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Falling SlowlyNovember 18, 2011

I just lost my mind and spent two hours recording "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova on the ukulele and accordion. Wanna hear it? It's such a great song that it's hard to completely butcher it (although I gave it my best shot). Play it here, or right-clicking on it should allow you to save and open it in iTunes.


I am reminded that I don't mind making a semi-fool of myself in public (a total fool -- yes, I hate that. But I'm not shy about certain things, like having a great time making music as well as I can, all by myself).

For those who'd like the ukulele chords, they're C, F, Am, and G. Super simple.

(Also, if you haven't seen the movie "Once" from which this song is taken, you totally should.)



It's AWESOME!!! You have a FABULOUS voice.

I love it! Making music is good for the soul!!!

Love that song. You do it justice.

Beautiful. Fucking beautiful.

That was really good, you have a pretty voice.

Lovely! You sound beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Love the movie, love the song and LOVE YOUR VOICE (and ukelele)!!!

That was lovely.

Can't believe that was you singing. Absolutely beautiful.

You did a wonderful job! This song comes on my Pandora station every now and then when I am working at my LYS. Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it! (Your verson did too.)

That was beautiful Rachel. I really envy you your voice.

When I grow up I want to be able to sing like you.

I thought that was great, and I love that song. Also, I just finished your first book. It was the first kindle book I ever purchased, and I must say I really enjoyed it. Knitter, Writer, Singer. Bravo!

Great movie, great song and great job done singing it. It's on my list of ones to learn.

I love it! And now it lives in my iTunes and on my iPod. (Nice job with the mixing, too, which can't have been too easy, given the different elements.)

If you lived here in Florida, I'd totally draft you to sing with my friends and me... perhaps as part of our singing wench act! (We call ourselves Just Desserts.)

Love it! Glad you took the plunge and posted. :)

Just stunning.

This is awesome!!! I love this song and just started playing the uke so you have inspired me to tackle this song. Thx for sharing!

Rachael, what is the strumming pattern you used?

That sounded really good! Totally not the "Falling Slowly" I was expecting, though. (I'm familiar with one by Coope, Boyes, and Simpson.)

I love that song and I almost didn't click the link because I didn't want to hear it butchered. But I did click, and I'm glad I did.

Great voice, Rachael! (And I'm a voice professor.... :)

hey pretty lady. it's so nice to hear you! it's been ages. :) even if this song is so saptastic, I can BARELY get through it. :)

Omg love love love. Your voice is so rich and lovely, girlie. That was gorgeous.

fantastic! love it!!

Beautiful, Rachel. You have a lovely voice. As a fellow (sister? not sure the female equiv) accordion player, I would love to hear More Accordion. What fun.

Lovely! You did a great job!

Marketa has a new album out...you should be able to hear a bit here:


Wow! You have a fantastic voice! So talented!

You did a great job!! I love this song!

Is that you singing? You sound GOOD!

Will Lala mind if I follow you around like a puppy? /swoon


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