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WhirlwindOctober 21, 2011

Whew! That was soooo fun! My little book tour is over, and I had the best time last night at Bookshop West Portal. PEOPLE CAME! Lovely, fun, wonderful people, and I soon as I saw that they were there, instead of relaxing, I got even MORE nervous, because wouldn't you want to impress a crowd like this?


My sister Bethany is making a face, so it's her own fault it gets posted like this--this cracked me UP. (Also, the Herrons, especially sister C, are MASTERS of the crazy-photo face).

I was beyond excited. Bookshop West Portal is where I gave my first reading, and it remains my favorite, because it always becomes a party. I bring wine and cookies, people nosh and gab and hang out and hug and I LOVE IT. It would do to remember this when I spend a whole afternoon sick with dread that no one will come.

(Apropos of nothing, if you find it hard to read the font on this new page, don't forget for all webpages you can hit Ctrl+ to make the font bigger, or on a Mac, Command+.)

So this: I hope you will read either/both of my new books. I will stop pushing them now, because really, I'm more comfortable pushing other books, and LOOK! Here's one now!


KwloveShe has a new book out, Knit With Love, and she's DARLING, with the biggest grin you've ever seen. I got the chance to ask her a few questions about her book.

1. Out of everything you've ever knitted, what's your favorite, and why? (I know it's like asking a reader what her favorite book is, but give it a shot.)
    Gee, you start with the tough questions. This is going to take some thought. (Insert dramatic pause.) Okay. I’ve got it.
    When I was pregnant with my son I went through a nesting fit like most moms do. At the time I worked in a little needlework shop that featured needlepoint and knitting. There was a great knit group meeting on Tuesday mornings but I never joined in, I was a needlepointer then. I had stitched my baby-to-be a lovely needlepoint sampler and was just waiting for the name and date to finish it. But what I really wanted was something I could actually use when the baby was born. Barbara came to my rescue.
    Barbara was the knit guru of the Tuesday morning group. She insisted that I could knit a sweater for my baby. I hadn’t knit in years, in fact I had to be reminded how to cast on. But Barbara helped me pick out a pattern for a tiny cardigan. Then she patiently helped me with each phase of the sweater. I was so surprised as the little sweater grew on my needles. The how-to of knitting was still within me. It was exciting to have this skill reborn just as my son was about to be born.
    I finished the tiny cardigan. It’s (one of) my favorite knitted objects. I look at it and remember how scared I was to change colors, to set in the sleeves, and to make the buttonholes. I still marvel that it turned out so well. (It took me years before I knit myself an adult size sweater.) I love his little sweater. It reminds me of how knitting returned to my life, of my friend Barbara and of when my son was tiny. It also reminds me to be brave in my knitting, to take on a challenge.

2. What gave you the idea for your collection of essays?
    I had read Betty Christiansen’s book Knitting for Peace and I was fascinated by all stories behind different knitting charities. I started out looking for local stories like that. What I found were a lot of knitters very passionate about their craft. Not everyone knits for charity but it seems that every knitter has a big heart and is willing to share her time and wool with the world in some way. The stories that emerged were a collection of knitters caring for each other in so many many ways. It’s my hope that these tales will help knitters celebrate their joy in the craft as well as inspire them to share their labors with others, in whatever form that takes. And some of the stories were just too fun not to pass on.

3. What's your favorite kind of fiber?
    I like the fiber of the moment. I am more frequently drawn to the color of yarn than the fiber content. I love Pagewood Farms Denali, a cashmere sock yarn. Decadent. But this summer I knit a sweater and a skirt from cotton and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Cotton has this reputation for being difficult, stretching out and not having any give. And while those things can be true I had success knitting with it. My fiber of the moment right now is alpaca. I’m making an afghan for my son. He’s a freshman at Boston University and my California boy needs some warmth. I’m using Drops Alpaca in 15 different colors, my idea of fiber color bliss.

4. How long have you been writing?
    I’m one of those girls who wrote angst filled poetry as a teen. I kept journals and poured out every minute thought on the page. But just as my knitting was reborn with my son, so was my writing.
We lived a time zone away from family when my son was born. And I longed for the grandmas, aunts and uncles to see him grow up, but geography was keeping us apart. So I started writing down all the little things that were going on in our world. I documented his first steps. I wrote about his adorable adventures in the park. I told them all the silly things that happened. This was in the days before we were all connected online so I actually sent letters to all my relatives. The first seven years of my son’s life are chronicled in detail. (He’ll die someday when I show a girlfriend or fiancée. teehee.)


In exciting news, Lisa's publisher has let me have FIVE of these books to give away, so leave a comment to enter.

(And now I'm off to my dad's luau wedding. Looking forward to the festivities! Aloha!)


Ooh giveaway! Yay!

I really enjoyed hearing you read last night! I had such a good time and bonded with the woman sitting next to me, it was great!

Yay to giveaways!! I would love that book, it looks amazing. Congrats on your book reading, sounds like it went well. Enjoy the luau :)

I really enjoy reading your blog! I would love the giveaway book! Looks good. Luau wedding - sounds like a good time. Enjoy!

Sad I missed last night- we were rockin' out to Gavin DeGraw!
Please include me in the giveaway!! Thnx <3 Q

I'm really enjoying reading one of your books right now (How to Knit a Heart Back Home). Thank you for writing it, I'm having such a good time reading it.

I am so thrilled by all the knitting related books that are available these days! I love all of your books (of course!) and have also read the KnitLit collections, and really enjoyed them. I would love to add Lisa's book to my growing collection!

Thank you for the great interview. I loved the back-to-knitting story. Congratulations on your new book. I can't wait to read it!

I love reading about knitters and knitting - please include me in this giveaway1 Thanks -

Congrats on finishing the book tour! I saw your book at Books, Inc. in Berkeley this weekend and I shouted to my husband "I KNOW HER! Kind of...like through the internets." But it looks awesome in print!

And thanks for the interview with another knitty author. We need all the knitting books we can get.

Ooooh! Pick me! Pick me! Lisa's book looks great! And I just picked up my copy of Wishes & Stitches and am looking forward to reading it this weekend!

So nice to hear your Dad is getting married. Are you lending the bridge your wedding shawl?

Apparently I am unable to be excited for you dad and type at the same time. I was of course meaning the bride not the bridge. Your shawl is not large enough to keep a bridge warm.

Congratulations to both you and Lisa on your fabulous new books. (PS I saw you at Trader Joe's on Sunday but was shy and didn't say hello.)

I love that Lisa documented her son's early life with letters to family - it's like what blogs are to family far away now. And what great memories saved in those letters.

please enter my name, and thanks for having the contest.

Love knitting and love books so what is better than a combo of both.

Sounds like a great book. Thanks for signing my copies of your book last night! What a treat. Oh, and thanks for making me late to work since I stayed up until 3am reading! :)

looks like a great book!! congrats on your dads wedding :)

I cannot tell you how MUCH I am loving your book 'A Life In Stitches'. I'm reading it as slowly as I can so that I can savour every single word. Your writing is so moving, truthful and heartfelt...I simply adore it.

Wish you were touring in my part of the country (MI). Would love to win a copy of this book.

Oh, I would love a copy of Lisa's book. I could read it when I return from Venice!

Sorry I couldn't make your reading but I did start reading W&S yesterday, and when I started crying during my pedicure I realized I couldn't read anymore in public! Loving it so far as I knew I would. I would love to win Knit With Love and have it make me cry too!!

That sounds like a lovely book. I can't wait to read it.

I am always excited to hear about a new book about knitting, with knitting, and/or for knitting!
I finished My Life In Stitches in one night, and I am working on Wishes & Stitches now!

My copy of Wishes & Stitches came today - yay! Can't wait to start it. Lisa Bogart's book sounds great - thanks for the tip (even if I don't win it, but hoping!)

That looks like a wonderful crowd!!! Congrats on having such a fun night at the end of your book tour. And, when I got home, Wishes and Stitches had been delivered to my mailbox. Yay!!!!!

Ooh I would like a copy of this book! If it's half as good as your books it will be great!

Want! Almost as much as your new one. Thanks!

please enter me in the contest. have & love your books.

would love to be in to win!

I'd love a copy! Thanks for giving them away!

Sweet. Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for a chance to win a book in your giveaway.

Are you coming to Los Angeles again?

Thx for running the giveaway!

It looks like a great book, one I'd love to read.

Oh please oh please oh please. I would love to read this book. I love her just from this interview. She sounds great!

bet your stories were better ;)

is that lala in the front row with orange hair?

Love to read about how knitting influences lives!

Thanks for the giveaway, and for your great books!

Hi Rachel. Glad the reading went well. I wish I could have been there but I live 3000 miles away. I loved How to Knit a Love Song and How to Knit a Heart Back Home, and have ordered both My Life in Stitches and Wishes and Stitches. I'd love a copy of Knit with Love.

Knit With Love sounds lovely. Please enter me in the giveaway.

I read a book you recently promoted: "The Homecoming of Samuel Lake". It was not only a good story, but her writing was wonderful. I has a flow and turn-of-phrase that drew me in from the start. Thanks for the recommendation.

I've re-discovered knitting after a couple of years ... with the Advent Scarf. It's frustrating yet satisfying when the stitches finally behave :-) Please include my name in the giveaway. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

I wish that I lived close enough to attend one of your book events.
Thanks for a chance! Would love to win!

I would love a copy of this book! Really enjoy your blog too!

I am so happy your Reading went well! If I were not 2 states away, I would certainly have come. Congratulations!

Oh, hope I'm lucky.

That face was awesome! I love hearing how well your reading went.. sure, it's the wrong "bay area" and we've discussed it... one day, one day. LOL.

Oh yay - and "Yeah" for the giveaway and "Congrats" to the dad for luau lovin'... lol.

So glad your reading was such a success! Love the Q&A and giveaway too!

I'm happy for your dad and I love your books. Hope I have better luck in the giveaway than I usually do.

5??? Wow, awesome! And it's a knitting book; you can't go wrong with one, can you? ;)

Aloha! Love to knit and read about knitting, thx for the giveaway!

A luau wedding. What a great idea! Have a pineapple for me. Put my name in the hat for the book of essays, please.

Oh I would love to read Lisa's book, I should be done with your new one by then..love getting it at home on my Nook. Thanks for that. Have fun at the wedding.

I would love to read this book, and thanks for the tip on increasing font size! It's one of those things I definitely knew at some point, but must have gotten pushed to the back of my brain.

Thanks for the giveaway!
The book looks really good!

Ooh--did I miss my chance for the giveaway? Looks like a lovely book. Thanks for the chance to win.

would love a chance to receive this book...knitting stories are so comforting when everything seems to be caving in.

I have not heard of Lisa Bogart previously and would love the opportunity to get acquainted with her a little bit by reading her book. I love the title, as my knits so far are made with much love for friends and family.

Oh, I forgot! I hope your dad has a wonderful wedding in Hawaii!! I have family over there and it's an awesome place to begin a marriage! And the luaus are such fun!

I would love to win this book. Thanks!

This sounds like a wonderful book! Thanks for the reading and signing last week -- it was such a pleasure to hear you read your work!

I don't know if you include people from outside the US in the drawing, but I sure hope so!

I would love to win.

Eat some roasted pig for me!

Aloha, and yay Dad! Would love to win a book -

Have a great time at the wedding.

Wow--HOTHOTHOT!!!! Obviously just finished W&S--what a great read. I was sorry to see it end. Thanks!

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