it is released?

Love the new site!

The new site looks great!

Must not load right on my laptop, cuz your posts are way down at the bottom of a mostly empty page, hard to read (white on white, had to highlight to read part)

It's lovely!

My husband says he would have called a group of cats "an apathy," Which sounds about right to me.

Wow!!! What a new dress up!! I love it! Clear and everything is there! Bravo.

"A shame of exes" -- love it! "An apathy of cats" is great too!

Noice. I miss the old bath. But noice.

It's very professional looking - although I do miss visiting my "harlot red" friend. It always felt exciting with the red background.. this one is much more calming - which is good too. We all grow and change, our sites should reflect us. If I had to guess, you've reached that place in your life where things are just as they should be in your eyes... I'm sure with time, this too will feel like an old friend. I do like your header - it's pretty.

I also adore the an apathy of cats and a shame of exes. I have heard of a swift of knitters but I'm still working on what you call a group of rabbi's? A sermon?

I like it, more crisp, less cozy. It freaked me out a little at first though.

Pretty site!
What seaweed snacks? Because I am trying very hard to like seaweed (I eat nori in sushi, and seaweed in its salad form but that's as far as I get) and not being very successful. Maybe I'm not eating the right, good-tasting kind? Hmmm.

Neither of my 2 dogs will get on the couch with me. I wish the rest of my training would be so well cemented in their heads.

Nice - roomy, lots of light.

Love your new look! I know what you mean about seeing how many animals you can get on the couch with you -- there are days I feel like Ace Ventura.

wow! love it. It's been quite a journey from from "Glass Houses", eh? You rock.


Love the new look - so fresh & bright.

the print IS a bit small. Not that I'm getting old or anything . No, I do NOT need stronger reading glasses(at least not much).

Where's the link to the new book? You did say October, right? My kindle app is hungry.

Thumbs up!

Great new website! Everything is so clear, bright and cheery. Loved, loved, loved seeing you at Lambtown. After we walked away from you my husband and I looked at each other and laughed with delight. He said "You got a hug!!"
You were so gracious to stop. THank you.

I'm shamelessly stealing "as shame of exes" at some point this week. Perfect! Lovely new site, by the way.

Looks great!

So pretty!

Very sophisticated, professional looking website!

Looks fabulous -- love the updated site. Good luck with the line edits!


Love the updated site!!

Like the new site! Congrats on the change!

It looks lovely!

the new site looks fantastic. and i am LOVING a "shame of exes"! ha!

The new site looks pretty snazzy! :)

Love the new look! (And "a shame of exes" is my new favorite phrase.

Such a pretty new site! I love it.

Wow! How wonderful! The new site looks amazing and I was so surprised. Wow again!!!

A shame of exes - that is perfect!

A shame of exes is nearly as good as a business of ferrets...love the new site!

Wow, I love the new site design! Gorgeous! And Lala needs an award for that term. Love IT. I'm loving everything right now, including the fact that there's a new Cypress Hollow book to put on my reading list. As for cats, there are certain times of the day when I refer to my five as "a ricochet of cats". Pew! Pew pew pew!

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