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WinnersOctober 24, 2011

The randomly-drawn winners of Lisa's book (alerted via email) are: Connie, Helen, MaddyG, Cheryl, and RoseK. Huzzah! Thank you for commenting!

Me: Had a great time at Dad and Lola's wedding. She did all the catering and it was THE BEST FOOD I've ever had at a wedding. It was real, island food, and I'm still dying over the memory of that pork. And that lau-lau. Oh, lordy.

I haven't gotten permission yet to post photos of people, so please just believe me when I say that everyone was gorgeous in their Hawaiian garb, and the (cup)cake was amazing:


And Bethany gave me permission to post a couple of her pictures:



I look a wee bit confused, don't I? That's because I was! But so fun, it is SO much fun to play that thing. All in all, an awesome, happy time, and our biggest congrats to the new couple!


Your dad and Lola got married? That's wonderful! Congratulations to all of you, yay for love :-)

I love Hawaii themed anything, weddings included. Sounds like it was really great. Congrats to your dad and Lola!

Ho'omaika'i 'Ana

That's supposed to be congratualtions...

BTW you look gorgeous with that accordian (a sentence I've never written before).

What a great picture of you at the accordion! I remember being at my Dad's and his third wife Barbara's wedding. Her son was playing the harp with the exact same expression "What am I doing here and please don't make me do it again?"

Congratuations to all!

Congrats to your dad and Lola, it sounds like a perfectly wonderful time was had by all. The accordion is beautiful, by the way - nice touch that it matches your dress!

Wonderful pictures! I'm so happy for your dad and his new wife. You look so very blissful, which is a lovely expression on you, dear!

Thank you random number selector or whatever means you used to pick me!

And congrats to the newlyweds!

OMG Rachael.......you do not need permission to post wedding pictures dear!! Hell I have them all over the world by now....lmao!! I just hope you have more fun than I am with them!! So confusing to have SOOOO many of them from so many sources!! but nice to have choices huh? Love you and Lala, thank you for going along with my corny dance thing with the Dads......your Dad was totally surprised but most pleasantly surprised I might add!!

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