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Wishes & StitchesOctober 11, 2011

Wishesstitches3 It's here!

It's my new book! The third novel in the Cypress Hollow Yarn series!

And honestly, as I just admitted in my newsletter (go HERE to sign up in case you're not on the list), I love it best of all my novels (I know I'm not supposed to admit that, but I can't help it. It's just true). It's about what happens when a misunderstood shy doctor (Naomi) meets a guy with true bedside manner (Rig).

You'll get to see Cade and Abigail again, as well as Lucy and Owen. Eliza has a few words of wisdom, and I'm happy to say Toots walks through again, too.

But if you haven't read the previous two books, this is a great spot from which to jump into Cypress Hollow. I hope you enjoy it -- I sure loved writing it.

I miss it. I miss all my books when I'm done, but I really miss this one.

Available at your favorite indie bookseller and here:

Barnes & Noble

There's a little excerpt over here, too, iffen you're interested. Enjoy. And let me know what you think.

*  Edited to add: The audiobook of Wishes & Stitches is out today, too! Yay! Link here.

LarchLarch Knitalong!

 Also, in fun news, we're doing a Larch cardie knitalong, courtesy of the lovely KnittedWit -- here's a Ravelry link to the pattern, and here is where her gorgeous yarn is (click on the size, and then there are pictures of the different colors, or more color pics here -- I'm doing mine in Naomi green). Ravely group here.



Congratulations! I think the advantage of books over children for example is that you are absolutely definitely allowed to admit to a favourite book.

Yay!! I just ordered it and can't wait to read it! Congratulations!! (It's definitely an exclamation point kind of day!)

I just added it to my nook and can't wait for lunch so I can go read! Thank you so much for having the digital edition out at the same time. I really appreciate it!

Tracie in MN

Congratulations on the release! So exciting!

Congratulations! I enjoyed your first novel and have recently purchased the audiobook version of the second one (to listen to while I'm knitting, it goes without saying). Can't wait to pick up the third. What a wonderful accomplishment.

Hooray! I can't wait to read it. I got my mom hooked too so will buy her a copy for her Kobo.

I am SO EXCITED! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sue

Congratulations!!! I need to read the second book first. By the way, my daughter visited Mills yesterday.

Yay! I'm happy your latest Cypress Hollow book is out. I'm really looking forward to reading it and getting some glimpses of what Cade/Abigail/Lucy/Owen are up too. :) Cheers to you on your release day!

Yeah! I am leaving work early to head over to West Portal books and grab me a hot off the presses copy!! Thanks for writing another book! Can you write them faster? What am I supposed to do in between? Knit I guess!!!

Yay! Just sent it to my Kindle. Also have been meaning to tell you that I just finished your last book (life in stitches) and I enjoyed it so much - it was just so darn readable! Thanks for writing it.

I got the email newsletter this morning and went straight to Amazon and bought both of your latest books. My husband is over in a couple of weeks for a conference then on to visit our much missed daughter at college and he will bring them back for me. I can't wait until they arrive but busy with graduation show so will be a nice reward to myself to read both when all the crazyiness is over.

Ach. YOU miss it? Here I am, forcing myself to take breaks and do other things so it won't be over too fast ........ I'm enjoying it so much it's hard not to just gulp it down whole. Then I'll have to re order HTK a Love Song as a kindle book just to enjoy them ALL again. I goofed and lent book one to a 'friend' who NEVER returns books :-P. (she may have taken it, because I stopped lending my books to her years ago)

I bought it for my e-reader and read it last night when I was in bed with the 'flu. It totally cheered me up! I think it's my favorite of all your books (thus far.) LOVED IT!!!

CANNOT WAIT! I've been listening to the first two on audiobook while I knit (appropriate, no?) and I liked them even better the 2nd time around!

I've sent congratulations before but this time I've got to send my admiration. Keep on representing!

ah...... loved it! And you even managed to surprise me at the end ;-)

It downloaded onto my Kindle first thing Tuesday morning and I was so excited! I had forgotten that I'd preordered the book so it was an awesome surprise. I can't wait to start reading but I have to get through midterms first. I know if I read even one page I'll be too hooked to stop and get back to the study books. :)

I love the cover of this one best of all the novels! The subtle little heart in the yarn loop is adorable.

Congrats! Downloaded it and read the ENTIRE FREAKIN' THING on Wednesday evening. Loved it. XO

I have just recently found your books and I LOVE them. I have such respect for dispatchers. Many lives in my family have depended on them. Cops include, Father, Uncle, Cousin, Son and Son in Law. You all are the line between them and safety. Thanks for both your writing job and your dispatch! I've read the first two books and starting the third today. I'm hooked!

Read it and loved it!! Hope there are more in this series to come!

Already enjoying "Wishes..." on my kindle! :D

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