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New Goal! November 6, 2011

But first: new shawl.

This is the Lacy Baktus, and I made it in Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted Long Print LP (sexy name, right? Rolls right off the tongue) in Apple Prchid. Yes, that's the what the label says. That can't be Apple Orchid, since that doesn't make any sense. They mean Apple Orchard, don't they? Because that's the color I see in this.

It's fun. I haven't blocked it -- probably never will. It doesn't seem to need it.(And it was FAST! Not more than a couple of weeks of not much knitting.)


It even (and I didn't expect this, it being lacy and all) looked good on Lala.


I went out to lunch with Clara Parkes while wearing it, and she took this photo:


(Hang on! Did you see that thing I just dropped? Wait, let me get it; it was a name.... But I know. Clara Parkes! She's a peach. I mean a Prchea. And she wrote the lovely, lovely foreword for A Life in Stitches, and I'm lucky.)


You know those old Mary Maxim patterns? Like this beauty?


And Hoedown, now out of print:


I WANT A MARY MAXIM-LIKE ACCORDION SWEATER. Can't you just see it? Musical notes, like Lala's, on the front. An image of my accordion on the back. Oh, be still my nerdy little heart. Easy to chart, right? Something like this (thanks to this fine program):


Except it would be in BLUE. Ahhh.

I have two sweaters and a scarf to finish before I can start this, but it's kind of all I can think about. Obsession. I haz it.


Oh. Wow.

I made an old flame an accordion bolo tie once, out of Fimo. Still sorry that one got away.


The Lacy Baktus is lovely! I never blocked mine because it stretches enough when you wear it.
Clara Parkes. YAY!

My Lacy Baktus is a dinky little thing! I think it was MadTosh sock maybe...I love it but need to block it just so it'll tie a little better...yours looks terrific!
Can't wait for your accordian sweater! How's the Swirl going??? lol Mine's still at the 2-3" point...will it possibly be finished for Stitches???

ooooh, I love the shawl, whether it is Prchid or Orchid or Orchard (maybe you need to introduce the yarn company to your editor?)

An accordion sweater? Amazeballs. Maybe I will make one with a huge sewing machine on the back!

I love your nerdiness... you're like me - you embraced your inner nerd so much that it squeezed right on to the outside and you wear it with pride.

I can't wait to see this sweater when you're done - it is going to be fabulous.

Obsession, I personally can't get enough of it.

Sorry I missed you at Knit Lab. I was in the Knitted Wit booth about 2 hours after you were there! Would have been great to get another Rachael hug!

Oh, I love it! I'm remembering the "Play the accordion, go to jail. It's the law!" bumper stickers of the '70's.

I have three things to note: 1. Your Lacy Batkus is pretty in this picture, even prettier in person. It invites touching, so watch where you put it. 2. Lunch with you was a splendid and special treat. I can now say that food tastes better in your company. 3. You need an accordion sweater, pronto. xoxo

Baktus looks gorgeous on you and Lala! Love the accordion - awesome charting! Go for it! Have a good weekend, Rachael and Lala!

Woohooooo! You are hooked on lace now. Don't deny it! ;)


Both you and Lala look great in the Lacy! Having never knitted anything in my entire life, I am now starting to get just a whisper of a possibility that maybe, just maybe, I'd like to try it. :)

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