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Knit-InNovember 10, 2011

We had an amazing time knitting-in at Occupy Oakland the other day.

Kristine and Adrienne the Verb-ers came, bringing Cookie A and Ysolda.

Hi Kristine! Hi Cookie!

Also in attendance were Janine, Maia, and another woman who'd heard about us on Twitter (not sure she wanted her name used). And Alicia and Julianne (new knitters, both! Yay!) came with Margie (a long-time knitter). 

The best part? The new knitters we attracted. I love these photos.


This guy was working SO HARD at his new talent, and his face was nothing but delight as he realized he got to keep the needles and yarn.

And this is Alex and Janine (did he realize he had the best teacher in the world?). He came from Occupy Amsterdam after he heard what happened in Oakland last week. He was completely lovely and a total knitting natural.


Afterward, I took the hat I'd made out into the camp to find someone to give it to. It felt odd to do it that way, but it's what the supply tent had recommended we do. So I peered into people's lives from outside the tent-flap. I heard a couple of people arguing. Many were talking seriously and intelligently. A lot of people were laughing. I found this guy (another Alex) standing chatting with some women under a high pitched tarp. "Anyone here need a hat for nighttime?"

"Me!" he said. "Me!"

He loved it. He was a great hugger. And I love this photo:


Next time: we'll fry people's minds with spinning. Oh, yeah. I can't wait. (Thinking possibly of Friday the 18th for this, if the camp is still open and barring bad weather. Can you come?)

(It's going well, by the way. The conversation is really, really starting, and things like chat on this blog and out in the streets is exactly what we need. After the Oakland General Strike the other day, we were spending our dollars locally in our favorite Oakland bar, Baggy's. We were approached by a rather rough looking guy from the valley. He was union and had been sent to Oakland with his coworkers for the strike, but he had no idea what was going on or why we had participated. For THIS, we said. For this moment that a guy in a bar who wouldn't normally talk to our group approaches us (two of the three of my group were union, he was surprised to find out) to talk about how we, together, can make things better. How we can switch to credit unions. How we can keep our dollars local, pay in cash, insist on patronizing businesses who keep their business local. It was an extremely moving moment, and we had a connection. Just like I had that connection with both Alexes (Alexi?). Just like we have our connection here. Again, all polite comments welcomed! Thanks for being awesome.)

*Edited on 11-11 to add: I hope for the best for the camp. The shooting yesterday may make it harder for it to continue, but there is conversation now, at least. I'm proud of my city.

*Edited again at 0215hrs: they're saying the man killed was named Alex.


I loved seeing your updates on Twitter! You rock, girl!

Each one teach one. Awesome, indeed.

Alexx who got the hat has just the cutest grin ever!

Please keep up the amazing work for the occupiers (and the knitter-making!). And let us know if the Alex killed was "your" Alex (either of them).

Wish I could have been there with you all.

Thank you for continuing to post your thoughts and experiences with this. It's really interesting and inspiring. You've got me thinking that maybe it's time I took some needles and yarn down the Occupy Toronto camp, or at least, a hat. It's not much, but it's all a part, right? And I do think that that's what it's all about.

I am a long time reader, but I don't comment. I've come out of the dark to say how happy I am that you went to the Occupy Oakland and blogged about it!

Thank you for going for us that live clear across the country and so wish we could be there.

I'll pray for all the Alex(s) of the Occupy Oakland. I do so hope that it wasn't, well, I hope it goes better.

Thanks for the update!

That was a lovely sockupy Oakland! I, too, worried when I saw that an Alex was murdered. Sigh. Thank you for sharing these photos!

Beautiful photos and piece, thank you so much for posting, and I hope for an update on Alex. A tragedy regardless.

If I lived in Calif. I would spend time with you all. Best.

Big love to you! I'm planning on taking hat and simple two needle mitten knitting to the Occupy Wolfville group. We'll be supporting Occupy Halifax, there've been many arrests and a 17 year old girl was choked by police :-(. They can't stop this movement and the least I can do is teach a few more people to knit so everyone will be warm and toasty.

Love this post. And Alex with the hat looks very happy and cute in it. I hope he is safe. The updates sadden me...I hope your Alexs are okay, but it is still sad that someone has died.

This was such a wonderful way to spend my lunch and I'd love to join y'all next Friday (depending, of course, on what happens). I'm way excited about knitting, though trying not to get ahead of myself :0

But most importantly, it just warmed my heart to see folks come together and share handmade items with the campers and to be present at this exciting time in Oakland. Thanks for posting about it, Rachael!

When you take spinning to these people, contact me for spindles! Spinning for yourself or others reminds us, we are all brothers and sisters. I would Be proud to help out!

I'm also a long time reader. You are awesome, I gave you a shout out on my blog yesterday for your post on editing novels as I correspond with some Nano heads. Peace baby, you help me to think about things.

Oh honey. That last line... Thank you for doing and sharing what you did.

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