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Bed of Nails UpdateDecember 8, 2011

(For those of you visiting for the first time, I swear I don't talk about acupuncture pillows much. Or ever. Nope, I can pretty safely say I've never done it before this last post. But forgive me -- it's just so awesome!)

I haven't had real neck/shoulder pain since I started using it. The other night I was weaving and I felt the tension start, so I immediately took ten minutes and used it, and the pain was GONE.

Yesterday, though, I got a doozy of a migraine that started in my sinuses (they often start in my neck but not this sneaky bastard). Since I didn't think impaling my face on the pillow would be a prudent (or attractive) idea, I didn't. The migraine came -- I was miserable. But later, after I got the shot at the doctor's office, when I was still nauseous and the pain had lodged in the base of my skull, I used the pillow and both that pain and the nausea subsided.

So for me, I'm still in love. It's not a cure-all (HA! typoed cure-ass first) but it's close.

For your reward, those of you not interested in painful pillows you can't sleep on, here's a picture of the scarf I wove (all handspun):


And what I warped last night (Noro Silk Garden Color S289):


(That's Willie on the floor, back right)

And I'm using this handspun for the weft:


And for those of you who neither spin nor impale yourself on thousands of pointy little pieces of sharp plastic, you can't deny the cutness that is Clementine's tongue:


(Post walk. Clara needs a cigarette.)


How handy to be able to lick your own nose!

Okay, but what I think we are all dying to know is: did the pillow give you a glowing complexion and get rid of any cellulite you may have had?? ;)

(Seriously, I got a migraine today-mine aren't that much pain but start with sparklies and hang around for a while-and am thinking maybe I need one of those pillows too! The skin and cellulite benefits would just be a bonus. ;)

You poor thing! I hope you're feeling much better! If it helps at all to know: I am totally stressing too!

Here's where I admit that I bought a pillow immediately when I read your post. A green one. :) It came today and I couldn't wait to try it! It didn't really hurt, though. I also didn't get that warm tingly feeling you mentioned. I'm going to try to lie on it harder, so I can properly impale myself. Hee. :)


I was just catching up on my blogs after spending the week dealing with a week of travel for family matters. I think my husband might benefit from your pillow.

Clara reminds me of the dog I had when I grew up, she was such a love, and a smart dog too!

My Bed of Nails arrives in 3 days, can't wait to see my girl and lie on the torture device.

Nice scarf! What a lovely way to use your handspun yarn. Re: Bed of Nails - I use a towel roll to get a similar shoulder-relaxing effect (but without the accupressure points). It's amazing how the tension melts away... I use it more often as a spine-roll to counteract the effects of sitting at a computer all day - really straightens the back and opens up the chest.

I got my bed of nails neck pillow (in green!) and I must say it is awesome, I think I am going to have to order the mat as well. I am hoping that it will help my lower back issues as well as my neck pain! Thank you for your post introducing me to this marvel!

I love the woven scarf, so nice. And very interested in the pillow!

Just found your blog! Will add it to my favorites. I like your writing style as well as your sweater style. Thank you for sharing.

I so wish I had seen this last week, but even so, thank you thank you thank you. Now to go look them up and hope they have one in a manly color for my fellow, who gets migraines and that shoulder neck pain thing all the time. Thank you!

And I meant to add: that weaving is just gorgeous! Ooh, my, wow, and I had to just sit and stare and admire for awhile there.

Lovely weaving! I've just started learning and I can't wait to try it with handspun!

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