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Updates and SwingsNovember 28, 2011

Good morning! For you US people, happy day-back-to-work-after-a-holiday day. I know it's Cyber Monday, but let's not talk about that. (Oh, actually. Let's talk about that just for a minute. I've gotten really used to doing all my holiday shopping on Amazon -- it's seriously easy for a shift worker who hates stores at the best time of year, which this is not. But do you know what else is easy? Taking that shopping list out of Amazon and plopping it into an email to my local independent bookstore, Laurel Bookstore, and having them order everything for me. Yes, it's more money. Amazon gives such a deep discount on everything it's hard to argue with them. And I love my Kindle. But I'm going to argue with them about this. This year, I'm putting my money where my mouth is, and keeping my cash local. This feels good and right.)

Down from the soapbox! Over to the Update Corner!

1. I've been writing a lot. I'm just about done with the book I've been working on, and I'm about to start another. This is, perhaps, my favorite part of writing, that point where the current work is almost as good as I can get it on my own, and the point where I'm dreaming about the plot of the next one, poking at it when I think I can get away with it (my conscious brain says, No! Don't plot while you're still finishing this one! but my unconscious says Add ponies to the next book! And explosions!).

2. I've been knitting, yes, but nothing very interesting. More important, I've been SPINNING. I'm spinning up a gorgeous 3-ply DK weight yarn in the most lovely natural gray Polwarth that I bought at SOAR about five years ago from a Canadian vendor who now appears closed (Rovings, anyone? Their website doesn't work anymore). I have 900 grams of it. SO MUCH GORGEOUS FIBER. I know the sweater I'll make from it will be cabled, but beyond that, I'm letting the ideas percolate.

3. Um, that might be it. The house is mostly clean. The animals are mostly fine (Digit is still an ass). I'm getting better at sleeping in when I can, and I'm practicing as much as I can. I'm still a Very Bad Relaxer, but I think I was born this way, I'm sorry.

4. I got to swing on a swing the other day (an unexpected swing! Found while walking the dogs on a hill just above our house!).


Unexpected swings might be my new favorite thing.


OOOH! Care to divulge where that swing is?! It looks grand! (No worries if not! :)

I heard through the spinning grapevine that Francine of Rovings has retired. Savor your Polwarth!

Sounds like you are living a great life! Plus: swings.... not of the hormonal kind!

And hey, check out my blog today: the 99% Hat pattern is available!

Janine! I love that hat!!!

This post needs more ponies!

Swings are great! Writing (lots) - even better.

Finding an unexpected swing has to be the best!! (And what a beautiful view from there to boot - bonus!)

Oh, I wish I had a swing...and I'm so glad to know there are more of your wonderful books to come! YAY for writing and knitting!

What a fantastic photo - I had no idea the Oakland Hill were that beautiful!

I love swings, the more random the better.

Yes, I love swings too, and find them in eucs and oaks here in the hills. It's a lovely public service -- I'm glad people put them up!

How the heck did you crawl up on that swing, asks one short person to another obviously short person?

Ponies + Explosions = Exploding ponies!!

*ahem* That might be bad. Don't use that. Sorry.

love swinging on swings

One word. Ponysplosions. Or explonies. That's two words.

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